WD40 – Chris Turner @ Krater Christmas Party

Back to my apartment, I live in LA when we got the apartment that felt like a real real
big moment for me, that was the first time I had like my place living with my wife
and I called my dad up and I was like dad I’ve got my own place now I feel real special
I feel like an adult…..and he said do you have a can of wd-40
and i said no and he said you’re not an adult then If you’re laughing that’s because you have
a can of wd-40 and you know that it is wd-40 is the Yugoslavian hit man of the
toolbox, ‘you have problem, I make problem disappear’ wd-40 if you
don’t have a can, get a can, it will improve your life, you just pick it up when you’re bored, walk round the house, it will just fix everything just spray it, that works
again, I’m amazing, this is stuck, not stuck anymore, this is squeaking,
that Mouse is dead now, f**k yeah don’t try that wd-40 is made out of mainly
fish oil which makes the mouse really slippy and that is a true fact
f**k you vegans who are now going oh I can’t use wd-40 anymore…it’s true

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