Watch Melissa McCarthy Do the Worm in ‘Life of the Party’ | Anatomy of a Scene

Hi, I’m Ben Falcone,
the director of “Life of the Party.” So this is the scene where
there’s an ‘80s party. And we really wanted to get a
nice response of them coming in in a true ‘80s style. The costumes, Melissa had
a lot of influence in. You can see that our
heroes are “Dynasty,” and the other girls
are more aerobics. And these costumes,
if you look at them, Melissa helped pick them
out and ordered them. And then our costume
designer, Louise Mingenbach, helped add things to them. But look at their hair. One thing to note
is that all of them needed extra hair to really
‘80s out as much as we are here, except for Jessie Enis,
who’s the great actress in the green dress. So that’s all her own real hair. And then we’ve got a Miami Vice. And then we’ve got — what is
Jimmy O. Yang doing there? He’s all over the place
‘80s, which actually I think hits his character pretty well. This scene is a little bit
of a throwback, I hope. And the whole movie, actually,
is a little bit of a throwback, because our main
character is a throwback. Deana, right? She’s played by Melissa. She’s the woman. She goes back to school
with her own daughter. And we wanted this
to feel like some of these comedies from the
‘80s that we love so much. We also wanted it
to look like film. Melissa and I really love film. And Julio Macat,
our cinematographer, did a great job with that. Here, Melissa, here’s a song
she’s about to go dance. And she worked so
hard on this dance. People seemed to
really enjoy it. “I know this one.” “No, Mom.” “I know this one!” Melissa really likes to dance. And she was really nervous
about shooting the scene. And this was actually a really
technically tricky scene to shoot. I hope that the audience can
see the joy that’s in the scene. But it actually took a
lot of technical elements from the camera side, and
certainly on Melissa’s side. And we had a lot of
great dancers there. Our choreographer, Twitch,
from the Ellen show, choreographed this
dance with Melissa. She practiced on the weekends
and really worked hard on this dance to make this funny
dance that seems so casual. She worked on it incredibly
hard for weekends and weekends on end. [music] “It’s a car!” ” Yes, I can see that!” “Oh, yes, Mom.” “What a woman!” I guess it’s sort of like
a fight scene, right? But it’s a dance fight. And there’s Debbie Ryan. She plays that
character who is always trying to sort of denigrate
someone else, probably because she feels vulnerable
and not great about herself. And then Melissa comes in
and does the worm, which sort of wins the dance battle. The worm is not easy. It’s sort of a
physical training. I mean, doing the worm — I can’t do it.

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  1. I can not wait Melissa is Wonderful. Always. Her movie are fun so much fun to watch. God Bless . all of you looks Awesome.xo

  2. I saw this movie last night at a 6:30 showing on opening night and there were maybe 40 people in a huge theater and yeah there were some funny parts but if you don't have MoviePass I would say skip it as much as I love Melissa this movie was not that great which really bumped me out

  3. I don't think I've ever seen anyone else do the worm on their back. Probably not any easier than the other way. Go Melissa!

  4. Melissa is such a bright beacon of wonderfulness (not sure if wonderfulness is a true word but I'm using it anyway lol)

  5. Love Melissa McCarthy. She has great dance rhythm. The movie reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield's Back to School.

  6. Whoaaaaaaa now! IVE NEVER SEEN THE WORM REVERSED!! SHE DID IT ON HER BACK????! I can do the worm but on front. Its crazy cool lookin on the back hahahalmaoo

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