#VisitorVoices – Why Do We Still Celebrate Columbus Day?

My name is Ashley. I’m from Bel Air, Maryland. I really loved seeing the women in the movement
section. It was really cool to see how women contributed,
especially to the civil rights movement in the 60’s & 70’s. My name is Kendrian Powell, I’m from Burlington,
Iowa. Is that we’re supposed to say? Yes. OK. My favorite part was actually just the elevator
ride down. I thought it was the most.. it was such a
perfect way to begin. We went 70 feet down & as we went down there
were numbers & dates and the tour guide on the elevator said that by the end of the exhibit
we would know what each of those dates meant. I thought that was the most powerful opening
that they could have chosen. Yeah. I’m Hannah Hanshaw. I’m from Conway, Arkansas. I don’t know, when we first walked in there
was this one part that talked about Columbus and it really set into perspective what Columbus
actually did, and who he actually was, and now I’m seriously questioning why we still
celebrate Columbus Day. What are we doing, people? Like, let’s nix that. I mean it’s great to have a day off of school
but like let’s celebrate something else. Nah.

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