Voice Teacher Reacts to Billie Eilish – When the Party’s Over

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode, another reaction to Billie Eilish. She just made history a few
nights ago at the Grammy Awards in 2020 when she swept all four major Grammy
categories which is the first time that’s ever been done by a female and
she’s only 18 years old. Now, I recently reacted to a music video of hers but
I’ve never actually watched her perform live. So, I’m very excited to see her
performance at the Grammys of “When the Party’s Over”. Let’s jump right in. Wow,
already I’m impressed. She started in her lower chest range there but nicely
focused and supported. But, as I alluded to in the other reaction to her, she lets
a lot of breathiness into her resonance and I really find it
interesting. Right now though, a lot of her placement of these initial vowels is
right up front, closed mouth. I’m excited to see how this unfolds. Nice! And, this is her brother Finneas. You know,
although her name is on a lot of this music when it is presented, he is really
part of the duo if you will. They collaborate on a lot of this and I did
watch one of the speeches she gave after accepting one of the awards and he was
right there with her up on the stage. She introduced him as her brother and best
friend and I really like that this duo has just jumped onto the scene here and
I think he’s like 20 or 22. She’s 18. They’re so young and they talked about
making music in their bedroom, you know, and YouTube has launched a lot of
careers like that as people making their own music and putting it out there
through a medium like this and it is so exciting that the technology of this day
and age is allowing musical artists, that wouldn’t necessarily be noticed by big
music companies and producers but to put their work out in front of the public
and let the public decide what they enjoy. And I just love that about her and
her brother here that they were able to do that and look where they are now at
such a young age. I really also, vocally, like that she’s opening up the vowels
just a little bit here, opening up her mouth just a little more as she ascends
into her upper chest voice but then also a little flip into head voice quality. So
nicely done. Good lyrics to this song, too. I really like that she slides around to
some of these notes. On up in the head voice there, sort of doing a siren that
I would almost work on with some students. Letting the sound slide up
there and slide back down. It was just such a nice effect and then even in the
lower sound there and she’s not afraid to be vulnerable with her voice.
You could hear there she’s almost going to a spoken – almost a little bit of break
in the voice – there at the end of that phrase. And it’s good. It’s so nicely done.
It’s the imperfections and the vulnerabilities that we love to see in a
vocalist and she is giving us that in this performance. Nice, fuller sound here
though Great dynamics. Wow. As I just mentioned, she has such
stellar control of her vocals and that gives her the ability to give us great
differences in dynamics. Some louder sounds, some really soft sounds, and
everything in between but so nicely placed where they should be in certain
parts of the some of the melodic line and of the lyrics to give them different
nuances and emphasis. So nicely done by her. Love that vibrato. Wow, yes! Even Finneas applauds that but
he’s a part of it. Wow I am so impressed with her and him. Again, I just like that
they’re young people, young artists bursting onto
the scene. Ahe won so many awards at this ceremony and it’s just truly impressive.
But I’m glad to be able to hear her sing and see her perform live for the first
time and so that was a genuine, first time reaction of her live performances. I
know several of her hits and I am a big fan of those songs but I’m even more
impressed now that I’ve seen her put that product out there live from her
heart. So well sung and she is a true artist on the stage, a star, if you will,
now especially after she’s won all of these awards and put out this product
here for the rest of the world to see that, “Yes, I’m not just great on my music
videos, I am also excellent live and in person.” Some of you that are fans of hers
already knew that but for me it’s a big eye-opener to her. I am super impressed
with her. I hope you enjoyed this reaction. If you did, please click like
and hit subscribe, leave me a comment down below and as always have a great

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  2. Please Andy, I beg You. React to SODA STEREO PROFUGOS 2007. You won't regreat. Millons of people from Latin America will love You for this. Regards from Argentina!

  3. Thank you but she is like nails on a chalkboard. No matter how many Grammy’s, and she is as bad as Ricki Lee Jones! The spoon scraping the bottom of the pot! No talent! The people on the board of the Grammys overlook very talented people. I am not excited at all!!

  4. Sí, a mí me parece que realmente se merece esos premios a pesar que haya haters la escena musical tiene muchos matices. Me alegro por ella y muchos éxitos también. Me encanta su voz y su música.

  5. Hey. You might be interested in Aurora. Billie Eilish credits her song Runaway as being what inspired her to pursue a career in music. Here’s a bunch of my favourites from her split into Music Videos/Live Performances/Covers. Happy to provide links if helpful.

    Favourite Music Videos:
    The seed
    Running with the wolves
    Askjell featuring Aurora – To be loved
    The river

    Favourite live performances:
    Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1) (Nobel Peace Prize Concert)
    Through the Eyes of a Child (Vevo UK Lift)
    It happened Quiet (live at Nidarosdomen)
    Under the water (Vevo halloween)
    Wardruna and Aurora – Helvegen (first vid that comes up)
    Haik Concert (The full Haik documentary is also worth watching, gives a lot of insight into Aurora as a human)

    Favourite covers:
    God is a woman (Ariana Grande cover)
    Teardrop (Massive Attack cover)
    Across the universe (Beatles Cover)
    Believer (Imagine Dragons Cover)
    Life on Mars (David Bowie Cover)

  6. When I watch your videos I always like the part where you do this 4:25 through 4:28 bc you're seem so into the music👍🏼🙂

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