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Hello YEEEOOOH GOOOOOOD AFTERNOOOOOOON JAKE PAULERSSSSSS First of all, we have a crazy night ahead of us HAHAHAHA But before that, this morning Roll the clip Good morning guys, Erika is asleep I have a surprise for her Oooh, ooh I was already awake bro what did you do Ive never been pranked like that Goodmorning where have you been? I have a surprise for you Ooh Look at this, look at thiiiis Ohhhh, wowww It says Jerika’s Room! Its great right? Beautiful… And look, we can put it right over the hole. We an put it right over the hole in the wall Tessa, tesa? Good morning T Im a man, you like that baby? Oh yea, you look great. Oof Wow good morning Tessa, Oh babe, this is amazing You’re so handy!
‘ You’re handy. That is dandy wow would you look at that It can’t get any better than this the only thing about this is now it says “Oops Jerika’s room” Ummmm We can fix that! So Instead of oops Its gonna say Poops? No At Jerika’s Room Poop I mean we do poop a lot I was thinking we should just cross this out Oh Uh Good Job! Yu look good doing that! Awwwwww That looks an artsy heart! Thats Cute right We could celebrate! Yeah Okay! (Music Goes on and is Happy celebration Music) And So Now we are here I was on set for the earlier part of the day And We have some of the Team ten what is it what happened well don’t I
mean as I know it’s a surprise I just won I’m actually mad I didn’t get it
ready to the wedding I haven’t really fashioned none of us really got a formal
invite I wanted to do the best thing you do for your best friends what okay first
thing okay wait listen oh you’re either as a bachelor party
he’s been keeping us in this garage because apparently what’s what’s
definite apparently people are out there foods out there no you guys don’t
experience it I’ve had one of these before
okay a couple the report oh okay I thought potential problems females are
on the premises generally when you do these type of things you like flying
somewhere like go to home cop our wives are here yeah not good a stripper by
women you know wait we think it turns out okay yes you can because check this
out I sent them out for a movie no your Boyz II Men your voice Kunis yeah so I
guess the whole motto behind us is like we had our wedding without having a
bachelor party yeah that’s a now we have to ask also what’s up dude you’ve been
silent over there just chillin taking adult anyways uh should we get the
started you want to say that okay yeah it’s the best party I’ve ever
been to it’s also the only one I’ve been to no
no no down down how countless now what’s nice squeeze my boys app what
about the party baby come and tell you what we got here is it you want to go
bowling and you got the bowling oh you wanted to others bowling go I knew there’d be strippers okay I try
to get a girl super it didn’t happen I’m not freaking champ another strong like
baby oh my god I was less I he got food I know big budget so visit OB tell bro
hey it sounds like y’all know this is where he’s going to be the last other
ladies you ever touch again what do you guys want spread all right no that
wasn’t a brandy Lola watching except of it yeah I’m located yes everything I
pictures I do know the best one I’ve ever been killed it looks here cheers
here here’s a you guys are losers oh happy happy uncle uncle what right okay okay
I need a break guys I need a break thank you guys for coming out I love Jill
Ellis still let pepper party planner ideas all time is why I’m so good all
right next segment I have for all you beautiful people is we have two
strippers coming oh okay bring em out bring them out and you better get ready
because not three one thing they ain’t here Oh ain’t it you must bring your
Power your mouth raise all right where’s right on the stripping where’s ray okay
like a god oh my god oh my god everyone calm down
calm down they’re at a movie I thought you guys
watch the movie what are you doing wait wait – take it – cars – really yeah
what’s all Colorama stars – yeah that’s a Disney movie car three baby L
something wrong with Disney yeah why are you guys so mad like we did tell me oh
yeah I just saw her on your lap that was not that was not a stuff no that was a
fan oh boy okay big big what’s understanding I’m sorry I probably was
having a party with dad best party ever that’s right why are we on a stripper
for our so because we don’t know where it was a bachelor location it was a girl
you know how did you pull the word master a bathroom yeah we heard keep
your job you look really cute while you’re vlogging you look really cute I
know the Isaac Chad and I were like you’re a bachelor he’s like no your
bathroom your bathroom yeah no I am like I think I heard you guys say what Oh
marriage don’t say he said he said honey you hit no I remember that uh we gotta go to go
yeah we do gotta go yeah no you guys only got not but four minutes ago did
both of these fine young gentlemen walk in the house we shad and I were having a
pole yes we were doing something else we came back here cuz I had to get a vlog
batter you and then that girl attacked me I feel so abused right now yo you
want to go with us we just come we just came back in from somewhere else yeah
that’s where you guys are back in and right now I’m gonna go back out if you
guys gonna come oh I I know what it is we had that idea totally creepy creepy
insane asylum you guys want to go to the insane asylum that’s why we were coming
back so you guys can tag along oh look I have a Ouija board and everything look
at the three key one look at that oh wait anymore already open yeah a
little bit we are already planning on going you guys are the best best friends
one I’ve ever had yeah you’re really talking about right now yes yes we
should go now before any time waste is racing to change that cool really quick
you go change oh thanks yeah I got to go to actually I’m over here I’m going to
talk to you in a second I got to go change right okay tape appreciate that
yeah and now we’re walking away so I can’t continue to harass who doesn’t
really know is the best out like oh my kind of want to be like wow we replayed
a highlight to that yeah that was away I mean just rerunning it
yeah also buyer Jake hallmark okay point link is in the map yo are we good are we
good we’re good yeah we’re great you and uncle Kade the way you just carried her
away yeah I just wait what are we talking
about whoa what bachelor party was there a bachelor party fine okay good
you want a kiss you want to go dance yaaaa mmm I love you she was talking at
once stole her camera in the meantime when her cameras gone she wasn’t going
off long crazy that happens at all we will get out to Matt dead without
posting random stuff I lose it over here she found her camera guy our camera back
now she just said to me love you honey and you got a kid okay
yeah yeah you have good yeah yeah yes yeah yes yeah let’s go do the insane
asylum now right that’s where we have to do now because you guys love your guns
yeah we’re gonna go play with a Ouija board inside of abandoned insane asylum
and talk to the ghost about our marriage what transition should I do let go is
1p8 you want a GTA this one alright three two one zero counterculture you can be posted exam
bar here all of these people right there security our dear Anna palaces never
happened before badass but we still going to go and makes it live it yeah
we’re still gonna make it now what let me did you about reconnaissance I was
training to be a Navy SEAL before not buying damn it Roger brief done he knows
what he’s doing alright let’s park in a new spot no no
the back entrance problem so where has a new location the security already told
us we couldn’t go in so we’re still going to go in it’s just hard to stay
stealth and that’s really to the eyes okay so this the last time we were here
chance cried yesterday by right alright there’s the security and also lies that
we’re here Erica got possessed by the devil
so that was lit knowledge so when the security are turns that’s what we have
to run in squad sighs wait up I’m stuck guys this place is hella creepy I’m like
turning my ISO up on the way this is what it really looks like nice the wall and watch our talking
board yeah we should play here the first
question that you ship Tessa I found all yes what’s on there I’m gonna die Oh okay oh I scared of glazing yeah out of that
yeah I’m not many spies are scared don’t lie to do it okay I’ll wear one
day come back here and play at the board on this oh so spooky what here Buster out of FSU we meet again
Ouija board zou zou zou zou couples Ouija board married couple marry
marriage goals friend goals like what’s your name oh I’ll name is now do you shit Chetta character I get derecho pregnant are you evil have
you ever killed someone zero China to try to get out and try to
get out that small sphere and count out numbers and use numbers numbers figure
eight mama and mama you should buy right now hey who do you want to kill age Oh stairs happening fingertip
fingered antenna think more finger Hey and Jim oh god Jim what is your name oh my god his name is maybe I’ll see how it
goes – OH oh it sucks okay show us that you’re
here give us a sign bitch you don’t hurt us oh yes this is a big
if we met you before say he he oh yeah she oppa the applause our will
doesn’t get a divorce no okay that’s great difference we
should’ve all right all right how many times will it take before Erica
gets bring it ah not very many then wait for one hi one time we need one tie like
that’s my boy is my merch selling like a god Church looking like a hawk trying to
escape the danger I’ve had Dodger to God only can I look through Oh compassionate
you look through the bachelors anyway sheesh no no with me or let me see it show yourself all you honey like I saw something on there no
you gotta begin it no you get it organized or like water as to what your
eyes watery on we can look at oh it doesn’t like you yeah we do can I look
through Angela five it’s just like if a water around you say
not uncommon bad negative you would different
I got to your the gels and you waiting who are you with that was an evil Elvis Lee a sport is in
the game ar e AR here’s here’s our Clinton our ears
so he that’s who we smear us all in here though you’re kidding anybody dream
operate okay are you here right now is reality is a dumb question can you show
us where you are watch out it the China disagree
we’ve got to the point we’re just trying to get out I should let no no no yes go
tonight because I should think about now take your finger knock dinner oh we’re
gonna dance gonna give me can they leave no I want to ask our question those
those will release you if you let them lead character and has to leave moving
take a box big enough that I would you let me I just think about it are you
alright we’re gonna let young and I’ve researched this is the worst possible
thing we can do and we’ve literally had diamond like I’ve cried we’ve slept in
the same bed because of this like we’re doing this while we’re changing camera batteries
you guys asked it to show itself the shelter bro you guys acted to show
itself and it just ed get all yourself again Rock gives you the book it’s a tears I’m blue in here right my
ear want to watch you just tell me that you’re here tell me that where are you where are you how are you
weed you where are you from no bro what dude I don’t know one team
but like I heard that I heard I had a little bit I heard something that I
looked and I’ve heard there’s something like there’s something here and we let
it out dude oh let it go where are you and you have um a I’m going to use em you having trouble
no host have a drink now huh me dead time between here bedtime now show us
that you’re here can I look through the Panch let well make sure to buy our March that was
it bye guys dear those three alone or us oh they’re
going to the car and we’re going to touch the security
are they going to make it to the car I don’t know as far down what they say
what they top coming in closer where it is by the objects with a process this
cop coming from where we came you need to find another way out
it’s looking for you guys I’m almost positive Oh that’s Coppola temperature dr. tech
phone he’s talking to us we’re never in there we’re never in there boys yeah
we’re never in there did I tell you doc submit to me both Transpac newbie people
it’s written on all the fences business and then your vehicle did leave in the
park too but I can actually be playing zola County property at night can’t be
here all of us thousand dollars of beef and it’s a misdemeanor on your record
probably alleging agents take off but just know the business is a costly
current into the cents thank you
you’re the first on that we got away he paid being an uncle pays off in more
ways than one that was live his okay yeah and I was so
scared Frankie no we just got chased by cops
security haunted people it’s very nice oh my god bye officers gonna let yeah
yeah yeah and he was like you’re not recording right yeah yeah yeah I vlog
everything it’s every day bro no there’s no squad every day it’s
everyone the cops just straight-up following us also oh yeah so Rock don’t
arrested a pop hey don’t you arrest to take ballers
oh now sorry sorry woo guys that was absolutely insane thank you so much for
watching check out the merchant of iolo gang Paulo’s we out here fam hopefully
we’re not on pace to be honest honest in you think about that right now
full savage mode guys Jake Paulus I will see you tomorrow we got some fun stuff
planned make sure you subscribe make sure my post notifications on now we’ll
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    Even though I don't believe in God, God plz bless Jake Paul and the whole of Team 10…

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  5. dude if your reading this right when you went and showed the room thorugh the hole i saw a yellow thing idk what it was but it looked scary

  6. dear god please let me be safe along w my family . protect me from all evil and the devil , protect my family and friends from evil , and in your name amen

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