Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel my name is Ewelina and welcome to another video of mine. Today’s video is not going to be a lesson. It’s not going to be a Polish lesson. However I’m going to tell you about the very important holiday that we celebrate in Poland every single year. So if you are interested then let’s get started. So as we all know, all of us, all over the world we celebrate birthdays. Which means it’s the day of your birth, every single year we get one year older and then we invite people, we eat some cake, and people bring us presents or flowers or you just get together with friends and you celebrate another year of you being here on this earth. Well, in Poland we do celebrate birthdays just like everywhere else however, we also celebrate our name day. And what is that mean? That means that in a calendar, in the Polish calendar, every single day has assigned a name. So for example my name is Ewelina and my name day is May 26. So when you go to May 26 in Polish calendar you will find my name and that is my name day. Which name day in Polish is called Imieniny Imieniny Imię means name, niny has no meaning at all It’s just imię-niny it the whole thing translator is a name day. We celebrate our imieniny just the same way that you would celebrate your birthday. So you invite your friends, you eat cake, people bring presents or flowers or whatever. You can just get together and just talk it doesn’t really matter. It’s a celebration of your name. It’s your name day and to be honest with you me growing up in Poland. I feel like the younger generation Wasn’t celebrating as much of name days, even though people always send you text messages. “Happy imieniny!”, “Happy nameday!” Just the same as they would do happy birthday it’s just it’s just something that we do and it’s been there for years and years and years. I’m not really sure who assigned the names to the days but that’s just when I was born this was already a tradition. So the tradition just keeps going and to be honest with you. I think my dad and my mom since they are older they even prefer Imieniny, name day, then their birthdays. They would always say, “The older you get we don’t care how old we are anymore? I don’t really care to celebrate the birthday I want to celebrate my name day.” And then like I said people they just come in bring presents, they drink they eat, they have a cake and it’s just a full-on celebration. So now that you know what name day is I would like to know wherever you live in the world. Do you celebrate the name day? Do you have a name day? It’s their names on your calendar. Let me know in the comments down below I would love to know, I hope you enjoy this video! And thank you very much for being here if you enjoy the video don’t forget to give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to Subscribe because I would love to have you here. Thank you again for watching me and supporting me and being here and Yeah, I will see you guys very soon. Buziaki, do widzenia (Speaking Polish) That’s all that’s all I got Bye! Cześć

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  1. Interesting! But I wonder if everyone has their imieniny, I mean, there are only 365 days per year and 365 names to celebrate. What if someone has a name not included in the imieniny? In China, we got two birthdays, one celebrated in Chinese lunar calendar and the other in Gregoria's Calendar. Some of us would celebrate the Chinese calendar one only with family like my case, my grandparents and parents would only give me presents at the Chinese Calendar date while my friends do it at the Gregorian calendar date.

  2. we celebrate name days in Greece, too! It's a christian thing but whether you're religious or not it's pretty much a tradition

  3. ORIGIN:
    The custom originated with the Christian calendar of saints: believers named after a saint would celebrate that saint's feast day, or in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, the day of a saint's death. Name days have greater resonance in the Catholic and Orthodox parts of Europe—Protestant churches showing less veneration of saints. In many countries, however, name-day celebrations no longer have connection to explicitly Christian traditions. (Yes, I wiki'd it).
    My mother is Greek Orthodox and I found out by living in Cyprus (A predominantly Greek Island) that all days have a name day with Greek names. My name is Steven and my name day is on Dec 24th after Saint Steven (AGIOS STEPHANOS in Greek). A tradition in Cyprus for celebrating name day when in school is that the person who celebrates his/her name day usually brings cookies (or biscuits) to class for all the other students! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Ewelina!

  4. I heard about ladies day recently and thought that sounded really nice . Meet up with your girlfriends or female relatives, drink coffee eat cake and you might get some flowers from a husband or boyfriend. I think I will start celebrating that even tho I'm not polish 😂

  5. Hi, Ewelina! Why! It's the same in Spain, where I am originally from, and the reason for this tradition is the catholic church, in Spain as well as in Poland, isn't it? But you're right in that this tradition is also disappearing nowadays. I've got a name day too, by the way, on January, 23rd. Do zobaczenia!

  6. Hi. Here in Latvia we have name days too. We usually see it as a small birthday. But it has no signs of stopping. I think Russians have them too(именины), but i don't know how much they celebrate it or if at all.

  7. Hello! Thanks for your video lessons, they are helping loads! Please could you (or anyone) help with gift ideas for a ladies Imieniny? Flowers have different meanings all over the world as do the colours… I was thinking of sending https://www.interflora.co.uk/product/lily-and-anthurium-arrangement/?;category_id=4
    (white Asiatic lilies, green bloom chrysanthemums, purple anthurium, dark cerise gerbera and aspidistra leaves with steel grass and pittosporum)
    I know lilies are sometimes funeral flowers but I was not sure if this is the same for Polish people, I dont want to send a funeral flower to a celebration!!!

    any help or advice appreciated!

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