We Pretend to Send Ourselves Overseas To Hawaii! (skit) Kids Fun TV Family Vacation

Okay kids, today we
have a surprise for you. [Kids] What? The first surprise is that Mommy and Daddy are flying to Hawaii. [Kids] What?! What? What about me?
What about me? What about me?
What about me? We would love for you to come with us, but we don’t have enough
money to fly you there, so we’re gonna mail you to Hawaii. For real? Yeah, for real. [Crickets chirping] Would you like to do that? [Children] Yeah! Alright, boys in this
box, girls in this box. Come here, let me help you. Ready? [Grunts] She’s second. Let’s put girls… [Grunts] Here we go. [Laughs] What about me? What about you? [Grunts] Come here. [Grunts] Don’t forget the baby. Ready, baby? Wanna go in here? Come here, look. [Baby coos] There we go. We packed these bags for each of you. It has everything you need. Lots of food, lots of water. You took up all the space. Lots of activities. Get it in there, you guys nice and ready? We’re ready to go. Ready to go. Have a great trip, everybody. Alright. [Grunts] [Cute music plays] Alright, there’s one. [Baby coos] Alright, see you guys in Hawaii. [Kids] This is gonna be fun! I can’t wait to go to Hawaii. Me, too. I wonder how long this will take for us to stay here until the mail man comes. He’s here already? Wow, that was fast. Oh, I think the mail man finally is here. [Baby laughs] Let’s see what Mom and Dad packed us. I can’t wait to go to Hawaii. Me too! Chips. A blankie so you can sleep if you want to, Nerf blaster,
an iPad. [Gasps] A guitar!
A guitar! [Baby squeaks] A dolly! [Jasmine Plays Ukalele] [Baby talks] Sunscreen in case we get sun burned. [Mimics spray bottle] Crackers, [Baby coos] A snorkeling thingy. Snacks. [Gasps] Another dolly! ♪ Wonder Woman ♪ [Baby squeals] “I’m so strong.” Baba. Goldfish. Crayons. Another Nerf blaster. More snacks. Cookies. I can take a picture whenever I want. What? A swimsuit.
Swimsuit. Say cheese! Cheese! Whoa, this is gonna be fun. [Baby squeals] There’s a net to catch crabs if you want. [Gasps] A bunny. [Dance music] A walkie-talkie. Sweet, maybe you can
talk to the boys later. A shovel! [Hums into snorkel] I can’t wait to build a sand castle! [Baby squeals] I can’t wait to feel the warm sunshine. A walkie-talkie? That’s awesome, we can maybe
talk to the girls on that. Roar! I’m a dinosaur. [Dinosaur sound effects] Snack time! [Baby coos] We’re about to dump it out. Yeah sure, we can dump it out. And then we’ll split it up. Remember last time we snorkeled and we found lots and lots of chips? That was awesome. Chips? I mean fish. [Upbeat music] It’s tickle time! Uh oh… [Both laugh] [Baby laughs] I think it takes 6 hours to get there. Let’s put a mark on the wall. [Upbeat music] [Laughs] Which song do you wanna listen to? [Laughs] I think they’re loading
us onto the airplane. Right now.
Right now. Yay! I can’t wait to go.
Yay! [Baby laughs] Guys, we’re taking off I think. [Baby squeaks] We’re gonna clean up, it’s messy. [Cheery music] [Funky music] [Party music] It’s color time! I’m gonna draw an ocean
with a sunset on it also [Party music] [Fun music] I’m gonna draw a cool sunset on the beach [Party music] I’m drawing a baby sun.
A baby sun? I just found a shark! You’re doing a shark? I think its been another hour. I’m making a big, big shark. Let’s draw a mermaid! It’s a mermaid, I love it! [Both] I wonder what the girls are doing? Jasmine would you sing to me? Oh yeah, sure. [Sings Hawaiian music] ♪ Until we meet again ♪ I think I’m gonna take a nap. I’m tired. [Cheery music] I wonder how Kyler’s doing. Kyler, are you there? Over. [Baby squeaks] Are you doing okay in that box? [Kyler coos] Are you playing games, Kyler? [Kyler coos] Kyler, did you have a good nap? [Kyler laughs] Did you drink your baba, Kyler? [Kyler coos] I love you, Kyler. Buh-bye. Bye bye! I’ll see you in Hawaii, Kyler. Bye. I think we missed, like, two more hours. Let’s practice our gymnastics. Ahhhhh! [Laughs] It’s time for a dance party! [Laughs] I think it’s been one more hour. ♪ Uh ohhhh! Ohhhhh! ♪ ♪ We don’t even have to try.
It’s always a good time ♪ [Neighs] How ’bout we put all the
stuff back in the back pack. because we might be leaving in one minute. Should we call Jasmine and Kalia? Yeah Hi, Jasmine! Jack and Kaden, are you there, over? What’s going on over there?
Over. We ate a bunch of snacks,
and we had a dance party, and we sang our hearts
out, and we colored. And we played with dolls. Over. [Both] We didn’t play with dolls. Have have you guys been doing? Over. We had a dance party,
and we had a food fight. I knew they had a food fight. We listened to some music. Yeah, it was awesome. Are we there yet? It looks like we’ve been five
hours on the plane. Over. Do you wanna meet us there, at the beach? Yeah, we’re gonna be there. See you at the beach. [Kyler squeals] I think we’re landing!
I think we’re landing! [Airplane engines] I think we’re here! Oh my, we’re here!
We’re here. We landed! We landed! Yes! You wanna see what’s on the beach? [Jasmine] I hear the ocean! I think we’re finally here. Kalia, I hear the ocean. We’re at the beach! We made it! [Kids cheering] [Kalia] We’re in Hawaii! [Kids cheering] Yay! [Kyler] I can’t wait to see you, Mama. [Baby squeals] Yay, Kyler you made it! [Kids laughing and cheering] Hey guys, let’s go find Mom and Dad. [Kids] Mommy! Dad! [All cheering] Give me hugs. C’mon, give me hugs. Thanks so much to the Shot of the Yeagers for their awesome idea
to mail us to Hawaii. Aloha! [Both] Subscribe to our channel! And give us a big thumbs up! And if you like it! Share this video with your friends! If you can get mailed
anywhere, where would it be? I can’t wait to surf on the ocean. I’m gonna build the biggest
sand castle there ever was! [Both] This is gonna be fun! [Fun music]

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