Waterfront Rescue Mission’s 70th Year of Service Celebration

♪♪♪♪ (Summer Huggins) Serving the community is a great
opportunity for the students to give back, and to not only perform skills at the bedside, but to also
perform skills here in the community. (Lydia Toenes) The benefit is communication primarily. The second thing that is a real big benefit, and why I find this
is really important to do, is afterward the debriefing. I had a student share with me that this was the first time in
nursing school that she felt like she had a purpose, and this was actually a good decision and she wanted to
be a nurse because of this foot care experience. (Devin Simmons) You look at those students and think
about what they’re doing from a position of humility. You know taking care of someone, and taking care of their feet, and you think about that and just what it takes to deliver
on that as service. Man that is just; it’s amazing to watch. ♪♪♪♪

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