well you guys sure about like just let’s
let the sink it now would be the time to back out here in the dressing room
haven’t put suits on you out there’s….. still time good morning everyone
who’s hungry I got room service over the….. hole
no what’s up guys Louis look at this…. first of all Jake ballers what’s poppin
good morning to you guys look at how….. dope this hotel room is I see it’s like
really expensive let’s order some room…. service get what you want kids oh nice
catch…. aha athleticism oh that’s my boy Plusle
real no look at this view fan there’s a….. TV in the ground there’s a sink
there’s a chair there’s a TV and a…. dresser there’s a fireplace fire I spit
bars bro there’s a stripper pole in the…. shower
wait why you can control the shades with this button yeah and look at this
surround sound speaker system it’s everyday bro with the Disney Channel no
I’ve been on YouTube is okay though I…. got this hyah
yes yes we’d like the whole menu thanks….. we got the whole menu
yes bringe… oh yeah that’s my boy yeah yeah boys we
got food…. so know that it… oh my god yeah I need to stop what’s
wrong you answered like they just get married already like that like why don’t
you is make it official but seriously…. like what’s the deal well this is are we
just wrestling over yo…ur phone you need to see your phone room that’s not what
I’m doing for just oh yeah what’s that… no no nothing that’s all right yeah go
back to your doing doing things did we just have Nessman telepathy how are we
doing at each other we dish in the weekends i said you proposed to Tessa
you’re hosting Erica there oh we did actually like legitimately getting a
tomato juice movie they do show all the time I saw us is my ring pops flowers
but I’m really just glutamatergic we have all these room service you can’t
pie rings no we have to figure out how to do this well I have a number to a
chapel where they do weddings in Las Vegas I was running if you guys have the slots
open for two marriages at 4:30 what other times do you have let’s do it
at 3:30 okay to rent like you guys have like tuxedos and like dresses and
everything yeah how much would it be total for the whole entire wedding just
the most basic one we’re able to have our own like cameras recording you don’t
allow cameras okay thank you so much and we’ll see you at 6:00 your real origin
okay back we haven’t asked them yet Oh guys don’t like you’re after
I forgot good morning day followers make sure you smiling today make sure you
have it on the mater’s make sure you’re working hard
and if you’re new here I’m Jake Paul good laughing this is Las Vegas yes the
team sunsweet the other division sweet and iets let every single day brah
we have a proposal and a wedding now to go to inside we had to get them to say
yeah see we’re in Las Vegas we have to catch a flight later let’s do that babe
we got mouths we got a Filipina Kiki’s got a standby okay noted teammate is she
gonna take a soda see some messes in 858 17 I got a bigot dreams I got seven
seconds I got seven bigot dreams I got blue take your train ticket dream take
it make it rain I got you so now we are on
the move with the squad guys we are trying to find a ring pops it is a
literally 110 degrees here in Las Vegas we’re sweating from walking like two
feet but we need these ring pops anybody for our lives anything for our this is
the biggest joke of my life what are we doing guys like what are we doing oh my
gosh ring pops ring pops we got them feel like Erika would like blue
raspberry can I have one I’m missing out yeah yeah
hi we’re getting married today and this is that this is a ring so our wives have
you seen this before no no no completely serious a real it’s reaching three
dollars and 600k why do they make all this type of wedding rings being so
expensive hopefully they say yes what the heck
what are the odds that you go in this carwash under the dryers one of the cars
coming through one I didn’t you have to go on the carwash into the dryer small
town ready one two three three oh okay yeah yeah it’s good right that’s how you
dry off in the United States here’s the plan I’m gonna call them right now and
tell them to come get Froyo with us and then you’re going to be like kind of
flirting with Tessa take it out drop to a knee proposed to
work we all start going crazy right yeah hopefully we get the rest of the lobby
to freak out right which will most likely happen because they have no idea
well congrats you’re just when they’re not expecting it I pull out mine
double dose who came up with this idea bring me the best friend thing well it’s
dumb bitch right I’m calling Erica hey honey what’s up are you are you with
Tessa we’re all going to get Froyo if you want to come it’s in like the food
court area of the hotel I’ll see you in a bit sweetie it’s going great all right
so Erica and Tess are about to be here we got some Jake callers here say what’s
up guys hey we’re about to propose to Erica and has when we do that I need you
guys to get hype and clap we want the whole at cafeteria to freak out so you
guys down that’s my boy Jay callers are savages join the family fam litter yeah
yeah that’s a
so known each other for a little while but uh I think and I think you’re really
beautiful I you guys always make shit a nice nice nice Alicia I think you’re really good
will you marry me yo we’re in Vegas can be booming here
oh they just got married also married yeah not even in the spirit of marriage
look at follow they don’t want us to get married they don’t want us to have
Lamborghini this happened yeah we’re sort of industry I like it no I think it’s time to take Jirka hey
stop make you’re so beautiful ah and we get along so well since we’re
in Las Vegas I think it’s a good time there oh my god what are you doing
will you be my wife is he kidding right now take my hand in marriage I should
learn Vegas good month oh we should marry we did it
I know we talked about this girls getting to you say yes I did you know
use your head now glue the wedding is um the other weddings in three hours why well we’re going back to LA and you
can really only get married in Vegas no motivated we’re gonna go fine I don’t
know how to join no maybe if they get married they could get a visa
I don’t think so are we actually getting me yeah that’s the thing we already paid
for the wedding put a lock on that Italy so they want to get married to me so I
can get their visa I say we have a challenge
who gets the visa mean I change my Instagram handle yeah in a couple hours
that Erica Paul at Michael Sutton so that blows though dude okay well you’re
my fiancee now so we’re just like doing this calling for the ball right I mean
it’s not real it’s real vlog like we’re actually gonna say yeah so like in your
guys’s heads you can be like yeah this is for the vlog but not actually King
there yeah we’re doing we’re marrying you guys
though I’m not getting reais she doesn’t even know it that Gerry ballers I guess
this is the definition of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas we’re just going
with this so this is getting pretty real right now we’re on our way to the
wedding chapel how do you guys feel got your ring there he’ll I don’t know how
you know chance I was thinking and bro you’re going to delete your tinder I
already deleted it oh yeah I saw that Nick do they do this in the UK no
honestly I’m not quite sure what’s going on I don’t know why you even have your
life no no all these die before you get my foot fine also this is ridiculous can
we talk about how Erika made a YouTube channel in one day it’s two hundred
thousand subscribers what at two hundred thousand one day now she’s marrying you
she’s gonna have like two million mr. mrs. YouTube oh where you do every day
broseph like me we should get married thank you wait no
you go up about why we’re getting married
: are we a power goes oh shoot because of my personality most of the time I’ll
take it yeah Martinez look at the truck power you see the Trump Tower yes mr. president brother underneath the
bed are you yours Marian Anthony so you’ll get your visa anyways the best
fans we have three Jews not getting married three best man that works sup
Kade oh you ought to be my best man actually bro I would be ugly on now you okay so we’re getting changed kind of
freaking it oh did we kiss them when they go to kiss the bride we never
kissed them of what we get we boy oh no you guys sure about like just let’s let
the think it you guys about wearing it together I mean yeah well now would be
the time to back out here in the dressing room you haven’t put the suit
on yet there’s still time I think we’re committed yeah we’re at a grin Judy
kisses after and yeah there’s the honeymoon Tolliver yeah we’re going to
do an honeymoon just wait for that part the place that I got this so from this
thing doesn’t even have a button it’s just a body but look it and then I
attach it to the yeah screwed how does this thing that’s a that’s a tie with a
book you know but it’s actually a fake one because it’s already tired
gallium not about this one huh it’s like supposed to be ready for me yeah yeah
I’m here okay you guys know what this is what this is gold this is next how many
youtubers get married I don’t know bro that’s just not for that my shirt bro
what’s your name been nice to meet you just scared bro you’re Mary nice I am do
you want to make it legal do you want to get legally married this is the
ideological just one I don’t know what I want we haven’t seen Erica or Tessa yet zero
day here I come thanks Amelia for walking them out Oh
Devon so we always talk about these days but how do you guys not make oh my god
they look so beautiful who give the bride away
congratulations you look beautiful thank you I will both your hands back at
the vlog yeah never let go don’t let go the jig colors are here with us generate
interest big America chance and test I wanna start by congratulating both of
you on your big decision to be there for each other and to say I do to that
special person this is the moment that you’ll never forget today you’re
committing to that special person for the rest of your lives this is a person
gonna start a family with yep and a lot of the kids I want you Jason starts by
opening your heart to beautiful wife to deal to express how much you love her
and what she needs to you Erica I just want to say you mean so much to me your
big green eyes and your luscious lips I just want to be able to buy you a lot of
coats and just I love I love I love you it’s okay
much as the holy shit anko that’s what they like to share today we see good
alright event I quote being repulsed by you about a week ago what we’ve lived
together now for about a year and a half so I think this is what you do after that
those are two hosts out overcome it stay strong finally Jen what would you like
to share with Tessa Brooks ever since I’ve met you I’ve had a crush on you and
past couple weeks of really a question for love and I just think you remember
mesmerizing in every way everything I love you and I came with this is my
night thank you alright Oh get there we don’t ya know what to do
I’m sure with that like playing black ops with you and family and he was like
the guy from I say he’s really cute thank you
he does look like you guys my station bring your service like Jake do you take
Erica to be your partner for life eye to eye do you promise to comfort their
respect to be loyal to her from this day forward I do Erica do you take Jake to
be your partner for life I do we also promised them to comfort and respect and
be loyal to and from this day forward I do just a big chance to be a partner for
life I’m going to start with your best man join us
love you i Jake take you Erica to be my partner for life to have and to hold
from this day forward for better for worse to love you and to cherish you
till logs do us part are you meet this sit down over there
we’re not objecting or anything like that you have more with it next Nick
Nick I need to improve Nick next come on deeply I approve of it oh wow
Nick God ok ok that’s why says well what am I to predict to love you and to
cherish to love you and to cherish until that one till teen 10 does it’s hard
that happens thank you you can you learn there we go
Josh would you uh Erica jqj should be my partner for life and with this ring I
promise to love you until YouTube yeah yeah my heart love my can yeah you saw
that yeah well fucking forever beautiful to get from the hand
this is the moment that you’ve been waiting for with this scent now I was
asked if any objects any objections here take your left already or monkey-like
them and now by the power vested in me by Chapel of crystals here in beautiful
Las Vegas my pleasure to pronounce you partners for life you may kiss your
beautiful bride so basically get together country really
actually every night yeah yeah whatever when you go at the same time off of the
summer yeah how you gonna climb I’ll grab her oh that’s good three two no no sound like a joke there’s none arterial okay how you doing in the corner there
congratulations is one of the same it’s just a recording stuff yeah yeah you
guys look great though don’t mind me okay okay what do we do
now yeah yeah Facebook my man Watson tags
yeah only game that was great I’m gonna be an uncle talking kids already what
about the honeymoon first honeymoon get change guys we’re gonna go in the
honeymoon life is about spontaneity capturing moments and just going for it
sometimes that means getting married to someone that you really don’t even know
or I’ve never even kissed before or,.. dated or yo hold on do it don’t
voiceover dude sorry bro – um yeah and sometimes you just got to marry that
person and um I don’t know what I’m saying this is a complete completely BS
voiceover um the wedding was really a joke guys but we’re going to
fun and we’re going to play off of it and I’m going to act like we’re Mary’s
basically and I think so is a champion Tessa and this this slow motion clip is
gone shit has gone Mike for a while now but
yeah let’s keep going let’s keep on blogging what’s next
woo such a romantic meaningful voiceover or jet year the guys the romance has to
end you mean the bromance dance take goodbye
here like oh that’s weird to say we’re going to go on the private jet back to
the team penthouse we’ll see you there Ohio and Michigan take on the team ten
bus back we have to talk to you know even better we got married Pam we really
got married in Vegas yes we did it up yeah oh yeah I just want your reaction
it’s kind of a last-minute thing I gotta go mom I love you bye Oh guys on a jet wheels up back to LA
and guys if you want to follow along with more like private jet stuff you can
follow at wheels up they’re the ones given estes like those my boys always
plug shameless before real hit them up back in LA I feel so good to be home
we killed Las Vegas let’s go whoo yo yo Erica as kind of like my wedding present
from me and the Jake Waller we wanna we want to see if the Jake Pollard’s how
savage you guys are and if we can get Erica to 500,000 subscribers in one week
on YouTube I don’t think that’s been done before that’s crazy well if you
want to check out our channel I’m going to put the link in the description
Jake colors let’s all let’s all bond together she’s gonna start posting
videos soon so you can be a part of what is your fan base have a name yet not yet
give me a part of Erica’s fan base before before anyone else and as always
make sure you check out that hot new March Lincoln bio shameless plug we will
see them all because it’s a great day Bro…… peace

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