VLOG Surat Ep.3 – Welcome to Samui and Fullmoon Party 2020

How’s going Shark Ince So fast What happen? We buy tickets before the boat will leave 1 mins This is a recipt The boat leave 12:00am but we buy tickets at 11:59am Ploy count people 2-4-6-8-10-11 Ince run so fast A celebrity is coming haha Do not take a photo You need to pay haha No make up today No photo ka No make up (Lie) that’s my fan haha Nene : Nudee is so skinny (everyone agree) Nudee : Why
Lily : She didn’t eat Yim : Nudee looks like Michael Jackson WTH Lily : The power of Diarrhea
Nene : Why nudee is so skinny I don’t know Cuz she didn’t eat anything Share experience : Almost miss the boat I told everyone to run first Staff is so nice Staff said “Bro you should run first go before your friends wait them over there Who run first? Shark Ince but now we change his nickname “Cheetah Ince” New nickname haha Hello I’m Antonie Pinto
(She act like MC the Face Thailand TV Show) today I will show you the next campaign How’s going on the boat? Sleep along the road because ? Yim : Tired ?
Mo : Sleepy I have never been in tough time like this before Mo :Never have to run like this Yim : Never go outside I wanna poo Are you hungry? I’m a little bit hungry So where are other friends? They are looking for a taxi For? Blah For going to resort Go see you guys’ bridal house Yim : hundred million baht house
Porche : We will sleep in queen type room We will show everyone our villa haha so you want sleep in a queen type room? Who want to sleep in a king type room? Who translate room type in Thai? (it’s weird) How long do we take a pick-up truck taxi ? Ask a lot!! So mean TT Cuz It’s a Vlog 40 mins Okay This vlog is for kids (Kidding) We won’t say any swear words D*ck (x5) Can you take a pick-up truck taxi as a celebrity? I’m not get used to it , this is my first time haha Because normally take motorbike taxi Her schedule is 1 month=31 days she’s unavailable only 1 day haha Other days are free She is going to be famous now haha infamous haha very bully haha Porche : Nudee said enough haha Yeah now..? It’s fake fruit Kidding it’s real Now we are at…? Now we are at Samui yayyy This is Ince’s vacation house His father bought for him on 5 years old birthday (Kidding) Fay : OMG Review kitchen pls Chef Ince got shot glass There are many shot glasses That’s it This is Kitchen This is bedroom This is a beautiful view in front of our house Follow me I’m gonna review Petite Villa Woww this house also have a kitchen This is our room This house got 2 bed rooms Shit! I’m shocked poo already? No not yet Do you like this place? I’m very like it I will wait untill you poo Don’t wait go go Ince Sir Is it delicious? So Whose is it? It may be yours yayy Really ? This is mine What is this? review pls This is rice crispy pork (Kao Moo Krob) got few crispy pork and weird sauce but delicious cuz I’m hungry Who order this? Definitely Porche Don’t let Porche Know (He ate Porche’s food) #Asshole2020 DON’T LET HIM KNOW Mentor Fay, What do you think about your team today? Umm…Their hair look pretty wet woww looks wet So who is my mentor Team Mentor Eye Eye : What?? You mentor who ? tilt your head !! Foong : Look at Porche What did you draw? You drew You drew a d*ck Wah the evidence is in my hand haha This house is so awesome I thought we gonna have no food What are you eating ? Is plain rice delicious? Yum is so delicious I eat Yum Woww Yum (I like) Body paint style rich people Cheetah Ince Body paint style poor people 20 baht only body paint by artist Fay at Koh Pangan haha You dare to drink ? Sure Easy Which one you wanna drink ? easy Holy sh*t

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