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  1. I love how you guys find something new and Original for 1700 episodes. Hope it stays like this for many years more! To 1700 episodes!

  2. No thank you guys for making me laugh everyday for years, since I’ve started watching I can’t imagine not watching you guys daily💯😁

  3. Thanks for everything you do. I’ve been watching you for around 5 years. I want to say that I love you guys and everything you guys have created. Y’all helped me through a lot of hardships in my life and you guys inspire me to create my own channel soon. I just am very nervous to do it. Besides that, I love you guys.

  4. If they were to get to 10,000 episodes… and kept this pace at 1700 every 10 years… Rhett and Link would be a little over 90 years old! Hopefully, I would be around with them to see it happen! 😀

  5. I've been watching you guys every morning with my coffee for the past 10 years. I start every day laughing thanks to you. I will keep this routine until one of us dies!

  6. Dear Mythical Beasts,

    I love you all. I hope all of you have an amazing day and that all your dreams will come true some day.

  7. I was tearing up already and then when Link started getting emotional, I lost it! I love you guys and the crew so much! thank you!

  8. the very first episode of GMM that I saw was Will It Taco!! it was hilarious.
    I watch every day when I get home from work. you guys make me laugh
    on a regular basis. CONGRATS ON THE 1,700 EPISODES!!

  9. So many lovely fans/Mythical Beasts showing their love in everyway❤️👏🏼 Congratulations and sending my love to Rhett&Link 💐💐 you guys are amazing 👍 . Two great friends with wonderful crew 👏🏼👏🏼. Thank you guys !!

  10. Im so proud of you guys for hitting 1700! Ive just recently started watching this show but ive fallen in love instantly and have watched… quite a bit lol… one question though, how do I join the discord?

  11. It is so sweet how emotional Link gets. You Can see the gratitude and the emotion in his eyes. Love this show and hugs 🤗

  12. I swear Link and I have been siblings in a past life! We have the same quirks and senses of humor…. lol

  13. Been watching for about 8 months. I have so much to catch up on, and looking forward to every episode. Thank you for all you two and the Mythical crew do

  14. found ggm by my tattoo artist, been a fan since and binged watched every episode <3 thank you for the entertainment and laughs!

  15. I watched Rhett and Link since the Facebook song in the main channel, also I watched the show in CBS, and GMM since the beginning. Totally part of my life

  16. I was introduced to GMM when I was in 2nd grade, my brother watched them every morning and showed me what I consider to be one of the most iconic episodes, will it cereal? I have been watching their videos ever since because I fell in love with their goofy smiles and the bond that they share. They truly are my internet dads and I love them so much. Also can we just take a moment to appreciate Links “okurrrrrr” lol I love you guys, hoping for 1700 more episodes soon!!!

  17. Sorry if someone else had this thought already….do y'all realize you've basically created a mythical ministry of coolness and kindness and happiness and silliness and all that is good in this world?? (Watched lost years already)

  18. Alright….just ganna say….Rhett do something with your beard. Braid it knot it do something cause if I could have a beard like that I wouldnt let it look like that old man.

    PS. I miss Jen 😍

  19. Congratulations GMM/Rhett, Link, Mythical crew❤❤❤. Plus Skylar, your art is amazing!! I just have to agree with everyone when they all say that this show has inspired, provided laughs, & encouragement throughout the years. I am proud to be a part of such a great fanbase

  20. I love seeing links emotions when reading these cards. I overcame addiction, anxiety, and so many other bad times in my life with Rhett and Link by my side. Now I’m a mom and my son loves snuggling up with me and watching your videos every day. You’re the only channel I continue to watch on YouTube. Thank you for being you and helping all of us through so much by simply being you ❤️

  21. +Good Mythical More, Someone please renew Rhett's "Dollar-Shave Club" membership or he's gonna have to join "Dollar Bush-Hawg club"………..Link might have to contact the Forestry Service and schedule a Controlled Burn. 0.o…………….GO HEELS!!!

  22. I was introduced to you guys 7 years ago on your "Walmart Taste Test" video. It was one of the funniest videos I had ever seen, and the rest was history. You guys have been a part of my daily routine through college, 3 jobs, moving across the world, and getting married. Your friendship gives me strength, your comedy lifts my spirits, and your show brings us all together into one, big, beautiful mythical family. Thank you both for 1700 episodes and to your crew for all of the hard work they do. Here's to 1700 more!

  23. I've been watching Rhett & Link since 2013. Best thing I have ever found on YouTube. I have became a dedicated everyday mythical beast. I was blessed enough to see them live last year. My husband has also became a fan & loves to watch me laugh every time I watch you guys. I love the mythical crew they always make me laugh when they come on camera. Can't wait to see what else is to come. 💚💙

  24. I've been watching you guys since I was in middle school, and you have brought a smile to my face when I needed it the most. I love having grown up with this show, watching the content mature as I do. You guys are amazing, thank you for everything!

  25. Would love a gmm shirt of somekind, unfortunately I am a big man and require a 4x size, which I've not seen an option for….😣

  26. I was introduced to this channel by my coworker while working graveyard shift. During down time we would watch you guys and laugh til we cried. I'd say it's been about 6 years and I still try and catch it every day even though I still work crazy hours. Thanks for being a bright moment in so many of our days.

  27. 10,000 episodes is 8,300 more/261 weekdays in a year = 32 years, so… you guys will be around 70 LOL.

  28. It’s crazy to me that you’re at 1700 episodes! My best friends and I would watch you guy every day at lunch in middle school, and here I am, a sophomore in college, still watching you every day! I love you guys! to 1700 more!

  29. I've been watching y'all since I was in seventh grade, around the end of chia lincoln or the beginning of GMM season one, and I'm a junior in college now. GMM has pretty much been one of the only constants in my life this whole time, through ups and downs, and I'm so grateful for you guys.

  30. Congratulations, y'all! It's been a journey, and we look forward to so much more! You guys have been a tremendous force for good on YouTube and on the web as a whole. Congratulations to you and the whole crew!

  31. It was meant to be. I’ve been watching forever and I love every single episode. I watched this 17 hours after it was posted!!!

  32. I don't know if anyone will actually see this–I started watching GMM in 2013 when I was pregnant with my oldest son (turning 6 this year, in k going into 1st). My friend Justin recommended I watch your channel after I left work and was bedridden in my final two months of pregnancy. I now have three children and we've watched you every single weekday since then. It's been amazing seeing you, and your families,age with us. We truly feel like you are part of our everyday routine. Much love from NJ.

  33. this channel is literally so special to me. i’ve watched them for years and their videos never ever get old. i know many people have said it but these videos have seriously helped me through tough times, these videos never fail to make me smile. absolutely love you guys! keep it up!❤️❤️

  34. You’ve shown me that any ol’ weirdo can make a channel if they believe in themselves and want to make a difference. Much love to you guys

  35. Thx for all you do guys, crew too, y'all incredible people and have helped so many people (including me) have better days full of laughter and fun. THANK YOU <3

  36. I barely started being a MB since November of last year ! But I have found an amazing community here and you guys fill me with so much joy it's insane . I actually became a 3rd Degree MS member and it's been awesome! Please continue to be your guys selves . You raise up my sun even in the darkest of days – Emelyn ♡

  37. Honestly was expecting the last one to either be one from the crew to Rhett and Link that they didn’t know about, or one from Rhett and Link to all of us.

  38. The way Link started exaggerating his gesticulation after reading the ASL comment had me in tears. That just came natural to him. What a guy.

  39. What a SWEET video! I'm loving your bleak creek book still and excited to see what you and the crew come up with for more videos and interactions with your fans! Thanks for sharing these with us on an abnormal sugar highXD 🙂

  40. Ever since you showed me the weirdest ways how to make fire, over 4 years ago, I've been a fan of your show. To another 1700 videos

  41. Congrats on the 1700th episode. Have watched every episode for many many years, and will continue forever. Thanks for the laughs from Australia

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