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– We don’t have a cake for you. Sorry, no champagne. But there is one more person who wants to wish you a happy
birthday so turn around. – [Woman Offscreen] Spin it around. – This is a secret. After we did Jen’s birthday
video, beautiful micros. – I was thinking, what
should we do for Fred? – What are the things that Fred likes? – Fred loves luxury. – Fred loves luxury. – Yeah, massages, nail care. – [Woman Offscreen] She loves her cat. She likes fine foods and beverages. – We can definitely
incorporate all of those. – Yeah, I feel like these are all things, I mean she loves Tracee Ellis Ross. Yeah, she did a video where,
oh God, what was the video? It was like where she dressed, it was like the fashion icons. – Yes, fashion icons. – I’m so excited to get
transformed into Tracee. She is a style icon and
I actually do my makeup to try and look like her everyday. – Yeah, I mean she tweets
about her all the time too. – Oh she does? – Yeah. – Okay. – I think we can create a day that theoretically is not (beep). – The whole team will be involved in it. Also gonna get her friends Kane and Kelsey to be involved too, ’cause
she has other friends other than just us, which is fine. – I feel like Fred has been
working really hard lately and I know she’s been
feeling a little bit down and so we were like, you know
what we can do, fix that. – I think this’ll come at a good time. – Today’s the day of
Fred’s birthday surprise. I bought about a butt
load of breakfast tacos. So many tacos. I went over budget, I’m sorry. We’re here. Freddie isn’t here yet. We know that ’cause we
had to move her packages so I could sit on this chair. We are about to present
her with her beautiful first luxury surprise. – Which is breakfast. – Which is breakfast. – And it’s luxury because
we did not make it so it’s very good. She’s definitely gonna cry
by the end of this day. – Oh, no, there is one
surprise at the end of the day. Our beautiful golden diamond
best in show surprise. If she doesn’t cry at the surprise I don’t know if she is capable of crying. – I feel like she’s on her way. Yeah we should, we’ll get ready. – Okay, start. – Hi Fred. – Hi. – It’s your birthday. We wanted to celebrate your birthday by having an entire day
full of luxury for you. – Oh my God. – Here’s how we’re starting it off and I gotta go run and get it. ‘Cause you are a queen,
we thought you’d start with a crown of breakfast tacos. – Oh my gosh. I’m starving too. This is so, it’s so many tacos. – Well I mean, we got tacos for everyone. – Thank you so much. – I love a bowl of tacos. Cheers. – Are you ready for your next surprise? – I’m ready for my next surprise. – Alright, let’s go to the stages. We thought that it would be fun for you to get a nice luxurious 60 minute massage in this spa that we’ve
created out of nothing. – What? What the (beep)? You guys. Hi, thank you, I’m Freddie. – I’m Theresa. Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. This is ridiculous. Look at these plants. – [Woman Offscreen] We’re
gonna get out of your way so you can actually have this massage now. – So I can strip down into my skivvies? – [Kristen] And then we’ll come get you for your next stop after this. – Am I glowing? That was incredible This woman massaged my ears. Who knew ears could be in distress? That was such a surprise. – Time for the next stage of
this glamorous luxury day. Let’s go over to stage seven. – What? Who’s this? Hi, glam squad. – My name is Skye McDonald. – I’m K’Tiste Bradshaw. – And we’re with Glam Squad. I’ll be doing Freddie’s makeup today – [K’Tise] And I’ll be servicing Freddie on the mani and pedi. – You get to be here and get pampered for the next hour and a half. – Oh my goodness, hour and a, such long chunks of time of luxury. – [Woman Offscreen] A
mani and pedi and makeup. – Good, ’cause my makeup got
rubbed off during my massage. – We got you. – [Mike] We figured this was
the right order of operations. – Yes, yes it is. – My dogs are barking. – So we can put the dogs in the water. Let me go get you some nice warm water and I’ll get you started, okay? – [Skye] Would you like
me to take your empty mug? – Sure. (laughter) Ooh, this is the perfect temperature. I just wanna glow. – We can service you any time, anywhere. It’s your demand, we’re there. – At your home, in your office. – [K’Tise] At the park. – [Skye] At the park. – [K’Tise] Wherever, we’re there. – That was amazing. So I got a full face of makeup done. She did kind of like a
goldy glowy kind of look, which I’m obsessed with,
and she did some lashes, just a little pop for Thursday. And then I got my nails and toes done. Oh my gosh, and I’ve been holding off on getting my nails and toes done because Kristen was hint, she didn’t hint, she just said don’t do it. Is there more? – [Mike] So much more to come. – You guys. – Hello miss birthday babe. You look like a little sun spot. Glowing queen. – If you would kindly join us, we are going to be going
to a fancy rooftop lunch. We’re also not taking our own cars. We’ll get a luxury SUV of some kind. _ They invited all of my friends. He’s coming. – Yay, Kane. – And we have some other gems waiting for us at the restaurant. – So welcome to your– – Luxurious ride. (lively music) – The car is yours. – Hi. Oh hi, we made it. Four minutes later. – Just so you know, I’m just gonna be like ah, what luxury, to everything today. Oh my God, the sidewalk, what luxury. – So luxurious, no stairs for us. – Yay. – I’ve been pampered this morning. – You deserve to be pampered. – This is so cute. I love this. I mean they know I love a rooftop. Well thank you guys so much for coming. – [Mike] Thanks for being born. – Your sangria is here. – Thank you. – Lunch. – Lunch. (buzzer) – [Woman Offscreen] It’s
off, it’s off, it’s off. – That is not a luxury bee. (lively music) – Lunch was great. I had the salmon. And now we’re on our
way back to the office. Are there more things? – Oh there’s more baby. – Just like one or two, maybe. – She’s just gone. (lively music) – Mike, what’s happening next? – I don’t know Fred. – Are you ready to go? – Follow the end. – Yeah I’m ready. – I totally missed the part where Devon just basically blew part of the surprise. – She was like should be
go over for the champagne and I was just like– – Did I say that? – No, Devon said that. (laughter) I don’t think Fred caught it, so. – Look, I was in the conversation and I didn’t catch it. – You think I’m, I’m not telling. I’m not telling you anything. – Time to surprise Fred with
another bougie experience. Fred, we’re ready for you. – Oh, okay fur. What are we doing? Is this a toast? – We wanna make it a
little romantic in here. – Thank you. – So we have a little
strawberries, a little champagne. – I’m here for it. Oh hello. Wow. – What if we just had a man who was like covered in
chocolate and caramel walk in and we’re like okay, bye. A hot man. – [Woman Offscreen]
Afterwards he just makes you watch his demo reel. – I’m so used to drinking
champagne out of a plastic cup. I put a strawberry in mine. – Oh. – [Woman Offscreen] We’re classy. – These are thick berries. – I love a thick berry. (laughter) – To Fred. – [Group] To Fred. – Thank you ladies. Thank you to everyone
who made this happen. – Yeah, should we go around and say what we wish for Fred like we did for Jen? – Yes. – The thing I wish for you is you realize how much power and potential you have and not think that you
don’t have those things and then look back on yourself and be like oh no, I had those
things and I didn’t know. I’m telling you right now,
you have them right now. – This is gonna be your year. You’re gonna get your (beep). You’re gonna get what you need. You’ve just been ramping up right now. You’re just gonna blast off. – When I think about you I just think of someone who’s
already very accomplished. You just gotta keep going. So it’s really just like a clear year of good things, good
vibes, great vacation, hot people hanging out. – I wish for you to
have some wild sexy time because I don’t want you
to hold back anymore. You have earned the
right to get emotional, to get really direct, and you
have people to back you up, and you don’t need to hold back, and I don’t think you need to hold back in the bedroom either. – [Group] Ooh. – Sip champagne. – My favorite thing about
Fred is how loyal you are. You’re not about to leave
your friends out in the cold. You’re always there for them. – One of my favorite things about Fred is your sense of humor. You’re so funny. It’s ridiculous. – Am I? – Yeah, you’re very funny. It’s so crazy. – My favorite thing about Freddie is when we can be quietly sassy together, the little looks that
we can just like, mmm. – Just meerkating up your
attitude over the monitor. – I love Freddie ’cause
she’s such a good listener and really good at remembering
things about people and using that information
to be a good person and a good friend. – So Freddie, it wouldn’t be a birthday unless you had something to unwrap. So here is a gift for you to unwrap. It might be useful to more than just you. – Yeah it might not really be for you. – So we also wanted Bertie
to have some luxury as well. – Oh my gosh. What the heck? – So it’s a camera and
then it spits out treats in an app on your phone
that you can set up. James has one. – [Woman Offscreen] And
you can talk to her too. – Yeah you can speak to her. – I love this. Look at this treat flying mid-air. Oh my gosh, Bertie’s gonna love this. – And if you wanna talk
to her then you click talk and you speak. This is black mirror. I want to see her face throughout the day. So it can kind of be like
low key security too. – Right. – Kelsey, you heard the surprise. What do you think? – I can’t believe. Freddie is going to die. This is all she talks about. Every couple days when
she makes a headline she’s slacking it, she’s talking about it, she’s tweeting about it. – [Man Offscreen] How do you feel Mike? – I’m so nervous but I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting for this all day and I can’t wait to see
how she’s gonna react. – Another surprise? It’s just been a day full of surprises. – [Kristen] It’s been
a day full of surprises but it’s not over yet. Oh look at that pretty
face in the lighting. – Hi. – [Kristen] Hey. – [Group] Freddie Freddie Freddie Freddie. – Oh my gosh, my friends. I’m nervous. – We brought you here today because we all wanted to get together to wish you a happy birthday because we all love you very much and we all want you to know that you are loved and appreciated by all of your beautiful friends. – We don’t have a cake for you. Sorry, no champagne, but
there is one more person who wants to wish you a happy birthday so turn around. – [Woman Offscreen] Spin it around. – Hello Freddie. (screaming) I don’t know the words. Oh here it is. ♪ Happy birthday ♪ ♪ Happy birthday ♪ Don’t judge my voice. ♪ Yes Freddie ♪ I just got my roots done Freddie. I’m at the hair salon. Don’t change. Freddie do you notice
that I’m looking at myself and not you? Happy birthday. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Everyone in here’s gonna
think I’m crazy Freddie. Freddie, Freddie,
Freddie, Freddie, Freddie. Uh uh uh, this is, I’m sorry. (laughter) – So we expected that you would cry but we did not expect you to scream. – You went above and beyond. Wow, thank you guys so much. I’m still dead. I haven’t resurrected yet. – Really? – I’m still dead. So earlier I joked
about Tracee Ellis Ross, seriously joking, like I knew
that wasn’t gonna be a thing and so she definitely wasn’t in my head as an option to even send a video. And I saw her and I didn’t
even really remember screaming. – [Woman Offscreen] Oh you screamed. – And my idol sent a video
telling me happy birthday. Wow, I’m happy that
everyone else felt the love and the emotion behind it
’cause I just love her. I love her so much and the fact that she took time out of
her day to send a video was really sweet. Thanks Tracee. Thank you ladies. – The stakes are getting higher and higher in each one of these videos. – Alright, so whose birthday’s next? – Mine. – Kristen. Put in the comments below what you think we should do for Kristen’s birthday. – Tell us now. – I don’t like being surprised. – You don’t, oh I forgot. – [Woman Offscreen] Oh my God we’re gonna have to gag and blindfold Kristen in order for her to be surprised. – [Woman Offscreen] Consensual kidnapping. – Hey, Unsolved is on a new channel. And now your part. Subscribe here. – That was my part.

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