[We got Married4] 우리 결혼했어요 – Eric Nam “Will you marry me?” 20160604

Did you make this? Yes. Really? Is it bad? No. Is it okay? Really? Did you buy it? I really made it. You really blended it? I really blended it. Why? Is it okay? It’s totally delicious. She eats well. She eats anything well the way I see it. But you have to drink all of it. Why? Because if you drink all of it something is there. There’s an event. What? You have to drink it. Drink it. There’s a lot. Are you going to drink it all? You don’t have to drink all of it. Should I throw it away? No. No. No. I’m going to drink it all. It’s in English. It’s written in English. You’re good at English. Why? What is it? What’s written there? Why? So romantic What is that? First of all, did you see this? Did you read this? What does it say? What is this? What does it say? Will you marry me? Do I break this? Yeah. What is this? Is there something inside? What is this? I prepared it. I’m getting married. I came to get a ring. So I gotta ask you, Will you marry me? Yes! Will you marry me!

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  1. Can someone explain this show to me? I don’t understand why celebrities pretend to be married. I like Solar and Eric so I don’t get why they have to pretend when they can just be a couple.

  2. Did they actually got married?
    Cuz in so curious cuz idk what happened next pls answer me 😂
    And I do think solar liked eric cuz he can't control his emotion but I'm sure they will be happy ❤️❤️😊

  3. If someone proposed to me in any cheesy ways….

    My reaction will be exactly like Solar's. I just know I will laugh first than say yes🙃😂

  4. Eric and solar are really out there, being the cutest couple goals and having the best proposal…and everything is just for a show and I'm here, in real life, single as a Pringle

  5. Hahaha I laugh a lot with this couple 😂😂😂😂 funny girl with her gentleman actually they aren’t fit each other but they are perfect match .
    Made my dayyyy!!!
    Can I romanticized with this ??? So cute!!!

  6. Hahahaha ela é tão fofa. Reação perfeita. Ela ta envergonhada e bué feliz.

    Que fofa.

    She's so adorable. She's so happy and embarrassed. 😂

  7. Wait what!? I dont understand?! Is it just for a challenge or something or theyre really going to get married? Wait what 😂😥

  8. 에릭남은 진짜로 자기같이 천사같고 가정환경에 스펙에 학력에 인성에 능력에 다갖춘 에릭녀 만나서 결혼 잘했음 좋겠다

  9. The three cutest couples who made me come here again and again and watch their clips n number of times

    Seungjae and Joy
    Taemin and Naeun
    Eric and Solar

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