We Surprised Jen On Her Birthday With A ‘Meat Tour’

– It’s Jen’s birthday. – It’s Jen’s birthday!
– It’s Jen’s birthday. – It’s Jen’s birthday.
– It’s Jen’s birthday. – We’re trying to be quiet because we don’t know, I don’t think she’s here. I don’t think she’s here. ^- I hope she gets here soon. ^- I wish she, yeah ’cause — ^- She may come in late today. ^It’s her birthday!
– She better not! ^We have breakfast pizza over at 9:30. ^- I know, that’s why I’m here. (laughs) ^- Fred, an important day is coming up. ^- Yes. ^- An important day, it’s Jen’s birthday! – It’s Jen’s birthday! So we’ve been plotting and planning. – Yeah. – To make her feel special on her day. We know a lot about Jen and her interests, and what she’s passionate about, and things that make her tick. ^In the morning, we’re gonna start off the day ^with breakfast pizza, ^then, we have planned out a meat tasting. ^That will place around our campus. ^- And it’s gonna be really fast and furious, ’cause there’s gotta be lots of moving parts tomorrow. There’s gonna be lots of meat being delivered to us. We’re gonna have to be doing some set dec. We’re gonna have to do all this without Jen – [Both] Figuring it out. – So we decided to theme the crawl after the three places that Jen has lived that we know of.
– Yeah, yup. – There is the Chicago room, there’s the Boston room, and then there’s going to be the L.A. room. – L.A. room!
– Yes, and they all have different meats in them. – That represent that place. – And then, they all have different wines that will go with the meats. So, I sent Jen a series of text messages, ^that say hey, I have a request for you. ^It’s called, don’t go too crazy tomorrow ^at lunch food wise. ^- Yeah. ^- Somehow Jen has garlic bread and a taco. How, she just got in? – It is 9:17. – Bring her in and remind her that we have a meeting. – [Kristen] Okay, go get Jen. ^♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ^♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday, dear Jen, happy birthday to you ♪ – You guys should have told me not eat my garlic bread. (laughing) I already ate garlic bread and a taco. (laughing) – [Kristen] Eat some more food. – Okay. – [Kristen] After the garlic bread, after the taco, you had Cheetos? – No with the taco and the garlic bread, its a side. – Its a meal. – It’s a meal.
– It’s a meal, I like sides. ^- [Kristen] Jen, what did we ask you to do today? ^- Not to eat anything else. ^- [Kristen] And then what just happened? – I ate some free pasta and some free vegetables. – [Kristen] I thought you said you just ate free vegetables. – There was like, I was mostly vegetables. The thing about the vegetables — – [Kristen] Did you also have, you also got chips! – No, those were just there. (laughing) ^- So, right now I am in the props department. Trying to make sure we have everything we need to make the rooms look as cute as possible. Okay, table cloth, let’s go check on Kristen. See how she’s doing, I have my table clothe. – Oh hi, I’m trying to cover up the stains on this tablecloth. ‘Cause there are many. It’s happening, or it’s crappening. Depending on how well I do. This is gonna be the Chicago room. So we’re gonna have, I have a little piggy, and I have like little silver lanterns with stars for Chicago.
– Cute. – And then, you want to come see the Boston room? – [Fred] Yes. ^Oh, look at this, cute. ^What? You’re so good at this.
– You killed this. – You are so good at this.
– I did it! I did it, I did it. Now, we’ve just gotta hide this stains on the tablecloth. – [Fred] Okay, lets set up now. Kristen, you’re setting up the charcuterie but then I look over and… – Rough start, and Jen is like, about to go to Target. Jen, I swear to God, if Jen goes to Target, I’m gonna fling myself on the ground and throw a two year old tantrum. – We’re gonna start now. – We’re gonna start now.
– All right. – [Kristen] We’re gonna start now, okay? Let’s do it!
– Let’s do it. – Are you hungry? – Yeah, I am hungry. – Oh, you are hungry? – Yeah, I’m hungry. ^- So if you just come with us, just come along. – I’m coming. – It’s Jen’s birthday, it’s Jen’s birthday, it’s Jen’s birthday, yay, yay, yay, it’s Jen’s birthday! – Why did you punch me? – I didn’t mean to, I was just doing my dance. I can’t put this fire back up inside me. – For your birthday, we thought it would be fun ^to do a meat tasting crawl! ^And so, we’re doing different rooms based on placed that you have lived in. ^And the first place is Boston!
– Wait, what? ^- Even thought that wasn’t first, but… – This is actually so nice, and I really don’t know how to respond. This is too nice, oh my God. ^- For Boston, we have roast beef sandwiches ^and a lobster roll, and also some champagne because that goes with everything. – So for those of you who don’t know, Jen went to Emerson, which is in Boston. So, she spent not her formative years, – [Devin] I would say her formative years. – You formed something. – Should we pop this? To Jen, on her birthday. – [Devin] To Jen on her birthday! – It’s your 25th, this is a milestone. – Yeah, you can rent a car. – [All] Whoo! – Oh no, oh no! Well whatever, it’s extra festive. – Happy birthday, Jen. We’re so honored to be working with you and to also be able to call you a friend. And we did all this for you, because you mean a lot to us. – Yes. – Thank you guys, I’m seriously like very overwhelmed, this is so nice. – Oh good, oh I love that. – [Kirsten] Jen, you gotta try the lobster roll first. – Okay.
– Obviously. – That’s really good. – [Fred] It’s nice ’cause it looks lightly toasted. – The bread is delicious, try the bread. – Oh shit, that’s delicious. – What is something that when we were 25, we wished somebody had told us? Or something that we learned in our 25th year. – At the very end of my 24th year, going into 25, that’s when I moved to LA, that’s when I took the leap. So, I think a big thing that I learned was just, like, do it, fucking do it. Take the leap if you can. – I think when I was 25, I learned that like no one else’s opinions of me matter. All I needed to do, was make myself happy. – When I was 25, I think I learned that no one was gonna make opportunities for me and that I was gonna have to make them for myself. That’s when I learned that like, it was just me and no one else. You have control over your strongest teammate, and your strongest teammate is you. But you also have friends and you should let them do things sometimes. Which is a lesson I’m continuing to learn. I’m gonna find some napkins. – Wait Kristen, I’ll find the napkins. (record scratching) – [All] Ooh! – What do you think is next? – I mean, I’ve lived in boring amount of places. I have lived in Boston, I have lived in Illinois, and I have loved in Los Angeles, California. If we’re going in reverse chronological order, oh wait, we aren’t because we started in Boston. Then, its gonna be California next. – Okay.
– Okay. ^- This is where we met you in Los Angeles. ^- Oh, I was right, it is Los Angeles. – And what are we having here? – Well, we’re gonna go in! – We’re gonna go see! – Next stop on our meat tour. – Look at those tacos! – Korean barbecue tacos and charcuterie! – Look, burrata cheese. ^- [Jen] Oh my God, I love burrata. – [Jen] Wow, I really wish I hadn’t eaten that pasta earlier. You guys were right. You guys were 100% right.
– I told you! – Should not have eaten the pasta. ^- Jen, what do you think of the taco? ^- Taco’s delicious, taco is really really good. This is beef, right?
– Yeah. – You can tell that there’s a lot of flavors that I would associate with Korean food. But the actual tortilla is really, really a nice compliment. Wow, this is really good, this is amazing. Guys, I am again, very speechless, thank you so much. – Now, we should tell Jen something we want her to try in her 25th year. Have you ever gotten like a really expensive facial? – No. – Have you ever gotten like a facial before? I’m thinking of like things that you haven’t done that you think are, its time, 25, facial time. – When you get an idea to go on a trip, you should just go on it. Not hem and haw about it.
– You should book the tickets. – You should just book the tickets and go. ‘Cause I think that like you want to go places, but you tend to be like, I don’t know if I can if this. Which is not what you sound like but. (laughing) – Sometimes it is. – I feel like mine is very typical for me. So we went on a trip for Lady Like, ^we went to (meows). ^And we visited a vintage boutique ^and Jen bought a shirt from there that was really unique, really awesome, really out of her comfort zone, but I think something that she really enjoyed and you ended up buying it. – I did buy it, yeah. – You ended up buying it the next day and that kind of stuff I would love to see more of this year. I want to see you like step out, step outside out of your little comfort zone. – You should do more fashion stuff. – More fashion stuff. Because you pull it off so well. – You have an aesthetic. – I want to, I like looking nice. I’m gonna lean in to that. – Jen, what are you looking forward to the most about 25? – I think like every year, I try and take stock. And be like, okay, what are the things I’m happy about, what are the things that I want to do better? And I actually do really feel like the past few years, have just been consistently moving on up. Like, there’s been improvement in some area of my life, if not, every area. And it usually isn’t every area, but it’s some areas. And I feel like I have very strong friendships. I just kind of wanna maintain and I think my thing for the next year is just like work on being a better listener. We annihilated L.A., look at this. – Look at it.
– Look at this. – Everyone finish their wine. – Okay. – [All] Cheers! – Happy birthday Jen! ^- To Jen, to being able to rent a car. ^- Which I’ve done before. ^- I know, you keep selling that, but it’s still funny. – And it’s because I’ve had two glasses of wine, and I’ve been running around all day. – And champaign.
– And champaign. – This is the last room, and it’s basically the place where you grew up. ^It’s the Chicago room! ^- Chicago! ^- Let’s go to the Chicago room. ^- We have sausage and beans. – And beans.
– And beans. And we were gonna have steak, but the steak didn’t come. (laughing) Can we talk about my beautiful plate setting. My beautiful table setting.
– Ain’t he cute? – [Kristen] I’m actually really proud of this one. This is the one that I’m the proudest of. – This is really good. – To Jen!
– To Jen! ^- May she always be just the way she is. – The world has had 24 maybe 25 years of Jen, which we’ve been blessed with, let’s all go around and say our favorite verse of Jen. Jen, you make everyone feel happy and comfortable and fun, you always bring the attention to the lighter sides of life. And I don’t know what Lady Like would be without you. – Thank you, that was so sweet. – As you continue to surround yourself with people that are inspirational and that you look up to and that also just empower you, I hope you understand how great of a person you are. And how much talent you have, you are so talented. So, like, I look up to you. – We all do. – Jen, seeing you is like one of the best parts of my day, every day. ^That’s it. ^(laughing) – [All] Happy birthday! – I’m gonna bring my wine in. – Aw, I love you guys, thank you so much. – We love you! ^- Oh wait, let’s just do Jen trivia. ^I told Jen I had to change my tampon, ^and she said, I like you Devin. ^- Jen loves Fifth Harmony. ^- Jen loves Sopranos. ^- Jen has a hearty breakfast everyday. ^- Jen has two siblings. ^- Jen loves sides, preferably Hot Cheetos. ^- Jen loves to throw her stuff on other people’s desks. ^- Jen actually really loves editing. ^- Oh, Jen loves knives. ^- And fire.
– And fire, yeah. ^- Jen isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone. ^- Jen wants a dog. ^- Jen loves to sit. ^- I love to sit. ^- Jen loves to sit! ^- This was fun. ^- This was such a fun day. – Did you have a good birthday? – I had an amazing birthday, and I’m very grateful for all of you. This was really, really, sweet. It was like too nice. Seriously, anytime someone does anything nice for me, I’m always just shocked. I’m very lucky, and I’m very grateful, thank you. – We love you.
– You deserve it. – I can’t reach my wine, it’s too far. – We should probably cut it. – Should we cut? – [All] Bye! ^(upbeat music)

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