We ate Dinner with Robots in Tokyo! || Shinjuku, Travel Vlog

(dramatic music) – Ella is dying to go to a– – Robot restaurant. – This recommendation
comes from Mamrie Hart. So we are gonna go check it out. I have to say, it’s so surreal
to be in Japan right now because last time I was here I was 19, life was totally different
and it’s so funny to not have to worry about
how much data I’m using. We made a quick stop at the
local convenience store. (techno music) I’m having trouble opening this. Oh no. – I got an egg salad sandwich. It’s even a soft-boiled egg. – [Hannah] Egg salad
sandwich crust-less wonder. – This was from the convenience store. Oh my god. – [Hannah] Is it good? – Yeah, that’s amazing. – [Hannah] Really? – Holy (bleep). – [Hannah] Oh my god. – I think I just found my new obsession. – Wait I wanna try this. Mm. That’s fantastic. Mm. – [Ella] Can you believe that this was just from a convenience store? – Listen to that crunch, listen. Mm. (upbeat old-fashioned music) Oh my god, spotted, spotted. This is what one might
call a tourist trap. To robots, are the future. I don’t know if I should’ve
cheersed to robots. AI and what not. – [Ella] The stairs are so full of people. – Now we’re being transported
to a whole new world. A world where robots have
rhythm and jazz in their hearts. Okay, so it’s a bit of sensory overload. We have now moved into
the waiting chamber. There’s this. It’s definitely smaller
than I expected but– – It’s great. – They’re gonna fill this
room with robots I guess. Let’s do it. (drums) (rock music) (traditional drums) That was just part one. This show is 90 minutes long, nine zero, with various food and beverage breaks. 90 minutes. That was just the beginning. I feel like we’re going to
travel through time a little bit, that felt very traditional to me. Got some taiko drums, et cetera. From there on we’ll see what happens next. These intermissions are so that we can regain whatever semblance
of sanity we have left. Why do those turtles have wings? Why do the turtles have wings? Oh my god. Hello, that’s Ella. Oh Ella look you’re in the show. Aw, you’re gone. (drums) Oh no, the evil robots. Oh no. Oh my god this is so scary. (dramatic music) Ah, it’s the beetle. (explosion) – Oh my god. – This got violent. – Oh (bleep). (whip cracking) (explosion) – We saved the planet,
we saved the planet. Yay, we did it. That’s the end of act two. As far as I can tell, robots
tried to kill all the humans, all the humans died, but
then the spirit creatures, in various forms, came and saved the day. – Described to you– – What could be in store for act three? – I don’t know. – Okay apparently, the last act involves audience participation baby. (upbeat music) Alright, robot restaurant
has come to an end. Initial thoughts? I never knew there were so many lights and colors and sounds. – That was so much fun. – And there were so many
different storylines, and in the end, I think it
kinda exceeded expectations. – It really did. I can’t even describe what we just saw. – It’s also the perfect way to stay awake and not fall asleep from jet lag. – It’s true. – But now we have earned our rest. Transition nighttime. Hey guys, thank you so much
for watching this video. If you have enjoyed watching this video, click like and subscribe. I’m in Japan for the next two weeks. Who knows what kind of adventures
we’ll get ourselves into. I don’t know how we’re gonna top this. But we’re gonna try. Mwah, have a great day.

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  1. We read your memoir for my college english class!!! Its so cool to see you in Japan as a different person 💗

  2. It was fun watching bits where I could see you were having fun.
    However I would never ever step into that restaurant.
    I just can't immagine how I would deal with such an overwhelming amount of sensory overload.
    I couldn't even finish watching this video.

  3. Hi Hannah! I just wanted to say that Hannahlyze This brings so much joy to my week every week <3 Love you both!! Also this is some EXCELLENT CONTENT I love robots and also restaurants 10/10 wow

  4. Ahh so much excitement! This is my first time commenting on your channel but I just wanted to say I love your content and I'm glad you two had fun haha.

  5. Guess I’ll be planning a trip to Japan soon 🤷🏻‍♀️ all the vlogs and instastories have been so fun to watch! Also definitely want to try those pancakes

  6. We were in Tokyo around the same time. We did a lot of the same activities, so it's fun to see the trip through your eyes. I personally hated the robot restaurant so much that I left after Act 2 and waited for my boyfriend outside while he watched the rest. It was much too much for me to handle.

  7. im getting sensory overload just watching your video i can't imagine how it was to actually be surrounded by that many flashing lights and noise

  8. Just saw the Anthony Bourdain episode where he visits a similar (same!?!?) place! It looks amazing, thanks for the peek into that tiny robot parade!

  9. I (and many others) would really appreciate it if you could put a flashing light warning in the description of the video. There were lots of flashing lights in the show that could be dangerous to people with various neurological conditions.

  10. Saw this on an episode of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown. Glad to see it's still running a few years later.

  11. Feels like a futuristic version of medieval times. I also feel like you should not go here while on psychedelics. It would be friggin trippy!!!


    Shit robots m8, im a like eneywa ys

  13. The one place I wish I'd went to when in Japan, but we only had 10 days and limited budget. Next time… hopefully.

  14. 90 min.?? good grief, I was starting to get sensory overload just a few min. into the video. The cat cafe was more my speed. lol

  15. These videos are really something when you're on Ambien, I gotta tell ya! I'm super glad Hannah still has her face attached. Keep going Hannah you're doing great!

  16. My brain would explode. Wayyy too much stimulation 😂 but I’m glad you guys had a great time!!! I’ll settle for living through you vicariously

  17. Who needs an LSD trip when you can just go to this show sober 😅 I had to pause and take a breather cause that’s a lot happening like damn, it’s so cool! but so much going on at the same time 😅

  18. Ok I just got back from watching Mamma Mia Here We Go Again and dammit Hannah, you resemble Josh Dylan in the movie. Both of you are mighty fine and have the same cute smirk. I couldn’t pay much attention because of it, lol.

  19. Two things… #1 I was just at the Robot Restaurant a week and a half ago! My best friend and I went to Tokyo for a 30th Birthday Vacation. It was definitely​ sensory overload but very cool. #2 I want to say thank you for being so open in your book, Buffering. That along with your podcast convinced me, after 10 years, to go back to therapy. Thanks for being you and sharing your experiences with us.

  20. As a rando person on the internet I can suggest you two looking into Steam Powered Giraffe if you like "robot" shows. Plus you'd actually be able to see them if you wanted as they are West coast and I am very must Northeast. :/

  21. I am trying to hit 1k subs on my channel can you guys check it out and subscribe it would mean the world to me thank you 🙂

  22. Like Starlight express and Power Rangers had a baby and Kung fu Panda and Ninja turtles are the godparents….

  23. I know it wasn’t intentional but I wish there had been at least a little warning about the amount of strobe/flashing lights that were going to be happening. Had to stop watching a couple minutes in when I realized they were probably going to be happening to whole time.

  24. We went to this last week and OMG what a TRIP!!! SOOOOOO INSANE AND FUN! Definitely a dozen WTF moments. and its NOT 90 minutes. The show itself is a total of 45, max.

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