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  1. Bernie I guarantee you this you bring socialism into America you will go down in the history books as sparking the 2nd american civil war… america doesn't like you or your policies…

  2. Socialism/Communism is when slaves wait in breadlines. Capitalism is when bread shops are open for business for the people. Sanders is an avowed communist and Democratic party has adopted the communist manifesto as their main philosophy. These people are totally deceived and on a road to destruction.

  3. I'm a registered Independent and I strongly encourage my fellow Republicans to register Independent. Reason is that we can vote for Bernie in the primaries so Democrats have no choice but to give him the nomination. Then in the Presidential Election Vote for President Trump. President Trump should destroy Bernie in a general election and if you want to create chaos in the Democrat party, switch to independent and vote for Bernie in the primaries so the Democrats have to make him their nominee. I love nothing more than seeing disorder and chaos within the Democrat Party.

  4. We want our votes to count, but they won't if we don't give Bernie big wins in enough states to get the 1991 delagates he needs to avoid a contested convention where the DNC elites can use superdelegates to steal the nomination. Please, keep fighting!!!

  5. I guess it’s easier to become the front runner when some of your supporters make death threats against people who don’t like Bernie.

  6. Shows people are dumb. People think the election outcome has anything to do with them. This Country is run by capitalism and the wealthy. The wealthy control the government, they have politicians, and all forms of media in their back pockets. As long as the super wealthy exist in US, you won't see a liberal president in white house. They won't allow because they know they can't "buy" Bernie Sanders. The super wealthy that are HIGHLY connected will do everything in their power to sabotage Sanders. They will INCREDIBLY likely do it sucessfully because money talks and it speaks HUGE volumes. Nothing more powerful in this world than money. Can't say same for Bloomberg though, he has money but no charisma and no personality. To win presidency you actually need to know how to talk and answer questions as well since you're in the public eye. Bloomberg should stay the "back door" billionaire like most billionaires who affect elections without 99% of people knowing it.

  7. And he'll lose 48 states, lose the House of Representatives and say bye, bye to ever getting the Senate. This is a disaster! 😢

  8. Save America vote Bernie Sanders 2020! Y'all SCARED? LMFAO STOP regime change WARS 🌺 PEACE 🌺 RESPECT 🌺 Aloha 🌺 Americans deserve Medicare for All

  9. With Bernie for President, you have to THINK about who' s gonna be the VP in case any health issues surfaces on Bernies side!!

    Steven Colbert for Vice President!

  10. This is terrible news…. I’m so disappointed to hear Bernie plummets all the way to a commanding 1st place! If only he was more “electable” 🙂

  11. As a Trump supporter, although I know (or a least hope) Bernie can't win because his ideology is just too far left for most moderates I'm actually really happy for the man as he defies the DNC and the mainstream media establishment. His ideas are pie-in-the-sky and arguably Marxist… but his fervor is quite American. He's a real dude, and I cannot deny him the respect he deserves (especially for his role in civil rights back then).

  12. The big money bosses are just going to move to a different country and target us if this guy wins it all. And we are going to be paying the taxes that he wants them to pay lol

  13. Look and see how much the percentages of people caucus in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. The percentage is so low it's not even at 40%. So Bernie still going to lose, most people are gonna vote for Trump. Since Yang is gone

  14. You socialist Bernie supporters need to do your homework. To start out Bernie was married and had his honeymoon in Russia. Bernie never worked really a day in his life until he became political, never really did anything while he was in office, sponged off his parents for 35 years until he finally moved out, He is totally against capitalism as we know it and he would do whatever it takes to change it to a socialist value. Maybe you need to look up what socialism is like in Venezuela and Cuba, those countries that he adores and start from there. Keep one thing in mind all these freebies that Bernie and the socialist want to give out, somebody has to pay for them through hard working people. If he thinks he’s going to raise taxes on the rich to pay for his expectations you are obviously not informed of what these companies will do that Trump has brought back when this happens-yes they will move away or cut employment. Companies are not in the business to lose money. Keep that in mind, Nothing is free! While you’re looking name how many countries have the second amendment like ours and how many countries have taken it away that are socialist countries now and what’s happened to countries now that the citizens can’t defend themselves! Criminals are not concerned about gun laws! It’s a proven fact that Gun Free-zones have become the most violent in the United States. And the criminals know this!

  15. Momentum is a funny thing… Biden had it 3 months ago, Warren had it a month ago, Pete had it a week ago, now Bernie has it…. And he'll actually have to answer hard questions now.

  16. Meanwhile, the DNC establishment is in full panic mode. Biden is a flop. Bloomberg is a political hack who no one likes. Pete Butti…who? How the hell are the Dems going to cheat Bernie this time?

    ….call him a Russian agent? Hmmmm, might work. The Democrat voter base might just be that dumb.

  17. This will be interesting. I spoke with someone tonight. They told me that if Bernie wins the nomination, that they'll vote for Trump. This was someone who has NEVER voted for a Republican in their entire adult life.

  18. We Got Momentum Now. LMFAO. Yeah so does a car driven off a cliff. It's not the momentum that counts it's the end result. CRRRRRAAAAAASSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  19. It makes me soooooo sad to say that America won't vote for a Jewish Socialist for president. It must be Biden! use the power of the Obama administration to cleanse the filth of Drumpf out of government!

  20. the communist, stalinist, socialist, fascist, marxist, the old, bitter man from vermont.
    democ rats are KKK and fscists.

  21. Look at all them weidos, thinking that old fart commie will even come close to being the President. We get to see them all lose their marbles all over again in November, it will be EPIC!

  22. I can not wait for the wack job again it is going to be priceless. Numbskulls think the eft and right going to accept Bernie numbness communist

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