We FOUND a Mysterious Treasure Chest From GAME MASTER! (Giant Fun ESCAPE ROOM in Real Life)

Hey its Rebecca Rebecca right now Matt and I are
heading to a mall because thanks to you guys we think we figured out what the
final clue was in my last video you guys saw that I had to spend 24 hours in an
abandoned attic above our garage where we think pumpkin patch might have been
living and the final clue was a duck that I had to break open and inside was
this right here word fun and a box and this many of you guys thought this blue
meant fun box which was a place that I actually shot Instagram photos that is
at a mall just why we’re heading there now
okay you guys so there is the entrance right there that we are about to go into
the only problem is the store doesn’t open till 12:00 and I just got a message
from the game master this morning that said we had to be out by noon or the
mystery box we’re supposed to be finding would be destroyed so zamfam I guess
that means that we’re gonna try to break into fun box and I’m really nervous
about it I hope this key works okay zamfam so we’re here there’s a key here we
just have to figure out where the key let me know if you guys see wear a
t-shirt but they’re right here I’ll give this video a thumbs up if you see this
key will work and get us into the fun box
Thanks we’re here this is so weird being here before it’s open love is anyone
here look for clues back where do we start there’s so many rooms here Matt
look that’s the game masters handwriting they say to start your day with a
healthy breakfast the cereal room Beck cereal room right here see you Pam look
at this it’s like a huge bowl of cereal look comment below if you know what kind
of cereal this is what is that I’m gonna know what is it’s it usually you’ll find
cereal in a box but this time you’ll want the box in the series you know what
if that box is in the cereal what we’re done after they start digging how big is
the box do you think I have no idea it’s so deep box is gonna be spoon
it’s hard how does easy as I thought it was gonna be you see you know okay maybe
this time you take that side of it wait I think I see something it’s really
small it says your name on this is my name on it is there a box for you is it it’s a different size okay all right so
should we open at the same time good three two one
why just say no why just a note to mine says Rebecca solve all my tests and your
Zamfam gifts will go free but if you fail their prizes stay with me the game
stay with me He took my giveaway price for the zamfam for what I get 5 million
giveaway him I thought you guys give away prizes that oh it’s gonna give out
on my 5 million subscriber video because you guys know we hit 5 million
subscribers it looks like the keymaster took them all there’s literally tons of
them does that mean for the matter Rebecca challenge you because we’ve got
a ton of prizes for that channel we hit two million let us know if you think
it’s both channels prizes that’s a lot of prizes okay what is your say okay
mine says Matt alone you must leave and trust your own sight but you must hurry
don’t wait a fortnight so we have to split up there’s that fortnite room
over there I wonder if I’ve to go over there yeah I think you have to split up
back we don’t have a lot of time this week opens at 12 we have to be out of
here you can comment below if you think you should split up I don’t think it’s a
good idea Matt I guess I’m on my own with you guys now
yeah I am let me know what room you think I should go in next matt has a
clue but I feel like I don’t have a clue wait a sec there’s a rainbow Zamzam
comment below if you think that that means that I should go into the Rainbow
Room which is over there I’m thinking that’s it cuz that’s the only clue that
I can see on this paper okay so we are gonna get you know giveaway
prizes back this feels like an escape you in real life but we’re gonna do it
alright so exam or into the Rainbow Room let me know if you see any clues it’s
like all these pictures on the wall the smiley face I didn’t see any clues well
looks like the Instagram wall don’t know where to look right now see if you look
this logo is right here this is on the letter P there’s another one in a are
there any more here there’s a Z Z OPM let me know if you see any more with the
gamemaster logo on it okay so so far it’s P Z and a you guys if you guys know
what that is let me know I I zpm i we missing any is there any more look Sam
fam the Z P a I Z 2 Z’s what does that Zamfam comment below if you know what
that spells Pizza Pizza do there’s pieces on the floor so that
has to be blue you guys let them know what you think that means
it looks like the pizza is here there’s another piece we found a note if you
guys helped me figure out the word pizza thumbs up your comment because we just
got another clue the clue says 4 memories capture a moment what do you
guys think that means maybe there’s like 4 memories in here a picture is like a
memory right we take pictures for memories so maybe there’s one in here
that like does it look look that’s the smiley face emoji that’s over there do
any of these not fit with the rest of them this is the only one
not a person in it a little bit different film what do you guys think
that is like an animal like a dog or something let me know if you see any
more of these we have one for memories so maybe we’re looking for four like
this here here oh my gosh here’s the next photo you guys let me know what you
think this is see everyone’s in photos here’s another one
everything else has people but what is that is that just me put this down you
guys so four photos capture a moment what do
you guys think this is pizza there is a teddy bear room on the other side I
think that’s where the next clue is going to be here my gosh see there are
so many teddy bears here I don’t even know what to do so the photo it looks
like it’s a white teddy bear with a bow you guys let me know if you see any of
the white teddy bears if they have clues on them she’s so many I don’t know if I
can even reach all of them you guys we came here with Stephen sharer and grace
sharer and it was so much fun but we ran out of time and we didn’t get to go in
this teddy bear it doesn’t have a bow that doesn’t have a bow hold on there
must be something we’re missing there’s a bear below it so it’s obviously not at
the bottom there’s a locket there’s a locket or something some have a necklace
on the bear so we just have to find the bear with the necklace necklace know if
you guys saw that locket comment lock it low I got it I got it
open oh look at this there’s like a little piece of paper inside oh my gosh
this is like such a tiny note take a look at yourself or maybe three you’re
getting so close to where it will be where would I see three of me wait but
I’m not a triplet I’m not a dope right twin but where would I see multiple
maybe mirrors and try to think if there were any mirrors wait there is a mirror
room maybe that’s what it means because maybe you’d seen myself three times
because you can see yourself in different mirrors zamfam that’s it that
means we’re getting closer to finding your guys’s giveaway prizes
let’s see what these asteroids noon everything into a pumpkin what does that
mean do you think the game masters here let’s get to the mirror room
okay zamfam so you have to see this mirror room so there could definitely be
three of me in here you see what I’m saying so if you see any clues let me
know and obviously you guys know I am a look zamfam all of you guys
thank you for getting it if you have I’ll link it in the description if you
haven’t what oh my gosh okay zamfam I’m freaking out I feel like I
saw the game master but I really want to get your giveaway prices I even read the
note yet okay you are a gymnast so this should be fun
flip that frown upside down and you’re almost done wait a sec there’s an upside
down where you guys I think the clue might be in the upside-down room that’s
what this clue means if you think I’m right let me know we are running out of
time units getting close I’m gonna go check the roof so this is
the upside down bro Simpson super cool baby
upside down is just a look on the wall look there’s an update on couch there’s
a paper zamfam what you eat dog is really missing something so if
you weren’t gymnast this should be fun look at that frown upside down and
you’re almost done so I’ve got a frown upside-down means I would be like wait
maybe I have to look at that upside down give the video a thumbs up if you think
this is the right thing to do I kick up to handstand maybe I can read what it
actually says okay oh my gosh so maybe there’s a blue room maybe I pump it then
I’ll know where azar come on baby this is the book this
is the pop screen right it’s 12 o’clock I made it this is all the presents for
you the prices are here what is going on it’s at pop maybe you’re good to pop
something what is it Vicki knocks art took all your prizes how do I know which
one to pause the game master said that would turn into a pumpkin have no idea
what that means how do I know it’s one oh there’s
something in this means this is what happened okay there’s a note inside one
it’s you the president will be and a house emoji
does that mean that the game master have been tricking us this whole time or the
kids never here and they still at my house I hope your guys’s prices are
still there we got to go home

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  2. So Williamson upside down real we saw a parking with a pumpkinis like a person he was wearing a black shirt and a black pants and he was right there when he was in the upside down

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