We Throw a Dollar Store Dinner Party for Under $100!

– Loryn, that’s so good. – Great, we’re gonna need to
use our $100 budget for bail. – Aaaagghh, I just wish we had wine! – Hey guys, welcome back to Clever Style. Erin, what are we doing here? – Great question. We are in Bridget’s apartment. – That’s right, but she knows we’re here. – Maybe. She does. – Bridget, do you know we’re here? (laughs) Okay. All right. She’s good with it. – So we’re at Bridget’s house today because Loryn and I decided this would be the perfect place to throw a dinner party for
all of our friends at Clever. – The only thing, though, is,
we’re gonna throw dinner party for under $100. Somehow. – It’s not just the food that
we’re gonna be buying today. We’re also buying plates and cups and decor.
– Decorations And we’re trying to feed several people so $100 could go a long way if you were just having your friends over for dinner one night, but we’re trying to go all out and make this an epic dinner party. And, we forgot the most important part. – That we’re only shopping
at The Dollar Store? – Yes! We are going to be throwing a dinner party from The Dollar Store. So we have to go today and
buy everything we need, come back here, prepare all of the food, which is a video in and of itself. – I’m going to go ahead and say I don’t think we can do it. I just know that I am not good at cooking. So, unless they have a charcuterie tray that I can put together, it’s gonna be a lot of Erin cooking. – We can do charcuterie with Lunchables. – Ewww. – Don’t say that we can’t do it. I believe in us. But first we do have to do some research. – Lots of research. – Lots of re- Lots. Lots of research. Like, back when we were in
college kind of research. – Oh, God. – So, we’re in Pinterest right now. This is a dangerous place to be, ’cause I could literally
stay here for hours just
– Scrolling being inspired. But I just typed in a ’99 cent store meals’. – I can’t believe, man. That’s what I love about Pinterest. Anything that you think you might be able to find, you can. Who knew that there were like, 99 cent store… cook, there’s a cookbook? – Yeah. – There’s recipes. Like, this should be really
easy for us hopefully. Okay, there are lots of stuff in here. Tips for shopping at the 99 cents only. I guess I’m just like, what are your go to meals
that you know how to cook? Spaghetti is really easy. We could get noodles. – Yeah. – Cook some meat. Pasta sauces, those are really easy. I kinda, can I handle dessert and you handle the, like, savory, the biggest part of the meal? – I was gonna ask you
to handle all the food and let me handle the decor. Yes! We’ll distract ’em with your beautiful arrangements and then we’ll give ’em some wine and then by the time they
get to eating my food, – They won’t remember it.
– Yes. – They won’t taste it. They won’t remember anything. – [Erin] There aren’t a lot
of decor options on here. – [Loryn] What’s that? – [Erin] Something that doesn’t seen like it’s from the 99 Store. – [Loryn] Do they have fresh flowers? – Oh! Loryn, we can just pick
some off the street. – Where in L.A. do you see flowers that we can just pick? – I don’t know. We go to the rich neighborhoods. They’ll have flowers we can pick. – Great. We’re gonna need to use
our $100 budget for bail. – [Erin] There does seem to be like a lot of glassware selections from
the pins that I’m seeing. So I think glassware, we’re gonna kill. I think plates, we’re
gonna do a great job with. – I would really love
to pull together an epic charcuterie board that isn’t Lunchables. Like if I have grapes and apples and nuts and a jam and even if it’s like pepperonies. You can make pepperonies look fancy. – [Erin] Okay. – [Loryn] So they have boxed cake which I can really make some fancy things out of a boxed cake that is a cake. – You gonna make, “I can
really make a boxed cake.” – I can. But I can make them look like, – Fancy? – Like you don’t know it’s from a box. – We’ve got our Pinterest board full of our decor. We’ve got our list of possible recipes. It’s time to spend some money. – I definitely have more confidence now than I did when you first told me about this idea. (upbeat music) – So we made it to the decor aisle. There’s a lot more to
work with than we thought. – Yeah. – But also, we’re finding that not everything’s 99 cents
at the 99 Cent Store, so. – This math situation is
gonna be real hard to count. – I think we need to
start with dishware first because dishes really are
the best place to start and then you could add. Yeah. So let’s do that. What she said. – We could do paper. – No. I think paper is gonna
really give it away. – Okay, how much are these? There’s no price, so I’m assuming
– It’s free. they’re free. So we’re kinda stuck in between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So this party is gonna have lots of “holiday infusion”. – Shot glasses! – No, those are candle holders. – Are you sure? – Yes. (laughs) – This looks like a shot glass to me. – I mean, they could be shot glasses. No. – They’re candle holders.
It’s a candle holder. – I love how excited you got though. That was such a pure reaction. What are these little thingies. Mistletoe! Oh, nobody’s making out at this party. – Well there’s no wine here, so. (laughs) I hate plastic tablecloths. Nothing looks more like a kid’s birthday party than a plastic tablecloth. I need like a cloth tablecloth or something we can convert. I found a table runner that is cloth. – Maybe we could double up. – Actually, that’s a really good idea. We could take the pillowcases off of this. – That was gonna be my next thought. – I’m literally like,
are there clothes here we convert into a- I’ll do anything except
for a plastic tablecloth. – Okay, so there is a lot of
really good fresh produce here. And I think I’m gonna
do a mixed green salad and I’m trying to decide
what toppings I want on it and what dressings I can find. But I think there’s a lot of options here. I think I can make a
really delicious salad. – So I found the refrigerated section. I’m looking for some charcuterie options. I found something called hard salami. I don’t know what soft salami is but it looks nice, doesn’t it? Like, yummy. – What if I did like a mixed veggie plate with like, squash, asparagus, potatoes, broccoli. Just to give us like, I don’t know maybe a more adult version of it. I don’t think she’s gonna
be into this, but, ew. Maybe I can sneak it in the budget. – Pomegranate seeds are, they’re just pretty and colorful and they add to a nice charcuterie board. You won’t be able to tell that it’s just hard salami and pomegranate seeds. – Is it gross to do chicken nuggets and waffles and get maple syrup? – Yes. – It’s gross?
– Not gross. Not gross. This is the best idea you’ve had. – We could chop up the waffles and make like, chicken and waffles. So you could have a savory
– I love this. and a sweet option. – I love this idea. – Yeah. – Do they have waffles here? So we just got back. We got a lot of good stuff. So we gotta start cooking. Our guests are arriving in like, less than two hours.
– Two hours. – So, Loryn’s gonna start on brownies. – Just ’cause I feel like I deserve it. Dessert it.
– Dessert it. I can’t believe I beat you to that. – Well I’m that tired. All right. So, I’m gonna make brownies, but I wanted to do something a little fancy with them. So I’m going to give it,
like a cream cheese swirl. I’m a little concerned because I couldn’t find a hand mixer and um, I have a feeling it’s
gonna be a very chunky cream cheese. So, you know, that’s a me problem. I’m gonna figure it out. – I like chunks. So I put all my chopped veggies on the pan. It actually looks really good. I usually would probably
mix them with olive oil in a big bowl before I lay them out but I don’t really have a big bowl, so I’m just gonna do a little driz of some EVOO. Driz driz driz driz driz, dr-driz. And there was a garlic and parsley mixture seasoning which I think sounds delicious. Do a light dusting. It just keeps going, you know? It’s going to be a lot of flavor. Do a little onion powder, even though we already have onions on it. You can never have too much onions. Gonna pop it in the oven
at like, 450 degrees for like 20 minutes and see how it’s doin’. – So I’m actually gonna put an egg in my cream cheese mixture. I think that will like,
kind of fatten ’em up. And I’m kind of winging it, which you’re not supposed to do in baking. It’s my favorite thing to do. So here we go. (egg cracks) – Next up, I’m gonna start preparing
the chicken nugget kabobs. I am preparing my onions. It’s gonna go kind of, oh my gosh, I’m starting to cry. Aaaaggghh. – Exactly as I thought would happen, my cream cheese mixture is disgusting and looks
like mashed bananas because I didn’t have a hand mixer. Thanks, Dollar Store. And we didn’t have a sifter. And you really shouldn’t
use powdered sugar without those two things. So, my bad. And I just have a bad feeling about this. I think I really messed it up. But we’re gonna do it. We’re just gonna go for it. Okay. Put a little there. Put a little there. Maybe less is more for the moment. Let’s see. Now we gotta make a marble situation. Okay. Aaaagggh. That’s so pretty. – Loryn, that’s so good. – It’s just very liquidy so I don’t know what’s
gonna happen in the oven. That’s it. It’s all ready. That’s the best we’re gonna do. – So we spent a lot of time looking at the 99 Cent Store Cookbook. It was a good jumping off point but I think we were really on to something with these chicken nugget skewers. So we’re gonna do two different kinds. We’re gonna do a savory skewer with chicken nuggets, onion, and these cauliflower fries. And then we’re going
to do a sweeter version with chicken nuggets and waffles. – I feel like we should prioritize the chicken and waffle one in case we don’t have
time for the other one which does just sounds like a kitchen sink kabob. – I think we have time for both. – They’re gonna be here in an hour. – Ha. Let’s not talk. Let’s just figure it out. So I’m gonna jump into
decorating this table. I actually think it’s
going to be really pretty. I know this is a plastic tablecloth. Not everybody loves those. – I hate plastic tablecloths. I hate plastic tablecloths. – Okay. I have decorated the table. It feels very holiday-inspired. Very Christmasy. But unfortunately, that’s the season. Not unfortunately. Fortunately, that’s the
season that we’re in right now and that’s what we had to work with. So it has a little holiday twist on it. But I’m not mad about it. I actually am V impressed that this looks so good. I like, I wanna keep all of this. This is very fancy. It is now time for our guests to arrive. Actually, they’re buzzing up right now, so Loryn is putting a final touches on our 99 Cent Store spread.
– I hear them. – I hear them. They’re here. I think we’re done. I think we did it.
– I know. Aaaggh. I just wish we had wine! – Come on in you guys! Welcome! – Hi! – Hello. Welcome to Clever Style. – It smells good in here. – It does smell good. – Thanks. – [Friends] You guys, it
looks really good in here. – Yeah, it feels like
a little bit of like, I’m in the woods, you know. A little bit of like,
maybe some squirrels helped put this together. It’s great. – Okay, then let’s bring
you into the kitchen to see the food we
actually were able to make. The only rule is like, don’t stare too long. – Give yourself some credit. It looks great. Come on over. – Okay, coming. – Oh, oh, oohhh. – Oh, nice. – Look at this platter. – So for the food, we had to get a little creative because we didn’t have as many resources as you might expect for an average dinner party. – Where’d you get this food? Why do you guys keep saying weird things? – Well, I think you should try it first and then let us know what you think. – Okay, so we have the chicken nugget, the onion, and then this is a califlower fry, which I didn’t even know was a thing. – What’s this? – So this is some seasonal veggies. I just kind of baked some broccoli, squash, potatoes. – And it looks like asparagus. – Okay. – Yeah, so lots of yummy stuff. And then Loryn came in clutch
with her baking skills. – [Friend] Did you bake those? – [Loryn] Yeah. – [Friend] The brownies? – [friend] You did? – [Friend] They look good. – [Friend] They’re marbled. – So finally we have a mixed green salad with some spinach, romaine and cucumbers and I also put in some sunflower seeds and some pomegranate seeds so there’s like, a lot of
little yummy thingies in there. – So what’s this catch? What is the like, thing that we’re missing? – Yeah I don’t wanna be rude but like, why are we here? (laughs) – Everything you see here, the food, the entire table set up. We only spent $100 on all of this. On everything.
– Okay, pretty good. Wow. The dishes. The platters. The decorations. The food. And we were able to do that because of where we bought everything. – The 99 Cent Store. – Can you believe it? – Wow. – Actually, I will say The 99 Cent Store had a ton of selections. They had a lot of fresh produce. They had so many fresh vegetables. The pricing was amazing, obviously. – The home decor, decor. – Decor. – Decar. Whatever. – All right, we’ve talked enough. I think it’s time to dive in and see what you think?
– Let’s enjoy it. – Let’s have the dinner party. – I mean, your party, so. – [Friend] I partied all right. – I love it. – The sooner we eat, the
sooner we can play Flip Cup. (upbeat music) – I feel like you can make a very aesthetically pleasing meal and table setting for very inexpensive. I was like, very impressed. Just a little effort. Everything looks really good and I was really surprised. I had no clue. – Well I just think anytime
you get people together to break bread together is delightful. It’s lovely that you put some effort in. It’s just really nice. – Honestly, like, I just
had a piece of this waffle for the first time in
like, maybe fifteen years. – In fifteen years? – Probably, yeah. Well, waffles are my
favorite breakfast food of all time, so I’m actually… – So you wait 15 years between every time? – What? – No, and actual toasted waffles. This is the first time
I’ve had toasted waffles. – Masochist. – [Friends] Ohhh. – All right, I feel really good about
what just happened. I’m really proud of us. – Yeah. – And I think it’s time for us to finally continue enjoying conversation with our friends. – And get out of Bridget’s apartment. – Well you guys, thank you so much for hanging out with us today. Let us know in the comments some other kind of challenges, shopping challenges, should we do. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel. Hit the bell. Like the video. Do all the things, and we’ll see you back here next time. – Okay, there’s a lot more clever content where that came from, you guys. There’s a box right over here. You should click it. Yeah, and after that, you gotta click the box that’s supposed to make you subscribe if you haven’t already. Yeah, they’ve already subscribed though. For sure. Well, if you haven’t, what are you waitin’ on? It’s right there. Subscribe.

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