Vocabulary: Parties and Labor Day – American English Pronunciation

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  1. @imgordonfreeman I grew up in Florida, then spent 5 years in the midwest and 5 in the Boston area before moving to New York. I speak with a standard American accent, though I am sure at times bits and pieces of other things sneak in!!

  2. @funfurfreak It's not my back yard … the party was at a friend's house. I live in Manhattan so we don't have back yards like that!

    Your dictionary is giving the primary / most common pronunciation of the word 'associate'. The pronunciation I am using is a secondary pronunciation. I didn't make the specific choice to pronounce it that way, it must simply be the way I heard it as a kid!

    Thanks for your compliment to my baking!! Re: American women: many of my friends cook, and cook well!

  3. I wanna say that American women cook no worse than other women do as far as I've seen it, if not better, especially when it comes to the typical US meals.
    The apple pie looks delicious, Rachel – my favourite pies 😉

  4. Rachel, thanks a lot for your lessons. "She is very American and very…" what word is following? Please, write the word.

  5. Great video !!! I'd really like to watch all of your videos from the first to the last one. Actually, It'd be really cool if I could watch all your videos, all at once … But it's not possible … If I only could do that… all at once …heheh LOL. But it's okay. I'm gonna watch all of them, one by one, until I can watch them all.

  6. I've never been to any English speaking country before… never graduated any English school either…. but thanks to videos like this I'm getting better and better. I'm almost fluent. I'm almost there. THANKS A LOT.

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