WE THREW HIM A $100,000 VEGAS BIRTHDAY PARTY! **penthouse**

I used all my clout to get you this room and this trip and I want you to enjoy it so his room key don’t put the room because I wrote a letter saying I wouldn’t please be alive hey oh good morning lo ganghwa papi you know guys my life was not always this luxurious in fact sweet wine the clock about 24 hours Danno first hit that subscribe button doing the low gangly strongest family on the internet but yeah the past day or so has been absolutely crazy [Music] you skate for mammoth it’s nippy it’s cold at least fifty feet of snow have fallen the bosses are literally just enveloped in snow well she’s got a dick this rental car out literally all flights out of here is cancelled so we’re forced to drive how to take this rental car out and a six hour drive ahead of us to Vegas I won’t let you down buddy this reminds me of Ohio after wrestling practices your car will be covered in snow battery will be dead I’ll be stranded and it was miserable I’m long Ally I’m in my element right now bro I’m getting this brighter fun fact high school this is how I made all my money moving snow I saved up like thousand dollars I worked my ass off during the winter and I bought my first laptop they had like iMovie on it and stuff so I could edit I was able to start my youtube journey here we are how bad I wish that a jacket but then I remembered I’m not cold because I’m looking Paul Carr slash shop as if this couldn’t get any more fun Dani and Spencer are joining us because their flight got canceled it’s gonna be a tight squeeze all five of us on a six-hour drive to Las Vegas we need change put on the tires cuz legally they will not let you drive without them let’s go this is a tight squeeze Oh no come on right there dog are you okay well we made it up let’s go [Music] here’s a plan uh the room is amazing Evans over there I kind of want to tell him that we lost the room and now we’re just in like regular-ass rooms you know they saw it was me and they’re like all we pulled out such a prankster broom barely made I don’t know let’s say five hours I knew it i 100% called moving average you change it’s not that we change we just got it still it’s so cool disappointed I’m kidding [Music] [Music] actually thank you no I love you love you it’s your 22nd birthday oh I don’t grow my age okay yeah make sense I used all my clout to get you this room and this trip and I want you to enjoy it so his room key don’t the room because I wrote a letter saying I wouldn’t please no way 30,000 square foot room man’s obsessed with the box [Music] [Music] 13,000 square foot penthouse my man obsessed with the carpet I’m gonna disappear like that [Music] [Applause] [Music] in penthouse she better enjoy Berkeley explains why I’m your friend to buy an hour now everything’s going pretty well so far having you like the room loved if they have a sink look at this really scared no it’s great it’s great that’s a big deal huge deal evan side sinks giant room good news is the festivities are just only beginning let’s get gosh they already had the duck down what’s good understanding backfired [Music] happy birthday [Music] 1/2 million likes on this video drop out of college become our roommates bro just do it but don’t you think did that maverick spirit bro oh yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey that was one hey do you remember last night we had fun right anyways thanks for watching make sure to subscribe if you’re not already subscribed technically still have its birthday hey by the way a second anyways Vegas adventures are still going on oh yeah I will see you guys next time as always I love you and thank you for watching take it easy [Music] [Music]

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  1. logan is one of my favourites I really hope to work with him one day. Listen to one of my songs if you got like a minute you'd be surprised!

  2. I’m not the biggest Logan Paul fan but watching some of his videos he may not have much humility but the guy does know how to work and unlike most youtubers I think he could work a real hard job.

  3. If u hate Logan u can’t say he’s not like the best friend someone ever had he bought him grills and a Rolex a 100k penthouse damn

  4. I live 45 minutes south of Mammoth in a town called Bishop, wondering if you guys had drove through there?

  5. Send your this lil bro some money my dear the most creative loving bro
    Or give me a job(it's so easy for you) Bro
    Just give a dream shout
    My life will be awesome Sir

  6. Honestly this video represents how much Logan has changed and became much more of a selfless person. Even just by offering Evan his seat shows how much he’s changed.

  7. Evan good for you you totally deserve this all the hospital visits all the prescriptions you must have been through a lot

  8. After watching this video and the friends that evan has… Like so what you are a dwarf dude. Ive never heard weeman complain about his life and he doesnt touch yours bro!! You are so lucky man.

  9. Logan that dog is a husky and I have one and I know that they love being in the cold because of thee fur!!!

  10. Sending our friend evan mad vibes bruh you have really good friends homie dont stop creating you a legend homie

  11. That montage of past video clips with that music made me cry of joy cus they sometimes get in fights but at the end of the day there each others boiis

  12. Your the best friend anybody could had Logan I Evan is lucky to have you as a friend this made me cry😭😭

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