We celebrated Chinese New Year 2020 in Singapore’s Chinatown !!

Hey Guys!! and welcome to another Vlog today I’ve come to ChinaTown and will show you guys how’s Chinese New Year celebrated in Singapore right now I’m at ChinaTown metro station and will take exit now and today both I and Shikhar had off so we thought to shoot this video today as Chinese New Year is on 25th and 26th and that time, we’ll be in India so this is the best time so let’s go and now we’ll take the exit and show you guys around so finally we have come outside the ChinaTown metro station and we took exit E you can see the area around us is ChinaTown, and the area where we’re at is the centre of ChinaTown and you can see behind me, they’ve represented and decorated the animal associated with this year according to Chinese culture and tradition, they have 12 animals and every year represents an animal and the cycle repeats after every 12 years so this year is of rat and you can see they’ve represented very cute cute rats last year or last year, i don’t remember which, it was pig in india, we don’t consider these animals as good but for these people, they are very auspicious now we’ll go ahead and show you guys which other animals are there i remember ox, snake Shefali is rooster, I’m dragon and there are other animals like this so dragon is their strongest animal and it’s also mythical as there’s no surity of it’s existence so if you look at the chinese culture the dragon year like 1988 which is my date of birth and every 12th year after that like 2000 and 2012 and upcoming 2024 these all are dragon years so you’ll see that in chinese culture, the population suddenly increases in dragon year as people want their children to be born in dragon year so we’ll keep telling you things like this and let’s see the decorations in ChinaTown

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