[We Got Married Behind] 성재♥조이 미공개컷 – last present for SungJae (camera : Irene)

Joy’s fruit tea making Irene: It’s 1:28 in the morning. Joy: Yes, at 1:28 I am going to make the last present for him. Wendy, why do you look at me like that? Joy: ahhh why are you giving me that look? Wendy: nope, not me, not me. Ok, First… His throat got really bad recently, so… I decided to make him some fruit teas (so I bought) this ginger, Lemon Blueberries Irene: what are you doing right now? I am peeling the ginger skin right now, I heard using a spoon makes the peeling easier. I don’t know, I saw it on the internet /peeling the skins as she learned from the internet/ /Aggressive/ The ingredients are ready But it’s not done yet You have to slice them into pieces
so they can fit into the jar /she is slicing every piece of ginger she prepared/ Irene: I think it’s too much..? oh really? /despite, the slicing does not stop/ Next, It’s the last step. Place the gingers at the bottom.. Put the sugar in the ratio of 1:1 Irene: ah, making layers? (of the ginger and the sugar) Joy: yes Joy: the layer should be made of 1:1 ratio Irene: what about this side? Joy: ah, it’s empty. Haha Irene: that one’s too big and thick When I saw it on the internet it said
“Super easy fruit-tea”…. But… but why isn’t this “Super easy”… /learned cooking through reading/ *fruit tea making*
/block the air by filling up the sugars/ at the last step, (the internet) said that I have to
fill out (the jar by) sugar in order to block the air /finishing up with wrapping/ Irene: are you going to give it
to him like that when giving? Joy: yeah Oh it looks… decent! The fruit tea that will protect Sungjae’s throat~ (sigh) Ahh I’m getting sad even by saying it…
What am I gonna do? Next one is lemon /although it’s sad/
//preparing lemon tea right away/ (slicing lemon) like pushing the knife… /slicing lemons in a tremendous amount/ I heard that the seeds make the bitter taste I was gonna use the fork but… it seems like it’s faster when using my hands haha …so he could taste my hands haha
(it’s a Korean joke; taste of hands=nostalgic taste, or really good food that reminding people of their mother’s food) Irene: even the “hand taste” Joy: haha yeah even the “hand taste”… From now on, it’s simple. You just have to make layers. Yay this (lemon tea) is complete! The last one is…. Blueberry I think this one is going to be easy. Uh it’s done! /finished already!/ Irene: finished? Joy: yeah Irene: it’s 2:37… It took an hour to make it The last… gift for him Oppa, I feel bad because I can’t give these to you on your birthday. These are going to be done by your birthday… Eat well on your birthday… And…. yeah… Eat well.. haha, ah…. what am I gonna do Presents for him, done! Goodbye… Subtitles provided by fans!
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  1. ㄹㅇ조권 가인 이후로 내가 젤 좋아하던 커플ㅎㅎ..요즘 맥주광고에서 둘 케미 또 볼수있어서 너무행복하다😢🖒

  2. 멜로디지만 여자아이돌 통틀어서 조이가 최애에요 마음씨도 예쁘고 멤버들도 다 매력도 넘치고 정말 조이 최고에요

  3. i always read a lot of good comments about them. seems like they both got everyone's blessed. wish them both the best and happinesssss.

  4. Joy is so sweet for having a thought of giving Sungjae a gift that is sooo precious like that.
    And can we talk about how soothing Irene's voice here on the video? She sounds so caring for Joy and Sungjae am crying ;___;

  5. 조이랑 성재 결혼했었어요?근데 이혼한거에요?지금 두분 관계는 어떻나요?제가 늦덕이라서..ㅠ아 그리고 쀼커플은 뭐죵?ㅠㅠ 답변 부탁드리겠습니당ㅠ

  6. I'm so messed up right now why I'm watching this video? ㅠㅠㅠ 12 more days to go i will be celebrating my 2nd anniversary being a fan of sungjae. I want to thank them for giving me a great opportunity to get out of my shell and starting to get interact with other people. For giving me a chance to be a fan of red velvet and btob, if it's not because of them i will be sulking as always on books. I'm lucky to know them * god i can't stop crying ㅠㅠㅠ My inspiration joy and sungjae I'm so proud for the both of you individually or as group ㅠㅠㅠㅠ whatever it takes i will still keep on protecting, and loving both of you. ♡

  7. Although when they started the show, Sungjae was really famous and kind of the ideal type etc but I honestly think that he was more lucky to have Joy as his virtual wife. She is the ideal girl for anyone and everyone

  8. 진짜 둘이 사겨도 둘다 행복할거같다…

    그리고 조이 너무 착하다..멜로디로서 둘이 사겨도 조이가 성재 잘 챙겨줄거같다…성재도 조이랑 많이 데이트도하고..둘이 소속사에서 막짓안 않는다면…사겨좋으면 좋겠는…

  9. OMG SungJoy, i miss you guysss!! 💕😍😍😍😍 please meet them again in an advertisement or event or in a movie too! I'm sure the ranking will be high hehe

  10. 조이는 알면 알수록 참 이쁜 사람이란걸 느낀다ㅠㅠ사람 자체가 이쁘고 따듯하고 사랑스러운 사람이야

  11. when i watched the we got married I thought they were really getting married in real life because they sparked on the one type that you were hanging on watching because there was not a full episode so all I could watch them I watched I was not tired watch them especially when they say the word i love you all they show I know I'm really especially the last episode they've been crying because I know that in the kpop group they have no relationship with others hopefully in the future they will be there. They really are one of them and they are so sweet about the one that's just missing you because of their sweetness

    i hope joy and sungjae will read this ….by the way i am from the philippines

  12. It's April 2019. I'm still watching joy and sugajae wgm show. I can see throughout, Joy was a very caring, loving and passionate and understanding girlfriend/ wife. Both of them looked like they had fallen in love with each other, I guess that's why MBC had to end the show. You can see, Joy is a very caring girl, preparing health food for husband. Sugajae, if you do not grab the opportunity, you are the loser.

  13. LMAO trust me the network decided to end their relationship cause it's becoming real! The location and missions are scripted but not their actions. Clearly in the last episode Joy fell in love with him and so is Sungjae. Joy cried since she cannot do it anymore their bickering, holding hands their sweetness etc. Sungjae tried to suppress his tears. Even if Joy got kissed by Dahwon even it's for a drama, Sungjae will still be the first one to come in mind if Joy went to a club and when she's wearing her earrings.

  14. It's been 3 years. Wonder whether Sungjae viewed this video. Joy is such a caring lady. MBC, please bring the two of them back together for a drama.

  15. I feel really sad watching this :< its 2019 but i cant seem to move on. Watching the last episode of Wgm really made my heart hurt. Joy and Sungjae really is a good match. Their story is better than any k drama because they seem so real. Theyre busy idols and I think Wgm was their break. Everytime I see sungjae's posts about fishing i cant help but think if he is using joy's gift. Same goes for Joy I wish she still has that pearl bracelet sungjae bought for her in their hainan trip. I MISS BBYU COUPLE. WE NEED A COMEBACK. Their so pure T^T

  16. I wonder how she get to know that SJ has a sore throat? Did she watch it somewhere? Did someone tell her? Like the btob members? Or did sungjae tell her himself? Are they contacting each other outside wgm?? 🤔🤔🤔

  17. Just because i miss these two, i came here.. and agaaiiinnn, i end up crying like a fool 😭😭😭😭

  18. I really want you to go out with Jo and Sungjae . You two look so good together 💙❤
    And I ' m sure Joey does , but since he sings a lot , I know it's bad for him , and he makes it that way , so I like it

  19. 아근데 조이도 겁나다정한데 중간중간 나오는 아이린목소리 너무 천사같구나긋나긋하다

  20. 예전엔 우결보면 마지막에 헤어질때 우는게 좀 주작같다고 생각했는데 지금 다시보니 아무리 지금까지 같이 지내온게 연기였다고 해도 어쨋든간에 이런 방송을 찍고 헤어진다는건 다시 더 이상 친해질 기회가 없다는걸 알아서 슬픈것 같다 그래도 서로에 대해 조금씩 알아가고 있었을텐데 이제 더 이상 그냥 아는사람으로도 둘 수가 없는거잖아…

  21. Still can't get over SungJoy😭💕 they really did care and adore each other, hope they stayed closed. If this was Joy's last gift to Sungjae, then what did she receive from him?

  22. So joy not only made these fruit teas for Sungjae as a present, but she also bought him a new fishing rod for him too. She knows that he loves fishing and she made time to personally go to a fishing shop to buy it for Sungjae. She didn’t even know that Sungjae wanted the same exact fishing rod that she gave him. My gosh SungJoy! Even though it’s been 4 years already…you through these little actions and words you do for each other. I can’t dismiss the fact that there was genuine care and deep bond between you two. You can’t fake the emotions that these two had in their last episode especially Joy. Even Sungjae had his moments that he rarely shows unless he really cares for a person like his BTOB hyungs. We saw teary-eyed Sungjae and the way he kept staring at Joy, you can’t fake that either. I just hope they continued this friendship after WGM. I mean I’m sure with their busy schedule they probably don’t have time to catch up with each other. But you never know…especially with what’s going on now. I’m sure Sungjae is trying to cheer up his Sooyoungie and hoping the best for Wendy to recover. We all know BTOBVELVET familyship is still going strong, so I know eventually or maybe they do..Sungjae and Joy will message or text each other once in a while. ❤️

  23. I swear if I am already 24 years old and sungjae and Joy doesn’t have a dating article ghad I swear I’ll go to Korea and meet them

  24. If dey have feelings for each ader den bbyu shippers will be celebrating… Were too hungry for dis bbyu couples plsss just be real😂😂😂😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  25. 우결 일부러 연애감정 너무 많이 생길까봐 1년하고 바로 끊은것같다ㅠㅠㅜ 스무살 스물한살 성인되고 첫 연애인데 잊혀지겠냐고ㅜㅠ 우리 재혼했어요로 시즌2 해주세요 제발ㅜㅜㅜ

  26. 가상일 뿐이라는 거 누구보다 잘 알고 있지만 같이 촬영하면서 마음이 많이 오고 갔고 방송 핑계삼아서 만날 수 있었는데 이제는 그러지 못하니까 슬프고 그런 감정..

  27. if they are real then we must protect their relationship , they can be next hyuna and dawn if you know what i mean , it's just a waste to see they go like this T-T

  28. 둘다 20살때의 어린티 벗어냈고 꽁냥꽁냥하다가 자의든 타의든 + 바쁜 스케줄로 4년 정도 연락을 많이 하지 못해서 우결 비슷한 컨셉으로 방송에 둘이 나오면 너무 연기일 것 같고 우결에서 나온 육성재(엠버 참고) 성격상 다시 같이 방송하라고 하면 어색해할것같은데 예능에 둘이 고정으로 나와서 다시 많이 편해져서 꽁냥꽁냥은 아니더라도 좋은 케미 보여줬으면 좋겠다. 조이는 붙임성있는 성격이니까 방송으로 같이 있는 시간만 있으면 금세 친해질것같은데..ㅎ

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