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Oh that’s it
well I mean the whole sermon Carnival has come down to Emily and Tennille the
fight to the death holy smokes Emily and to nail do you
have any idea about what’s about to happen inflatable balls what the heck man this
is it the final round your tea works been brilliant so far but now you’re
going up against each other trying to get that time alone with Nick and this
final event is a sore ball race today’s come down to the final event to
absorb that you climb in to girls racing from 25 meters out to the finish line
like a hamster on a wheel you’ve got to run and somehow generate momentum and
hammer down that at the end of the pool a lot of nights gives it hell out of me
so ladies it’s really simple the first one of you to cross the finish line wins
that time alone with Nick let’s do this let’s go if I don’t get this time with
me I feel like there’s a good chance that I’m throwing home and I’m not
to go yet but Emily is super fierce competitor traction I hope em gets it
I would rather Emily get the one-on-one time over to Neil because I think
Tennille is pretty basic and I just don’t really see her as next time I hope
Emily can take it home I’m racing forward I’m getting worried but to Neil
is on my tell I take a look behind me tournelles going backwards l started yet
Tennille just stand out before I ever stand up before live I’ve stayed up
forever I’m not sure what that technique was she’s going backwards
I felt like Janelle was more concerned about how she looked in the sore ball
rather than you know actually trying to win Emily’s just like grace we’re going
yeah Antonia was just going alone you could tell within probably the first
eight seconds but I’d be spending time with Emily today because Tennille was
going off the direction in the other way now and Emily was flowing to the finish
line I was so hot today for this moment I
came in really wanting to get some time with me and I’ve got it I can’t wait to
make the most of it when I saw how I would be spending time
with Emily I’m not sure where this is gonna go because I don’t know it all
that well yeah but I’ll be curious better beautiful I want to get in the
mix and see how we are together how we interact what naturally comes to the
front this could be a good opportunity for me to feel their vibe and hopefully
connect and ever no it would be a diamond in the rough Cheers joining this Tucker and yeah no I’m
gonna go some grapes yeah yeah getting it absolutely want to make a connection
with Nick I can already see that he’d be someone that I’d probably really get
along with but I haven’t had a whole heap of time and this could be the last
chance to make a bit of a connection and you can see a bit more about myself my
first moment that I did meet unique I could see in your eyes
and here and here soul and that’s you you’re just a genuine dude and you know
I get that I could probably say that yet you’re the footy player and you maybe
you’re the lorica and I knew that too but there’s just yeah there is so much
what are you but I feel it we haven’t had a hole at a time and I’m just so
thankful that we’ve got tonight now and I can play a little bit of catch-up
because I’m here for a reason the time is of the essence and there’s so much I
want to get to know about you still and hopefully you want to get to know a
little bit more about me as well holy Moses let’s try off the bat
conversation it’s getting down to business
no I like that it shows the sincerity and what you know she’s talking about I
want to download that information going straight forward I mean why this
experience for you it’s very different to anything I would have ever considered
in the past at the same time I realize getting a bit long in the tooth now and
and naturally oh I want to so I’d look to find a partner that I can not settle
down with right now I don’t want they don’t want to have good things to do
yeah you know I want to quite like a team that we can launch it
and conquer the world sort of thing you know travel was in Korea and everything
like I want a partner in crime for sure you didn’t feel you need a partner or do
you feel like you’d like further I definitely don’t need a partner I’m at
that point in my life where I’m just so happy with myself that I don’t feel like
I need to depend on someone but by god I would just love to share it you know so
many moments and has someone by my side the more I sit and talk with Emily I’m
surprised she’s strong she’s smart confident and awesome gal all those
things make for a beautiful connection that we can explore in the future I
think we have similar philosophies you know when it comes to love and one of
those points you mentioned really is stuck with me because pretty important
to me is you don’t need but same time we want we want to share a
life with someone and I said that I wouldn’t waste anyone’s time yep yeah
and I’ll make time to go on a single day with you
as I want to know if you need further because I know there’s something so
beautiful I can see that the surface and I know it’s an iceberg and and for that
I and yes will you accept this rose
I am I absolutely will absolutely well thank you so much I didn’t think I would ever be saying
this but I’ve got a rose and it was just such a amazing surprise I definitely
feel the spark so I can’t wait to see if there’s more of that to come you

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