WE TOOK A LIE DETECTOR TEST! – Korean Girl Summer Party!

One step: House tour, let’s go! And This Oh, its okay rainy day, it’s okay Because we are have Big umbrella Cigarette Let’s go chat! In house Hi Yuni! Hiiiiii Ohhhh This is toy Oh toy What is this? This is…omg car?! Gamebar Really big size TV What is game? I don’t know, just… Hi hi hi Let’s go pepeD pepeD pepeD What is room? Secret Room? Karaoke! Ohhhhhh my god! Surprise Fire and wash Ohhhh luxury Oh my god! Oh, nothing What? What? What is this?! Yay Finally swim Why? Swim with bugs?! Bug? Really? Get a bug Scoop the bug Yeah Oh wow I lost Oh what what, why why? Oh sorry I’m not pervert no No no no no Try it Chubby Dangerous dangerous You want to diving? Yeah Trust us, trust us I don’t trust you No no no no Is it okay? Oh my god, not F Oh my god, live It’s okay, it’s okay, this is a waterproof phone Penguins, she’s okay! Pigu? Ahhhhh Ahhhh I hit two, I hit two I hit two So f******g happy Ohhhh nice wow Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes A lot of food Vegetables Korean vegetables Korean vegetables? Yes This name is 깻잎 What English name? You can what language? I can speak Korean, English and a little bit of Mandarin Chinese Wow Right? She is genius Hachu language is zero n…no Hey, why oh oh.. Oh, what is this? What? This? I don’t know I can hear you Thank you, thank you Too much sweat…sweat drink This is not real sweat, this is fake sweat, you know This is.. Pocari Sweat! Not dirty Okay? Oh, she is drunk No, I’m not drunk! Oh okay okay okay I’m not drunk!! I’M NOT DRUNK You is drunk?! Noooo, I’m not drunk! What is wrong, I’m not drunk! Then drink I’m not drunk! I’M NOT DRUNK Let’s go game [counting]
3, 4, 5 Go to the hide, go to the hide Not done, not done More more more please YOU! What?! 20 seconds please, please, please. Sorry 20 seconds okay, 20 more seconds Thank you One human! One human! This looks oddly bulging! Okay, okay, this place Oh oh oh, scared, I’m scared She is maybe, go to the outside Oh shhh oh shhh, autosensor, autosensor Oh what the f***, what the f*** She saw this! She saw me! Chubby! Go away Go away We thought about the same things, we thought about the same things Shh! Hachu why did you hide in there? I don’t know Maybe you, go to the liar This machine start.. ..so little sick. ..ahhhh Understand? We’re going to get a question from the chat We’re all going to use this and then whoever is lying is going to get electrified Let’s go Are you pervert? Yeah, I’m pervert I’m pervert too Okay? Okay Awwww I guess I’m not pervert Hahaha I’m pervert Ahahaha IM NOT PERVERT This is… Of course! Yes No no no Oh my god NO NO REALLY NO! REALLY NO! REALLY NO REALLY NO! NO NO NO NO Liar!

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  1. My two year living in that country and never saw a house that big 😂😂😂. I didn’t live down by the capital I was in the military back then.

  2. She reminds me of Sana, and then the girl wearing red looks like momo, the tall one is tzuyu and the other one is nayeon lmaooo 5:30

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