We Finally Know The Truth About The Bachelor’s Victoria F

The Bachelor’s Victoria Fuller made her reality
TV debut on Season 24 of the ABC series and made a name for herself as one of the most
controversial contestants in Bachelor Nation. But there’s a lot that fans don’t know about
her. Here’s the truth about Victoria F. On October 28th, 2019, Bachelor blogger and
longtime spoiler of the show Steve Carbone took to his Reality Steve blog to report some
shocking allegations regarding Victoria’s reputation. He wrote, “I can honestly say in all my years doing
this, I have never had so many negative stories and as many people contact me about one person
than I have this season with Victoria Fuller.” The blogger told readers that he had started
receiving emails in September 2019, allegedly calling Victoria out for being romantically
involved with married men. He added, “The info I was receiving was talking about
her having done this three or four times.” Carbone explained that he’d looked into the
situation himself, spoken to women accusing Victoria of breaking up their marriages, and
found it to be true. In another bombshell revelation, Carbone even
alleged that the wives of the men in question had actually been friends with Victoria. He wrote, “If Victoria didn’t do this, I wouldn’t report
it. She did. Ask the other women involved whose marriages
were affected by Victoria’s relationship with their then husbands.” Of course, these claims have not been confirmed
by Victoria herself. While nearly every season of The Bachelor
features at least one polarizing, controversial contestant, the backlash against that contestant
usually doesn’t happen until the season’s underway. However, in Victoria’s case, pre-season spoilers
and rumors regarding her reputation and previous relationships resulted in the Virginia native
feeling the need to make a case for herself via social media. On November 22nd, 2019, Victoria took to Instagram
to defend herself against disparaging remarks, posting a photo with her dog and writing,
in part, “The RUMORS you are hearing are FALSE. There will be a time [and] place where I can
defend myself, but for now I choose to wait.” Continuing with her caption, Victoria said
the bullying she’d received online was neither “okay” nor “fair,” and alleged that the people
speaking negatively of her reputation were: “Casting judgement and basing opinions upon
pure speculation, assumptions, [and] LIES.” In the fourth episode of Peter’s Bachelor
season, the pilot asked Victoria to join him on a one-on-one date in Cleveland, Ohio with
a date card that mentioned letting their love “soar to new heights.” While she was excited for some alone time
with Peter, Victoria expressed concern about the possibility of having been chosen for
a skydiving date. In fact, she nearly refused to get out of
the car once she arrived. However, when Bachelor Nation sleuths unearthed
a 2014 Instagram photo featuring Victoria on an apparent skydiving excursion, some fans
began to call the contestant’s fear of heights into question. One viewer tweeted, “If you’re going to go on the show and say
you’re scared of heights, don’t have a pic of you skydiving on social media.” During the fifth episode, Victoria was chosen,
along with several other contestants, to join Peter in the Costa Rican jungle for a once-in-a-lifetime
Cosmopolitan photoshoot. After making a bold move and kissing him during
the shoot, Victoria was chosen by Cosmopolitan editor Jessica Pels to be featured on the
digital cover of the magazine’s March 2020 issue. This wasn’t Victoria’s first time modeling. In fact, as hardcore Bachelor fans discovered
during a social media deep dive, she once modeled for an ad campaign for a reported
marlin conservation organization featuring the slogan “White Lives Matter.” Not surprisingly, the controversial modeling
gig ultimately cost Victoria her magazine cover prize. In a statement published on Monday, February
3rd, 2020, Pels wrote, “Unequivocally, the White Lives Matter movement
does not reflect the values of the Cosmo brand. Ultimately what felt right was choosing not
to publish the digital cover on our website or social feeds, and simply being honest with
you, the audience we respect, about what happened and where we stand.” The Bachelor has never shied away from using
former flames to spark some made-for-TV drama. No one knows this better than Peter, whose
season was nearly overshadowed by his lingering feelings for his ex – former Bachelorette
Hannah Brown – who appeared on his season twice. However, perhaps the most shocking of appearances
happened during Peter’s first one-on-one date with Victoria, as the contestant just so happened
to have a history with the date’s surprise musical guest, country star Chase Rice. Explaining her connection to Rice, Victoria
confessed to Peter that she had dated Rice and broken up with him. However, according to Rice, her description
of their relationship was grossly exaggerated. He told Entertainment Tonight, “[She] was just a girl that I hung out with
one time.” While Victoria told a Bachelor producer that
Rice had asked her not to go on The Bachelor, the country singer denied having any negative
feelings about her relationship with Peter, explaining, “We knew going on there that she was going
to be on the show.” While Victoria is undoubtedly a controversial
figure within Bachelor Nation, her onscreen chemistry with Peter is palpable. There’s no question the pilot had major feelings
for her while filming Season 24 – and, according to a post-Bachelor interview, Peter thinks
very highly of the contestant. During a BUILD Series interview on February
4th, Peter was asked to comment on the controversy surrounding Victoria’s scandalous modeling
gig that led Cosmopolitan to pull her cover. “All I can speak on is the time I was able
to spend with Victoria throughout this experience, and I truly enjoyed my experience with her.” Peter went on to call Victoria a “good person”
with “a lot of endearing qualities,” and hoped viewers would be able to take it easy on her. “I just hope that people can form their opinion
on her based on what they see between the two of us and her time on the show. She’s not perfect, I’m not perfect, no one’s
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  1. She’s a narcissistic demon.. she knows exactly what she’s doing. Poor peter so naive , he got a soul tie after sleeping with that Jezebel

  2. Victoria has been through some hardships if she is sabotaging, ruining relationships, fear of true intimacy, and playing "careless" in all situations. Deep down, she is scared of being hurt and being rejected. Something happened to her growing up.

  3. What is wrong with white lives matter? Did the company do something bad…
    I stay in South Africa and farmers get killed everyday and there is nothing wrong when we have the slogan up everywhere…
    And the other way arround. Our people will also say black lives matter so wat happened that it is so wrong for her to have that on, can anyone explain to me?

  4. I’m sick of her and all the drama she brings with her. I’d also like to cut everyone of those long white nails off. She always has them on her hair and face! I think that Peter is majorly sexually attracted to her and that may be the basis for a good honeymoon but not a long marriage. She’s trouble!!!

  5. Covert narcissist. Mumbles doesn't look people in the eye , word salad defensiveness. She uses people , incapable of love.

  6. I feel bad for her parents. When they hear and see what's she's really like it's going to hurt. Unless she can manipulate them as well as she does Peter. What a train wreck.

  7. Once a hoe will always be a hoe and that’s what Victoria is. Her face is so annoying. Seriously can’t stand another second looking at it. Why did Peter even gave her a rose. What did he sees in her. I’m curious.

  8. Victoria Fuller also misrepresented her association with Chase Rice, the country singer. First, she said he didn't want her to appear in The Bachelor show. He said he could care less if she did. 

    Second, she lied about the true extent of their 'relationship. The following is from Parade. 'Rice says his relationship with Fuller was brief. According to the singer, the couple didn’t exactly date as much as they shared “a night” together. “We spent a night together in Charlotte,” he claimed.'

    So if Victoria characterizes a night in bed as 'dating,' she has a lot to learn.

    However, he didn’t expect her appearance on the show to have anything to do with him—and his recollection of their relationship is a bit different than hers.
    “Chase and I used to date,” Fuller described to this season’s lead, Peter Weber, during episode 4. “We dated but I broke it off with him because his lifestyle doesn’t really match up to what I want."' Nope, he wasn't that into you girl.

    Third, the way she acted just because Chase Rice made an appearance on the Bachelor shows she has the maturity and grace of a 13 year old. Grow up!

  9. I was rooting for her at the beginning but now I see how crazy she is. Honestly, I still watch the bachelor because of the drama but Peter definitely needs to send her home. Shes emotionally unstable and just wants to be on the show for her "brand".

  10. I knew the minute i saw her on the show something was up with her. I'm very intuitive. Now i know. DUI, sleeping with married men, shirt ordeal.. list goes on and on and on. Look bitch. ..Heres some advice, . a one night stand isnt DATING duh and All LIVES MATTER duh again. You need to find GOD and be a better person.

  11. I was trying to rack my brain on why Peter keeps Victoria. I think since this process is so different, he’s thinking he’s getting the “real” stuff. Couples fight. Couples tell each other when they are annoyed. They make up. They love each other through anything. What he doesn’t realize is this isn’t how it’s suppose to be in real life, her being confrontational is not a quality you want in a person. I was routing for her during the modeling show because she seemed sweet and innocent. I feel like she was faking all that and couldn’t keep it up.

  12. It's amazing how the whole focus is on Victoria being a horrible person to ensure the audience follows this train without faulting the producers for their disgusting and toxic behavior. People wake up! Whether this contestant made mistakes or not (in her life), the fact that producers intentionally set her up numerous times speaks volume of their character. don't judge her character so harshly when there are others (behind the scene) committing worse actions.

  13. TOO much DRAMA!!! If Peter picks this one, he is in for a miserable life and one full of drama! I say….

  14. People are always so quick to judge instead of understanding, and be fair. There is always two sides to every story. You guys haven't even heard her side yet, and you are judging, and even bullying her. People are such hypocrites!

  15. She is so insecure. She needs to work on herself, before she can even think about making a man happy. I was so hoping that she would go home last night.

  16. Peter should know better. After all, it was a Luke P, who kept causing problems on the bachelorette. He didn’t like that then, why tolerate it now?

  17. I don't believe the singer. You could see he had feelings for her. The sky diving thing was a little messed up, but not a crime. She wanted to get up close with him. I don't believe the singer. He knew she was going on there or someone told him to come, maybe she said she had been with him and he definitely agreed. Internationally this has helped his career because a lot of people watch this show. Shame. I think he needs to decide what journey he wants to take in life. It is a blessing always. No one is perfect.

  18. She is gaslighting Peter non-stop and she treats him like shit. But him not dumping her just shows that he has been very shallow so far.

  19. still not as crazy as the champagne bottle freak. can't even BELIEVE she made it as far as she did. lol red flags galore on that beast.

  20. What does it matter if she modeled for WLM? If she modeled for BLM it would be ok?? Isn't she only half white anyway? But the girl does have some deeper seated issues, and obviously needs some therapy.

  21. I can not stand her. She constantly says “I don’t know” when they get into an tizzy. It’s like she doesn’t know how to communicate. Why does he keeping picking her????

  22. It’s sad that ABC continues with this stupid show but go ahead and cancel grand Hotel which had lots of viewers it was very exciting to watch

  23. Look into the white lives matter. I read it was white and blue lives matter and it refered to some ocean animal that is endangered. The mag. Freeked think ing it looked like white people matter and of course we can't have that. The race that is most discriminated against. It is ok to be white.

  24. He is the most clueless bachelor ever! They should've had Mike as the bachelor. But of course having a Black bachelor is highly offensive to the viewers. 😒😒
    It is despicable and downright disrespectful for her to be involved with married men! Periodt

  25. What you are observing people is an example of Narcissistic Personality Disorder in Victoria F. They are highly insecure people, they manipulate, play victim, are never wrong, don’t like to be questioned, will project and gets supply from sensitive/empathetic people. Empathic cannot imagine what it’s like to be that way so they get caught in the emotion and the need to save/heal/help these types. It only gets worse and these are dangerous people. NPDs destroy your life.

  26. Either Peter is stupidly blinded by pure infatuation or he just wants to take her to the fantasy suite. There is really no other reason to keep her with all the drama he has personally seen on his one on one dates.

  27. I think the producers or directors have a lot to do with all the drama! They want to keep us hanging on! No serious Christian would want to be on this show and Peter is obviously not on the same page as Madison. He'll probably choose Hanna Ann.

  28. If Peter picks her, divorce soon to follow ! I can’t believe he kept her this long and sent someone that was there for the right reason home.

  29. Please leave That Victoria a long why are u pick on her just stop some the other need to growth on that show k just leave her a long k.stop it again

  30. i do think she’s a good person that hasn’t been given the chance to stand up for herself. my fav season of the bachelor for sure. it does NOT deserve all this hate. if people don’t like the drama then why are you watching a drama tv series?

  31. I used to be like her when I was young. Vapid, reckless, mostly concerned with my appearance instead of being a woman of substance. Unable to see past my own personal needs. You grow up and realize your behavior was just out of control and despicable. I’ve definitely reaped what I sowed. People need to be careful how they treat others in life because as cliche as it sounds, it will come back to you in some form. This girl is going to get hers one day.

  32. This season was stupid. I liked Sydney and she went bye bye. Peter puts up with Victoria week after week.
    Madison is too good for him and the other ( cannot remember her name). I do not feel the connection.

  33. What I am trying to understand is why when other girls brought drama or lied, Peter sent them home. But when Victoria brings drama, he keeps her around. I always thought the other women who also brought drama were just as attractive as Victoria. So I don't know why it is her he chooses to keep around?

  34. Majority of the people on this show just want to get famous not a lot are still marry till this day. I only love for this show for the drama, just knowing that there are crazy people out there.

  35. Something doesn't smell right, She modeled for White Lives Matter yet.. was afraid to model on a date? Then the skydiving thing? I think she's manipulative

  36. I knew she was cray cray night one when she was crying because peter didn’t remember what she said during their introduction

  37. She has too many issues that she needs to work on before she can enter into a relationship!! Seems like some pretty major issues at that! Peter seems like a nice man whom is super serious about finding someone to love and love him back whole heartedly and Victoria is not that woman! I'm sure she is the one who ends up sleeping with Peter in the next episode especially to get at Maddie bc she is on screen saying Maddie is so disgusting for not wanting Peter to sleep with any of the other women or she couldn't continue on with him. What is so disgusting about that Victoria?? Oh that she has morales and knows what she wants in a partner and what she is worth? It is her decision and there is nothing wrong or disgusting about it! I think Victoria is not a very good person at all and Kelsey deserved to be there another week to keep exploring her and Peter's relationship and grow their feelings further instead of some selfish young girl that has way too many issues to even enter a relationship with anyone right now! I'm starting to vent way too hard so I'm going to end this here but I'm gonna keep on watching the Bachelor and keep rooting for Madison and hope that they can find a way to make their relationship work out!

  38. Gaud Peter you have to read these comments,I’m truly worried your going to hook up with this Nut case and eventually everything’s going to go south!You have to WAKE UP!And see her for what she’s is,come on dude your smarter than that,or are you?You fell right into the boiling pot where she’s concerned and that troubles Me!

  39. Peter "I hope people can form.opinions based on what they see between us"
    Everyone "yeah we think she's terrible"
    Hes not doing himself any favors by defending her. After watching this season its apparent that he has no sense when it comes to relationships

  40. yall do realize.. people can be afraid of heights and still want to do things like skydive right…???? yall fr just wanna tear down everyone for anything SMH

  41. I love how Peter says he wants us to form an opinion on Victoria F. based on what we see on the show when that’s one of the reasons we hate her is because of how she acts on the show. she manipulates and gaslights peter into making him think that he’s a bad guy and she’s just a victim, when really she’s not a victim, just a bïtch 🤷‍♀️

  42. We’ve seen how she is on the show and a lot of us don’t like her. She gaslights Peter every time they have a serious discussion, how is that endearing?

  43. From the moment i saw her i did not like her she is a deceiver and Peter is dumb . I don't like this particular season with Peter at all !

  44. I feel like I’m the only one that likes Victoria 😂 idk, I don’t really see all the stuff that everyone else sees, yeah she can be insecure and crazy but everyone can be too

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