Hi! Everyone happy Thanksgiving Day today is November 28th I’ll cook two dishes only since I don’t know if any of my expected visitors are coming. I’ll cook hamonado and spaghetti. If I still have time, I’ll just add any other dish. and I am going to bake a red velvet cake, which is a crack cake My customer needs it tomorrow so I hope I could finish it today. It’s already 9:00am we just arrived from church, and I dropped by at Food for Less because I bought the ingredients needed for the Ingredients for the cake. right now. I am cooking hamonado, this is the one we bought at Sam’s club before this one, rolled pork loin pork loin I am boiling it with pineapple juice, salt and sugar I’ll start sauteeing it when the meat is tender. I’ll just let the meat absorb the pineapple juice 1210 already in the afternoon by this time, I just finished the spaghetti but the Hamonado is almost done Then I added Crispy pata, it’s not actually a pork hind, but it has skin I am boiling it already to let the meat get some taste before I put it in the oven So, here guys, I am done preparing our food this is our thanksgiving table we have salad, spaghetti, hamonado, cake, mashed potato and the crispy pata we don’t have visitors already, they all went home, and I was able to clean a little but we have some left over, salad, spahetti and hamonado It’s much better to have a little left over because it won’t be stocked up in the fridge for so long right now I am going to bake red velvet cake, crack cake, red velvet these are my ingredients this is our dinner, can I see that Dy? let me see, it’s not a wine. what? Sparkling cider What happened Of course, this is sparkling! this is the crack cake, guys! red velvet, let’s try this one because they just ordered 2 cans I could make 4 cans in one baking let’s try it, if it’s okay this is so addicting guys! that’s why I don’t want to bake this…

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