VRChat: The Bachelor Party!! (Virtual Reality)

Hi. Are you ready, buddy? You’re gonna be going first.
Go ahead and sit in the seat, buddy. Sit in the seat, buddy. Oh no… Shadow, hit us up with that music! Take a seat. There we go. Here we go!
Bachelor party! Ohhhh yeah!
Ryan! Oh no… [Cheering] Looking pretty sexy guys, -look at that!~ Ryan’s loving it! Amazing, this is phenomenal. Ryan is just freaking smothered. He’s just-
He’s loving it. Thumbs up? He’s smothered! Ryan’s like: ‘What? I didn’t-” Ay, man. Ryan is waiting for the party. Can’t believe this is happening, Ryan. Apparently, yeah! Proud of you, buddy. Oh no, no no no no no.
That was not okay… Give him that- Let me enjoy my bachelor party! You can! You can! But you’re denying it! No! Not with you! What is wrong, though?! Rainbow? I’m stuck! I can’t believe you’re getting married! Yo, Zero, I need more money! Zero, he needs money! I need more money!
I’m running out! There we go, I need more mone- I need more money,
I’m running out! He’s gonna pelt you
with Chuck E. Cheese tokens, dude! Nice choice of place, Zero! How much does this cost? How much does it cost for
the limo and everything for us? Dude, thank you!
You hooked us up!
Yo, man, you hooked us up, man! No, no!
You gotta ask Lanfear! You have to appreciate Lanfear,
she gave us this ride and everything. Seriously?
Dude, she’s the best! She’s got a lot of money, then. She’s the best! We good?
Let’s do it- Welcome to Club Tiz! Oh….
Let’s go! Leeeet’s goo! I can smell the dankness already! Yeah dude! You know this place!
J- Yo, buddy. Dank as heck. Good bachelor party? Let’s go! DJ Shadow! Turn up-
Shadow, turn it up even higher! Let’s go! We’re blasting this. Yeah, there we go…! Yeah!
There we go! There we go! Shadow, your money! [🎵Music: [‘Alone Toning’ by Gorbunoff]🎵] Oh my god, cheers to-
There we go. There we go, look at that. Yeah! Yooo! Let’s get wasted, Ryan! [🎵Music: [‘Awakening’ by Defqwop]🎵] Ooooh, on the first try! Yo!
Dab it! Dab it! Dab it! [Song’s beat drops in 3 seconds…] Oh! Ryan! Ohhh, as the beat dropped!
Ryan! [cheering] Oh, the beat dropped too! That was so sick! That was awesome! That was so sick… That was awesome! So, Ryan. You know how you’re like,
amazing at everything? I have the ultimate challenge
for you. I want you to flip one,
and have it- -land, then flip another one and
have it land on top. Oh, that’s possible. Oh no. Dude, that’ll be so hard to do. I gotta see that. It’s possible,
it’s definitely possible! Ooof, that was close. The hardest part is
having the first one to land! No, the hardest part is going to
get the second one to land on it. Whitewolf got one,
get the other one! No, the first part is the hardest ‘cuz you’re
gonna have to land it first to even attempt- -the second part. Oh, he got one of ’em! He got one. Yo, Ryan, if you nail this it’ll be sick. Oohhh, that was close. Come on, Ryan. Oohh, that’s one good try. He’s close, though. So Joey, I have presented the
ultimate challenge for Ryan. He’s gotta flip the one and land it.
If he did, he gotta flip the second one
and land on top. Oh, on top?
That’s tough. But I think he can do it. It’s definitely possible. Okay. Okay, almost there.
Okay. Okay. That’s what I’m talking about! Okay, close enough, close enough. [🎵Music: [‘Paradise’ by Hylo]🎵] Holy shi- That was amazing, my dude. Hey Joey. Come on Ryan, you got this. If you get three stack-ups,
that’s amazing. [gasp] Oh my god! I’m gonna count that,
that was close enough. That-
Yeah, yeah. That’s the closest
you’re gonna get, I think. Dude, Ryan doing trickshots for days. [🎵Music: [‘Lonewolf’ by Emdi & Coorby, ft. Kristi-Leah]🎵] Dude, this is- Yo, Ryan, are you wasted? Oh, I’m bombed bro.
You there? I’m bombed. I’m done.
I’m bombed. Oh man… Yo, throw that money on Shadow! [🎵Music: [‘Lonewolf’ by Emdi & Coorby, ft. Kristi-Leah]🎵] Yo, Ryan, let’s do it.
Let’s throw money! [LYRICS]:
🎵Creeping through the shadows,🎵 🎵In the corners of your mind🎵 Ryan, you gotta get in. You gotta get in between
the two ladies. You gotta.
Let’s go! Let’s go, Ryan! Get him in there! Throw the money on them,
get them in there! Let that beat drop! Dude, best avatar ever. Right there. The money,
for the perfect day. Rainbow? -Whitewolf!
-It’s lemonade! No no, it was lemonade, but you don’t need a cup- -like that. That’s for damn sure. No, it was Mike’s hard lemonade! No no no no, it’s lemonade. Box has been staying the night all long- I’m gonna tell Turtle, you need to go home too. Turtle, are you even
listening right now? Both the kids are gonna sit and watch TV. I’ll leave those to party. No, no! Listen, Turtle, I’m not gonna hear it.
Sit on the couch. You’re gonna watch some TV, alright? You know what? My kid has- Here’s some pocket change for later. I’m not gonna lie, my kid is- -actually behaving for once, I might let him party a little bit
if he keeps behaving. He’s actually being good! C’mon, Box!
You’re gonna be in there someday,
come on! C’mon, you’re coming to party! You’re coming too, Turtle. Get him Mike’s hard lemonade. Give him a nice hard lemonade. [🎵Music: [‘Firefly’ by Jim Yosef]???🎵] Give him a drink. Ah, yes.
Thank you, Whitewolf. Yeah, let’s give him a minute. Where is he? Oh, there he is.
Alright. Drink up. Here, try this scotch. Sir, have this scotch. Ryan pulled the challenge off. The challenge that I gave him, He actually did it for real. He’s a beast. He’s just my brother, man! Yeah, that was unreal.
That was- He’s bombed right now. Are you with us, Ryan? You with us? How many fingers am I holding up? You good? He’s good! He’s…
He’s good! He’s so wasted, oh my god! Yo… I think he’s been drinking too much, man! Ryan, you need another drink. No, don’t give him any more!
No, he’s cut off for now. Chug, chug, ch-
Yeah! He’s cut off, he’s cut off.
No, he’s- [🎵Music: [‘Firefly’ by Jim Yosef]🎵] Oof. Ryan. Ya gotta understand we’re doing this cuz we care. You’ve had too much! Oh god, Ryan! Alright, Ryan, Ryan. Andis is just a little bit- -nervous.
She just wants to know you’re okay. Give Andis the thumbs up,
let her know you’re okay.
She’s worried about you. See? Look, look! He’s perfectly good, Andis.
See? No more.
No more for Ryan. But he’s cut off. Ryan’s cut off. Ryan, quick!
Chug it! No, Ryan’s cut off! No, no.
He’s cut off. He’s cut off. [🎵Music: [‘Level Up’ by DOCTOR VOX]🎵] No no no no!
He’s cut-! Did someone just randomly
order a cat? Ryan, you’re cut off, buddy. Yeah, Ryan, come with me,
come over here.
you gotta sit down. Come over here.
Back here, walk with me, bud. Stand up. Walk with me back here. Grab my hand. Walk with me back here. Come back here, I got- Back here. We got you, buddy.
We got’chu. [🎵Music: [‘Level Up’ by DOCTOR VOX]🎵] Let’s get him to sit down. Take a seat. Right over here, bud. Have a seat right here. I’m gonna go get you
water, alright? Don’t worry, it’s gonna be alright. Ryan, we got you a cat- We have a cat for you to pet. Nooo, why’re you giving him more drinks-
Stop that! I didn’t give that to him. [🎵Music: [‘Rise’ by Ampyx]🎵] Thank you, Nim. You feeling better, Ryan? You’re done! Hey Box! Ayy, it’s good to see you. So much going on!
My brother’s really wasted, How ya feeling? A little bit better?
Had some water? Rested off a bit? You got your second wind? Alright, woop! [🎵Music: [‘Rise’ by Ampyx]🎵] I’m gonna show you a magic trick,
Box. Okay? Oh, he got his second wind,
that’s the stuff. Me, you and Shadow, we’re gonna toast. Toast three! Toast! Ayyyy! [cheering] Eyyyyy! Oh, Joey got it. Yeah! Come on, Ryan! Aww, come on, come on!
Little bit of the song left, c’mon, you can do it! [🎵Music: [‘Holo’ by Ampyx]🎵] Alright, fine. Fine. You’re going ham tonight, buddy!
You’re going- -ham tonight!
I love it! Ryan, if you’re gonna dab, -you gotta do it like this. You’re too drunk, man!
You’re too drunk! I’m too wasted!
I’m too wasted..! Me and Ryan are whacked.
We’re whacked. We’re done, we’re whacked. It’s time to go home to
the misses soon. Or, Misses-es-es-es-es-es-es for you. Yep. Get out here, out here,
this is our final song. Oh-hoooooh, okay! Aw, nice. The final song of the night. ⬩⬩ ⬩⬥⬥⬩ ⬩⬥⯁⯁⬥⬩ ⬩⬥⯁██⯁⬥⬩ ⬩⬥⯁█🎵 Final Song: [‘Savannah’ by Diviners ft.Philly K.] 🎵█⯁⬥⬩ It’s awesome. This is awesome. [Lyrics:]
🎵Savannah🎵 This is my new jam! 🎵Lions gone and come🎵 🎵The birds have just begun🎵 🎵We will always take a stand🎵 🎵For the people, for the land!🎵 🎵Let’s go back to when we were young🎵 🎵For the animals we stand🎵 🎵Let’s go back to when trees were swung🎵 🎵Kids across the land~🎵 🎵Savannah.🎵 I saw that, buddy! 🎵I’m coming home,🎵 🎵Savannah🎵 🎵We’ll never be alone🎵 🎵Savannah🎵 🎵The beauty of the world,🎵 🎵Savannah🎵 🎵Let’s all take a whirl🎵 [🎵Music: [‘Savannah’ by Diviners feat.Philly K.]🎵]

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