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Hey guys, so we’re just at my parents house for my mom’s birthday My nephews came to visit all the way from Northwest Territories It’s a surprise This is Cyrus. Say hi! What’s your name? Cyro How old are you? Two Two Where do you live? Fort Smith And this is my other nephew, Darius We’re just doing some early parenting. You know, see what we — Yeah, get read Get ready for raising a kid What is this? That’s helicopter. Helicopter Helicopter here Oh, take it out Where’s that going? Oh, do it again Got me, got me I got grandpa Yeah, I’m going to get you No I got you You get everyone, no one’s cooking for you Danny You win We did something really cool this year. We hired a private chef to come over and cook for us. Take a look. So we have this private chef experience at home Check it out Wow, it smells really good Here’s the kitchen Oh, yes Look at this Some cauliflower right there Look at that Look at that. Aw and a tofu one for my dad So this is my brother, Mateen. It’s his first appearance on our vlog What’s up? What’s up. How’s the food? Really good It’s my birthday Yeah, it’s my mom’s birthday My birthday continues Yeah, all week My sister ♫ Happy Birthday song ♫ Why are there so many candles? It doesn’t make sense Do you want to eat cake? Yeah! I want to see I want to see See what? I want to see that cake Oh gosh Little bite No, no Subscribe to our channel. Thumbs up! Please subscribe to our channel Say please give it a thumbs up. Give it a thumbs up Give it a thumbs up Who’s birthday? Baba bozourg (Grandpa) Thank you!

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