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  1. Please, allow crossplay or accoun transfer between ps4 and pc, I have all my friends on ps4 but the account with twitch prime rewards and old save on pc.

  2. Forget the free armor and weapon skins. A free warframe would have been better to actually show your appreciation towards fans for playing this game.

  3. i dont know about you guys but now its hard to start from scratch 🙁 i hope i can transfer my old pc account to switch, I am a switch gamer now so hard

  4. This games physics need to be slowed down drastically and I’d be more apt to play it. Story is kinda out there too.

  5. The 1 BETA that's lasted 7 years, as a BETA, still lures in the nubs, and uses 7 years experience plotting business practices at every angle possible.

  6. Me pueden regalar una ps4 con un juego por favor soy un siscriptor y fan de playstation quiero jugar

  7. I refuse to play this anymore. Everyone talks about how F2P friendly it is but it isn't. Waiting a week for a new warframe, grinding it's levels up and then grinding out it's cards still takes an eternity. That and this had been in beta for 7 years. That doesn't tell you something? I'll see you guys in 7 more years for the full release, maybe.

  8. I downloaded the game today after seeing this and I don’t have this skin. Do I have to teach a certain point or something?

  9. War frame aside
    Can you please tell us at least when you are going to certainly have the Ps5 in market?
    Even just a
    "By 2025 the new Ps5 will be in all stores for $$$"
    I just want my hopes up again.

  10. Warframe's got pros and cons but it remains one of the best free to play game
    and an actual free to play that wont rip you off

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