VLOG: Fresh Fire Church Anniversary 2019

Hello welcome to my channel my name is Martha Firstly, I apologize for my appearance. I just got out of work. right now, also, as well, sorry about the light it’s a bit weird. We are celebrating our church anniversary. Eleventh anniversary. Which are 11 years that God has blessed our church that we meet together. So I will be bringing you along as I do every year, I like doing this video so I can watch it later and how things change, how God has changed my heart, the miracles and all of that. So for that reason I do this and also to share a bit about all of that. So then I will be seeing you in a bit and right now we’re gonna start our mid-week Friday service and perhaps I will film a tiny bit of what will happen, so then I’ll see you soon… and unbelieving, turning away from the living God, you must warn each other Well, most of you guys know who I am, right? Hopefully! not “I think so… but tell me again” Well my name is Emily, I’m 17 years old… okay A couple days ago someone asked me if I wanted to do my testimony, like willing to share it with you guys and of course, obviously. Basically here I am, to start a new chapter and leave my past behind. Let me see the notebook. Who got you the notebook? Martha Worthy [fake cheering] oh you can’t read it there you go Bro, she over here like and then your mom starts talking and she’s like Now I’m recording Now for what Look, I go like this I’m like “haha look Olga haha” and then what Oh no I said “Ha look at this picture” and she’s like “ahg Karla you’re so ridiculous” she’s like “Karla you’re so funny” and I’m like “this is you” and she’s like “uh uh that’s not me” she’s like “that’s you” and I’m like “look at it” She didn’t believe me until I showed her this one of the same day and I’m like “that’s you” and then there was this girl that Manny knew and she turned around for a quick second and she looked back and Manny is like “oh my gosh I know that girl” and he’s like and I’m like “you know whatl?” and then he was like “shhh” and then I’m like “what?” and then I look at the girl and I’m like “oh okay” and so then the girl walks over and she’s like “Oh hi, how you do” and then she goes in to like a half Yeah So Look Yeah and Manny’s like “how you doing?” Look…yeah…huh…huh and then she goes in for like a half hug like this and then she sees me and then she’s like ohhh and then she’s like No, that’s not even true. Yeah, that’s how she did it. She went like this to hug you. It’s not true? So I hugged her right? and I wanted to have a conversation with her because I
haven’t seen her in awhile we were friends in high school so I was
like I was gonna hug her and we hugged and then she kind of looked at Karla and
she’s like oh snap she thought like maybe she was with me or something like that and then she just walked away Yeah, she didn’t even finish the conversation. Manny was like “how are you” and she’s like… Yeah Manny’s like “how are you? okay bye, see you later” What are they doing? I don’t know What are you doing? Emmanuel! How nice. I was trying to give one to him. how nice bruh.. dude like this is how you gotta do it you just gotta leave one on the ground and NO and someone is going to randomly walk by and be like yo what’s this yo what is that? That’s called littering. See look look, there you go. What is that? Fresh Fire, ya feel me the chicken nugget challenge Maddie Maddie what’s going on baby’s, Maddison! what’s up guys so today has been crazy today I was all over the place
getting like the final touches, I just scratched my nose for tonight I was all over the city
getting what we needed what we need for tomorrow Maddie was no help I’m just saying that Madison letting the
world know um yeah I went to go shopping to get what I needed and then
you saw, I forgot that I was vlogging I got like one or two Clips I don’t know what
you guys saw I got a little bit I only got a little bit because I completely forgot that I was filming this video sorry about the lighting like I need to
get a real vlogging camera um then what did we do then we went to evangelize at
the park it was an okay evangelizing day there
was not a lot of like youth out which is what we were trying to like go out and
evangelize to but we talked to a couple people we prayed for a couple of people
and so that was good again didn’t get a lot of that kind of footage but I’m sure
you guys saw some things and then we got some food now I have to
pack up everything everything is pretty much packed up I just need to have make
sure everything is good and then I’m gonna do some self-care hashtag
self-care um my face mask I’m finally gonna use it if you saw my haul from
Mexico I got some face masks I’m gonna use one tonight um if you don’t know I
am Mexican so my mustache is pretty bad so I’m
gonna shave it and maybe do my eyebrows they’re like crazy crazy and yeah so
that’s the plan for the rest of today and I’ll see you guys okay so now it’s time for some self-care starting with one of these that was a fail not there oh I did it wrong it’s all crooked oh well this is what it looks like
it is like Panda oohhhh oh my God oh my God pull it up pull it up wait this doesn’t look right to me
okay pull it down pull it [squeal noise] this is so cold hello, good morning everyone. Today is Sunday the day of the anniversary. Today is the day of the anniversary the lighting is so horrible as always as you can tell I already curled my hair but now I’m gonna do my makeup and we already did
everything of my get ready with me on Sundays so if you want to see what
that’s like I’ll link a video for you to check it
out we pray, we already prayed we ate and we talked, all of that. I already packed up the car. well my dad did it, thank you dad. And now I just have to finish my makeup in like 20 minutes and get to church This is my outfit for today. No heels because I don’t really walk in heels. and this is my makeup Hello! Me dedication…oop oop okay Emily is taking pictures of our set-up. Oh my God! Throwback to last year “right this way” I know haha Oh my gosh so funny but this time
you didn’t help me. No.But this time time she’s on the worship team [fake cheering] and then we have everything else and the food will be here in a little
bit The greatest to receive all the glory and we are here building a house, right? But God deserves all the glory and that is the reason we are here, continuing in this ministry. It’s not for “Fresh Fire” but for the Kingdom of God and what He wants to do in our generation We gave thanks to God for the calling He has given us to work with families, marriages, youth and kids. It’s so crazy, now is my marking my first year being here and every single one of you guys I can call you guys my family and I love you guys a lot and it has been a year and I can call you my family, and I love you very much. Thank you. [applause] [worship] this is where we are [pet smart] Wrong store. pet smart? I was not vlogging you weren’t? all dressed up, it’s closed… oh no I don’t even know what to say okay how was
today Emily today was amazing Emily shared her testimony and I was
like recording and I was like shaking but how did you feel I was nervous at
first but obviously this is my family so now yes praise God
yeah Emily shared her testimony was so nice the worship banging. it was like. Emily lost
her voice she’s like [fake cheering] and then we had food and the food was good show them all the
pictures you took I forgot to bring my camera so I forgot to vlog at the end
but we had a lot of fun GIRL some of them were mine but Pamela took them, I think. Let me see. [fake cheering] We’ll give them we’ll show one right there with Olga
and Manny. Manny wants to be in it so shoutout Shoutout to Manny yeah, I forgot my camera. okay who else? The one and only Martha worthy Diana Oh because they need to be
in the vlog you know and then just me Olga! Did you see her? Then one with Omar Oh But you can barely see Yeah One with the Pamela I’m low key like falling over here and this one I didn’t even pay attention to like it was Manny again That ones cool Omar takes this one there’s like That one’s not cool Anyways so
11 years and yeah 11 years but 3 years for me but my first year in the worship so [fake cheering] Emily replaced me in the worship team but yeah
so I think we’re just gonna go home unpack and shower and that’s gonna be it
so I’m just gonna say bye here thanks so much for watching this vlog our
anniversary as always shout out to God so so thankful to Him for everything
that He has done the past 11 years and what He’s going to be doing in these upcoming
years right so yeah without him there would be no reason for us to be doing
this or for us to even be here so yeah we like to celebrate and give thanks to
God and that’s why we do this and I like to vlog every year because like I was
saying before I think we get to see how God moves in our lives
like this year Emily’s first year in the worship team next year she’s gonna
be preaching to thousands of people dude and then imagine I’m not recording this whole time but yeah so that’s why I do it and I hope you guys enjoy so thanks so much for
watching subscribe and I’ll see you guys again soon Bye!

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