There’s a woman there. I know, it will look embarrassing; this marriage is about to collapse. The marriage is about to collapse because of an accusation. Come out. Your husband is here. I think this is threatening your marriage. In response the prophecy of a couple having a problem in their marriage, these two come forward to meet the man of God. I said, there is a conflict between husband and wife that is here. Yes, it is us, sir. That is why we are here. It is not the fault of your wife. There is an evil spirit that is tormenting this woman. This is your wife. Yes, Man of God. What I am about to say is nothing – I will not be able to say it here because your wife embarrassed you. Yes, Man of God. It is true, Man of God. People you are giving money – they are embarrassing you. It’s true, Man of God. Don’t worry. Help us, Man of God! She came from London two days ago just because of this issue. Look, if you believe you are a beautiful lady and you are selling your beauty, you are deceiving yourself. Listen, this is your husband. If you leave this man – oh my God, forget about your beauty. I know you have a spirit that is tormenting you to do what you are doing. You have wronged him. I have wronged him. Did you listen to that? She said, inside her, she knows she has wronged you and she is sorry. She will be delivered. Ok? I am happy that you said this. Stand up! Whatever threat – the threat to leave the marriage or whatever, put it behind you, there is nothing like that. That should be the reason why you should love her. What happened to you should be the reason why you should love this man. What happened to this lady should be the reason why you should love her the more. And tell those people, “Now I’m loving my wife more than ever before.” Shame off you. Thank You, Jesus! Thank you so much! Thank you, Man of God! The man of God met with the couple after the service to pray for their deliverance. Prophet T.B. Joshua prays for the couple, delivering them both in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. TESTIMONY CONTINUES People of God, Emmanuel!
(God with us – Matthew 1:23) My name is Lucky Egharevba. I am a Nigerian, residing in the UK, and the good lady standing beside me is my wife. She is Clara Egharevba. Sir, tell us the word of prophecy that you received with your wife last week. Yes, I can confirm the prophecy to be true. The man of God was spot on because that was the reason why we actually came for the deliverance. It is true because some time ago, my wife actually confided in me to let me know that she has been attacked with the spirit of lust. By so doing, I felt a bit so disturbed, knowing the kind of level we were in, in the UK. That’s actually why we came here. It has not been so easy coming here. It has been taking me about two years, praying, fasting to make sure she comes here to get herself delivered from this spirit of lust that has actually destroyed our marriage. Ok, sir. Can you explain how long you’ve known her, how long you been married and how this spirit of lust in the life of your wife really affected the marriage and how you found out about this. The spirit of lust has affected our marriage. We have been together for over 20 years because our first son is 19 years now. And 10 years ago, we celebrated our marriage and it was like a carnival, very big in Benin – we came to celebrate our marriage. But after the marriage celebration, the business that we were doing very very well, we began to notice some galloping in the business and we didn’t really know what was happening. Whilst this was going on, from nowhere, I just packed my load from London and I came to Nigeria for no reason. I didn’t even know. And I left a multi million business back in England. While I was in Nigeria, I now diverted into something I didn’t even know anything about. I believe that this spirit was also tormenting me too because I was now doing a bar business, completely different from what I even know. Whilst I was Nigeria, I began to hear some rumours about my wife. But because I have never believed in third parties coming into our marriage, I have always ignored it. So this kept on going. Then whilst I was in Nigeria, my wife would also often come to Nigeria. Every year, sometimes twice a year. So it kept on going like that. There was a day when I was about to see her off to the airport, I noticed she was too glued to her mobile phone. Then something just told me, “Can I have the mobile phone?” When I got hold of the mobile phone, I discovered a whole lot of text messages that were not really godly and friendly. That was how I got to know that, “Oh, this rumour that I was hearing about, it’s all true”. So I now said to her, “Let’s see if we can make things work out”. I now invited her; she travelled back out that very day. I now invited her to come back to Nigeria almost immediately so we could talk about it. Then we did talk about it and I said, “Ok, try as much as you can”. But she also made me to understand that it was not her. When the spirit came upon her, she could not handle it. I understood it. But because of also the preaching of the man of God who always says, “Don’t reject people because of their weakness” – I held on to that. I kept on supporting her, praying and fasting to make sure a day like this actually comes to pass where we can be standing and testifying for the glory of God and shame unto the devil. That is actually why we are here. Ok, sir. So you heard these rumours whilst you were in Nigeria and she was in the UK and later when you discovered the various text messages on her phone, you confronted her. Did she actually open up and admit that this was what was happening and who were the caliber of people that she found herself meeting? Yes. Going back to the prophecy of the man of God – that is where that one comes in. Yes, when that happened, she admitted and confessed to me, “Oh, this is exactly what the issue is”. The embarrassment that the man of God said, that was during the confession when she was now telling me, mentioning names, I just discovered they were all the people, even sometimes people that were even working under me which was really not too good at all. That was actually where the embarrassment the man of God talked about comes in and I confirm that to be true. This is in confirmation of the prophecy that your wife’s behaviour in the UK really caused embarrassment to you because the people she was involved with were people that were working for you or people that saw you as father figures, elderly people. These were actually the people that she had an encounter with because of that spirit of lust. Yes, that’s correct. Ok, and the man of God said that the marriage was literally on the point of collapsing if not that the prophecy came forth. What can you say about that, sir? I can confirm that to be true because some time last year, there is this my little cousin’s daughter that my wife went to the house and she gave the little girl her phone to help her to type a message. That my cousin always tells her daughter that auntie is our brother’s wife. So after the little girl typed the message, she went back to her mother, “Mummy, isn’t it you said auntie is your brother’s wife?” Her mummy said, “Yes”. Then the mummy said, “Why did you ask?” She now said that the message she typed that auntie said she should help her to type was to a man. Then that cousin called me. So I felt disturbed. I said, “Ah, not again. Not after what we have gone through”. Then I also invited her to come and after, there was a little bit of argument but she also let me know, “Oh yes, something went wrong”. I then said, “This time, it’s either you come to The SCOAN for your deliverance or the marriage has to stop. I am not going further without deliverance”. That was exactly how we finally came here. Ok, so this was a situation this couple was in. They had come to a point where they were about to separate unless there was an agreement to come to The SCOAN for deliverance. To the glory of God, sir, last week the Prophet located your case in a prophecy, counselled you and then prayed for you and your wife. Can you just tell us – since the deliverance that you and your wife received last week, what are the changes you have witnessed to the glory of God? Oh, I can confirm it’s been so beautiful since the prayer from the man of God. My wife is totally a new person. She is so different. She is always saying, “I’m so light”. It’s like something left her. She is actually a different person. And I must say to you, I love her even more than I have always loved her. I give all the glory to God. I say, “Thank You, Jesus, for this deliverance”. Amen let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ. That is the power of deliverance in that word of prophecy. So you mean to say now, sir, that there’s no more thought in your heart of leaving your wife; you’re now with her and you know that that spirit of lust has left her completely. Not at all. I have no thought of leaving her. If it’s possible, I want to marry her again and again and again. I just love her. Glory be to God Almighty. We thank Jesus Christ for what He has done in this marriage. We just want to hear a quick word from your wife as well before listening to your advice, sir. Madam, you are welcome, in Jesus’ name. Just introduce yourself to us and tell us how you can confirm the prophecy of the man of God to be true. Good Morning, everybody. My name is Clara Egharevba. Everything my husband said about me is true and the word of prophecy of the man of God is true. So, how can you confirm that prophecy to be true? Just explain how this prophecy is true for your life. It started when I was a little girl. I remember my mother always told me that when I was sleeping and dreaming, I would say a lot of words and sometimes, they would get a paper and write it down. My late father always said, “Oh, my prophetess starts talking”. Even sometimes, they told me that when I was sleeping, I would talk. I noticed that if I wanted something now, and I said I wanted something, I would get it. So the thing was always pushing me. When he left London, I was mixing with bad friends. When we were together, I didn’t even know – I have lived in London for 30 years – I didn’t even know anywhere in London – just me and him like that. But the influence of my friends added to my spiritual husband that was tormenting me. But now, I’m so happy that I am delivered from it. Thank You, Jesus. Thank you, Man of God, for saving me. Amen. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ We have heard it from our sister. She said that when her husband left – strangely, he just suddenly left the UK to come to Nigeria despite his businesses there – at that moment she was having the influence of bad friends. Tell us, sister, what did that influence lead you to do – the influence of these bad friends you were moving with? A lot of things – going out, thinking out of wedlock, not concentrating on my husband. Even sometimes when my husband called me, I wouldn’t concentrate on him. It made me to hate him; to feel that, “Oh, I have lived in the darkness, this man is not for me”. A lot of things. And when that spirit of lust came upon you, you would not be able to control yourself at that point. Yes, I wouldn’t know. It was like when somebody gets drunk. You don’t know what you are doing. You think you’re doing the right thing at that time. We thank God that last week, you came to The SCOAN, received that prophecy and the man of God prayed for you. Just tell us what happened to you when the man of God prayed for you. When I saw him, I was scared. Then when he prayed for me, I felt something strange leaving my body immediately. So when you people took me back, I said, “Oh God”. And on top of that, as far as I’m in this building, I know I have already been delivered. You mean to say that since that prayer, you felt something leave you and ever since then, what are the changes in your life and your marriage? I’ll be thinking differently. It’s like I just married my husband newly; the first love I have for him. It’s like I have just renewed it again. Thank you, Man of God, for delivering from the spirit of lust. Thank you so much. God bless you. Amen. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ. We give all the glory to God for what He has done in the life of this couple. Madam, what is your word of advice to our viewers around the world, with what Jesus has done for you? It’s just to believe in God and if you have any problem, don’t hide it from God. Don’t listen to people; just come straight to a living church and be delivered and have trust. Thank You, Jesus Christ. Finally let’s just hear a word of advice from our brother as well to cap off this wonderful testimony. Sir, what is your word of advice especially to married couples that may be facing a challenge that you and your wife once faced before you came here? My advice to couples who are also in the state we were in the past: Stand by your loved one because this spirit that is tormenting, making someone to do what they’re not supposed to do, it’s not really the person; it is the spirit behind it. So I would advise couples to key into that word: Don’t reject someone because of their weakness, rather see how you can assist them, out of faith. When you have any problem, don’t run from God, run to God and come and get your deliverance; look for any living church and get delivered. And the same God that located us will also locate you for the glory of God, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ. We thank God for this marriage. We pray that God will give you both the grace to make the Word of God the standard for your home and we believe that as you do so, you are going to come back with more wonderful testimonies, in Jesus’ name. Mr & Mrs Lucy Egharevba
Prophecy Testimony RV: Mel Flowers 17/04/2019

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