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  1. Dumb fat man doesn't realize that the presidential primary was unopposed on the right, but duuhhhhh, homicide-crats got more votes tonight. What a flappy twat.

  2. This is sublime. The voters stating that they'll take anything, Anything over a Bolshevik. Even a candidate who's in the midst of an Admiral
    Stockdale impression. Biden is the perfect representative of a party that conducts kangaroo court impeachments.

  3. The Saying goes… How the tides have Turned… for public record and reference today is the first vote after "Super Tuesday"… On the line Michigan and Washington…
    March 10th 2020 The nomination is being decided tonight and recently several sources explain that some "ST" exit polls are reflecting 8% voter discrepancy, 2% is considered fruad. An equal number (on average) from each party will decline an exit poll. 1% is standard.

    Tonight there is overwhelming support for Biden… by numbers that are beyond logic. I believe the DNC is standing by the words of their attorney in FL trial… involving the 2016 election, that the DNC has the right to rig the election… and most recently a surrogate said on MSNBC that the people get to vote for the nominee but the DNC gets to choose the candidate. I believe, has been rigged in Bidens favor…

    A central promise of the Sanders campaign was broken before it started. Bernie has failed to deliver the same punishment to Biden that he claimed he would deliver to elected officials in their home state ( that he would run party candidates against them if they didnt drop corporations and do the peoples will instead).

    YES it is so clear now… Biden is running as the

    Make America Great again Candidate. This time around.

    There is truly no distinction between parties, only wealth and class. I digress…
    Bernie will soon ask us to endorse JOEBOT and his Forgotten Programming. I won't do it… and have asked for our campaign contribution back from the Sanders campaign through actblue.

    Who ever ends up being president will have done it without my opposition or endorsement, it will do it without the popular vote of the people and under the "Shadow" of suspicion.
    Casting ballets (in the memories of the men and women who died for the right to vote) and
    earning your vote is a thing of the past…
    Dictator Democracy is Born.


  4. 🇺🇸❤🇺🇸Trump2020🇺🇸❤🇺🇸

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