We Plan the Ultimate Bachelor Party For You

Many times, the guys that call me while
they’re planning a bachelor party, are kind of nervous about how to throw the
bachelor party, and when they call me I take care of everything. I’m pretty much the one-stop-shop
for bachelor party planning. They call me, we discuss what
they want to do over the weekend. I plan out the whole weekend for them. I book party buses taking
in to them to the strip club. I can book brewery tours
and party buses as well. I can even book the entertainers back at the house.
I even advise them on which hotels to go to and which ones to avoid and how to
have a really successful party in any kind of vacation rental. And then they’re very excited
because they have like a laid out plan of what’s going to happen
for the weekend and also I give them a really nice budget to break down so they
can do it per person and they have a plan that they can execute.

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