WALTER debuts by crashing Pete Dunne’s victory celebration: NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool (WWE Network)

[SOUND] Walter. Walter. Walter. Walter. Walter. Walter. Walter. Walter. [APPLAUSE]

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  1. I love when wrestlers wear a trench because it underlines the hyper reality of pro wrestling you don't wear a coat unless you're going out if your going out you're wearing more than trunks unless you're a pro wrestler

  2. Walter has to work for that WWE uk championship. Just because he’s a big guy doesnt mean anything. As WWE fan i barely know him. He has to literally have 4-5 pay per view attempts to the title or us WWE universe won’t think its just being given to him.

  3. Did you know that walter has or had the F5 in his move set ? This guy is incredible and his cops sound like he‘s choping trees

  4. The match these two are gonna have is gonna be history in the making Pete Dunne a amazing wrestle Walter a incredible wrestler a dominant wrestle Pete Dunne champion regin may be in jeopardy

  5. WWE can still give us what we want this demonstrates it . Don’t screw up characters like these and things won’t seem so grim lol

  6. This would never even be thought of a few years ago. Guys like Cole, Balor, and Dunne are nothing more than glorified Jr HW. Straight up.

  7. Walter vs Brock Lesnar
    Walter vs Batista
    Walter vs Psycho Sid
    Walter vs Kevin Nash
    Walter vs Goldberg
    Walter vs Genichiro Tenryu
    Walter vs Bobby Lashley
    Walter vs Kane
    Walter vs Undertaker
    Walter vs Samoa Joe
    Walter vs Vader

  8. Wwe you need to understand when doing these debuts show the entrance the pop they get is what we want, and in turn gives the us the drive to watch live in house DUUUHHH

  9. I have to tell y’all I hope WWE does Pete Dunne good. If WWE does treat Pete Dunne correctly then he will definitely be my favorite modern superstar.

  10. To think a 100 years ago our grandfathers/ great grand fathers would have had heart attacks if they knew a bunch of British people were cheering, singing a german national nazi like bully! haha

  11. i love how WALTER just by putting his hands behind his back is wayy more menacing than pete dunne´s "OUUAAAHHHH" roman reigns like taunt

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