We Tried 13 Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Little Girls – Will They Work? CrayCray Family Vlog

– [Mami] I don’t know,
that hairstyle is rough. – [Online Video Narrator]
And then I’m snaking your hair through this. – [Mami] All right Naiah! Oh Jesus help me! (laughing) – [Mami] Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. I’m done. But, uh– – I look like a clown or like– – No, please do not, this is so painful! – Girl! You look so good! (laughter) – Ow! (laughter) – [Mami] You look like Don King! – Ahhh! (laughter) – You know who did my hair? Poo-poo. (laughter) – [Mami] So this is what
the girls are watching. Girls are watching something,
um, that I saw the other day. Thirteen cute hair-styles for girls. But, um, they don’t have kinky, curly hair that is actually dreaded, so I thought, “You know what? This should be universal
for all little girls.” So we’re going to try that today. So I’m back in, got my
bags from Wal-mart and let me show you guys
everything that’s in here, that basically adds up to
what they used in their video. A bunch of these, because they were just using these
in like every hair style and I was nervous I would run out. Some of these things. And I’m going to use yarn
for one of these things, because they call for like, colorful hair extensions, there we go. Colorful hair extensions and I don’t have that so we’re going
to be using yarn today. Hot glue because every person
needs hot glue in their hair. So, these are body positive hair pins, with, it says, “embrace your curves.” And lastly, I have this. – So those guys don’t even look good, like they just put like,
pony, like longer and longer- – Hey, I like it! I
like these hair styles. – These are like they, no, no parent would want their kids going
out looking like this. – [Mami] And its basically,
I don’t even know the channel name, let me
see, the channel name, I’ve got to look it up in a second, but it kind of reminds me of Troom Troom. Oh it is Troom Troom, you’re right. – [Online Narrator] When the
little monsters are distracted. – Did she just say “when the little monsters are distracted?” Oh wow. And so, just so you guys know, Naiah’s hair is way more
matted right now than Elli’s, but they both have what’s
known as bush locks. So, where it looks like
her hair is just out, these are actually locks and her hair used to be down to here. But the locks tightened
and shortened her hair. – So cute. – [Mami] Now Elli also has bush locks, which you can see here. And I’ll insert a picture
of what their hair should like as they get older, what it will grow out to look like, but these are actually dreadlocks. Okay, so, for number one, let’s get to it. She is putting her hair
in a ponytail there. Then she does another pony tail, oh, it’s kind of like a fishtail situation. Okay, then another one. That is super cute. Let’s see if this will
work on Elli’s hair. The first contestant on
Cute Girls Hairstyle. So this first tutorial, I just want to take Elli’s dreadlocks out. – Ow. – [Mami] Elli, do you
want to shake your dreads? – Shake your hair, in the
air, like you just don’t care. – [Mami] And just so you know, like, afro-textured hair kind
of sticks up on its own. I think I’m going to do,
this color combination go from orange to the pink to the white. I think that kind of looks really cute. – [Naiah] Wait, why are we even trying? Oh this is going to be hilarious. – [Mami] So we’re going to take this little bouffant part first. – [Elli] This tiny little
piece in the front. – [Mami] This little piece in the front. This’ll be difficult, these styles are difficult for short hair too. So if you have short hair
or kinky hair or curly hair, this is your hairstyle,
I’m your hairstyle- (Naiah and Elli talking over each other) – This was a mistake
getting these hairbands cause they are so small, I cannot even get your hair through it. – [Naiah] You can do it
mommy, you’re a superhero! – I’m like gonna break a nail. – Ow! – You see, guys, look how thick it gets. – [Naiah] Perfect for
school Mami, no kid will be wondering why your
hair looks like this. Perfect for school. – [Mami] Up- – [Naiah] This looks like a girl mohawk – [Mami] And actually, maybe I’ll just kinda keep it bent up like that. So it’s kinda cute- – How do I look, do I look cute? – [Mami] Okay, so now we just need to touch up the sides but let
me give you guys a look. So this is exactly how they did the hair on that video, but side by side, I don’t know if I can
get a good angle of this. (camera shutter) – Okay, so there’s the front,
I touched up the edges. Turn to the- yeah, there’s the back. Yeah, it’s not as bad as
I thought it would be. All right, let’s go to
that bathroom over there. So, and just so you guys know, there’s a bunch of junk around because we’re at a temporary Airbnb until we move into our house that is being built here at Disney World. – Oh my god, this looks good! – [Mami] You like it? – Yeah. – [Mami] You actually like it? – I would wear this to
school with like a headband. – [Mami] It would need more
edge stuff for it to be tied up and it needs a little more finessing. But, yeah- – (muffled) -do my hairstyle,
okay, let me just comb it. And I’m ready for the crazy party! – [Mami] Okay, so now
we have the next one. Oh, I have to do this kinda loopty-loop. See, they have the bigger hairbands, I didn’t get the really big
ones, mine are too small. – [Naiah] Oh no, this hairstyle
was my least favorite. – [Mami] Okay, so I’m going
to make these little loops, and then let’s hurry up
and get past this point so we can see what- Oh, okay, and then looks like
I’m giving you pony tails. Oh, and then I’m snaking
your hair through this. All right Naiah – oh Jesus help me. (laughter) – Imma need the church to
pray for me cause this is- – This isn’t even pretty on her, like! – [Mami] This does look, I don’t know, that hairstyle is rough, let’s go. Okay, so Naiah’s hair, believe it or not, Elli’s dreads are tighter cause Elli has, like, a kinkier texture than Naiah. Naiah’s are all matted
at the root right now, I have to go through to
wash and separate her hair. But, uh, yeah, so you can see, you can’t even see Naiah’s scalp. – [Naiah] You can see Elli’s. – [Mami] You can see Elli’s but you cannot see Naiah’s scalp,
Naiah’s hair, um, is so- There, now you can get some
scalp in the back, hold on. There’s some scalp- – [Naiah] Don’t show them my scalp! – [Mami] Here you can see in the front how they are really separated. Okay, so the first thing
I wanna do on Naiah’s hair is I am gonna spray a
little moisturizer in here. – Yeah, lots of moisturizer! – Your- obviously didn’t need anything in her hair to have it done. I’m not gonna bother, I think they did like a part or a zig-zag part. – Like, I think they
never able to do that. I think they, like, take
like an hour for each craft and they just like… – [Mami] This is gonna be…. – So ugly. – [Mami] You kinda, with dreadlocks, you gotta go where the hair wants to go. Okay, so it’s a little un- – I look so pretty! – There is what I have so far but, uh. – I look like a clown or like a boy from, like, Little House on the Prairie. – Bobo the clown! So what I’m gonnna do- – Oh, this looks wonderful, I’m going to school looking like this! – [Mami] So we’re gonna
put this one in a pony. – Oh, this looks cute! Mami, this the hairstyle- ha ha, no. – [Mami] Get this part. – Okay, Mami, you really,
you’re like pulling a lot. – Sorry! Here is Naiah’s hair in the two, her two dreadlocks in the pony tails. I have- ew, look at my
nail, I’m sorry guy’s, I’ve been picking my polish off. So, all right, so let’s put,
I don’t think it’s gonna work with these because they’re so
tight, I gotta stretch them. – [Naiah] Yeah, I think
that’s how they did it. – [Mami] Okay, so stretched
them out but there is the band. So let’s put it into
Naiah’s first pony tail. Here we go. – You know, just make it
as nice as you can Mami, I believe in you. – [Mami] This is just like Troom Troom. – Exactly! Troom Troom is the best
for curly and kinky hair, I’m telling you. – Let me tell you something,
the little monster on this one. Oh, if I break my nail,
I swear on my life, I’m canceling Troom Troom. I’m gonna sue Troom Troom
cause my nail broke off. – [Elli] Guys, make sure to give a thumbs down to Troom Troom. – [Mami] No Elli. – Girl, I got my hairdo. – [Mami] Okay, so this is the first one. And now, but remember, they
did like a little zig-zag. It hurts back here? – It’s like pulling. – Oh, I feel it, I see
it, like the dreads. This is the first one, I don’t even think we should attempt the
second one or should we? – [Elli] We should. – [Naiah] … on my hair. (laughter) – [Mami] You look just like
the girl on Troom Troom. – [Naiah] Could we please take this off? – [Mami] No, no, no, I have
to get the video of it. – [Naiah] No, no, no, please
do not, this is so painful. – [Mami] All right, so it’s too painful? All right, you wanna go
in the bathroom and look? I’m not even gonna do a
side by side right now. – This is like, you guys do not look good. (laughter) – [Mami] From the front! – Hey, look at this look! (laughter) – [Mami] Wait, wait, wait, let me see it. (laughter) – [Elli] I just love my hairstyle. – [Mami] Hold it guys, so
look, it sits up in the air. You know what this is perfect for? – [Naiah] Like Cindy Lou? – [Mami] No, Maleficent. Like we can do a Maleficent- (laughter) – [Naiah] I, Miss Maleficent. – [Mami] This is a struggle. All right, so now we’re
doing the next hairstyle. And, oh, she’s trying different looks. Oh I think you’re gonna
like this one, Elli, cause it’s just making
the little cat ears. Okay, you ready to make some cat ears? – [Elli] No, look at my hair. (laughter) It’s so tangled. – [Mami] All righty, so
we’re gonna try to make that. Okay, so Elli has ripped her hair out and its all in shambles right now. – Shake you hair like you just don’t care. – [Mami] We got the hot glue going and now we are going to, Elli’s gonna pick the
colors that she wants. – [Naiah] Which of these
are we gonna chose? – [Mami] I think we
should use the black one. – [Elli] I like the white. – So, of course, for safety, I will be doing all the hot glue. So I’m going to put you guys down so you can see what I’m doing. Oh my gosh guys, I just filmed
putting this ear together, so, let me film the other side. Sorry guy, I thought I was filming. Okay, so we’re gonna match this, mirror this, on the other side. First I put the yellow
then she wanted the purple. We’ll put purple here, okay. And then now we’re gonna
put pink on the top. So, here’s the pink. Okay. Yeah, those are the ears. So, Elli, do you wanna put your ears on? – Yeah, let me just get my hair straight. – [Mami] Her hair is a little… There is the final product, side by side comparison, hopefully. Yeah, super cute, I think this is a win, this is not a fail, I put
this in the plus column. – Oh, I’ve got this
crazy bump, but this is, I would wear these everywhere. – [Mami] Okay, so next up, all right, she’s getting a pony tail right there, and then she’s got two pony tails, I think, or is it three?
I think it’s three. – [Naiah] I think it’s
like a messed up bun. – [Mami] It’s three pony tails. Okay, and she turned ’em
into messy buns in the back. Well I got news for her, sister, we don’t have to mess our buns. Our buns are messy on their own! – [Naiah] Like we just (muffled) – [Mami] I can just put
three little pony tails in a messy bun. The jaws of life to
get this off your head. Grab that- – [Naiah] Oh my God,
please do not do that. – [Mami] Which part
hurts, the whole thing? – [Naiah] At the root, root. – [Mami] I’m sorry guys, I’m
trying to be gentle but it’s- – [Naiah] Oh my gosh! – [Mami] Oh, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. I’m done! Are you alive? – No. – [Mami] So now we have our next low pony and it is not smooth at all. – [Naiah] They said messy. (laughter) – [Mami] This hair needs
oil and prayer because… – [Naiah] What in the world, oh my God. – [Mami] Ugh, her hair
won’t let go of this, I don’t even know how this is in here, how he got in here. – [Naiah] This is wonderful. – [Mami] Now she has two
messy, messy ponys in the back. There’s her – Naiah turn around so we can see you in the front. (laughter) Whoa, you look just like
the tutorial, ten outta ten. Wait, wait, no, I haven’t finished, no, you have more, there is more. – What? – [Mami] Yes. – This is a crazy hairstyle. – [Mami] We’re gonna use our curvy, our thick and curvy Instagram model, cause it says “embrace your curves”, so this is some thicc, T H I C C. Pin this down. – [Naiah] You can do it. – [Mami] Like a messy bun,
which, Naiah told you already, by nature, the hair is already messy. All right, so turn this way
so we can see the other bun. – [Naiah] What does this even look like? Totally weird looking pony tail like. – [Mami] So here we go, there! Oh, yas, yas! (laughter) Guys, look, turn around, let
me see you from the front. Okay, Imma be 100% honest, turn to the back so we can see it, this just looks like matted hair that I ripped into two buns, it looks like your hair normally looks and I’m not doing anything to it. We have the mess in messy. All right, you’re looking good girl. (camera shutter) – [Naiah] You’re jealous. – Okay, so you wanna go see it? – [Naiah] Yeah, let me go. – All right, so she’s gonna go see it now. Oh, sorry, I’m backlit, you can’t see me. – [Naiah] I look so good. – [Mami] Let’s see. – It looks like you didn’t do nothing. – [Mami] It looks like I
did nothing to your hair. – I’m in my beautiful Troom Troom hair. No, I look like, really, like
I tried to do my own buns. – [Mami] Yeah, it does look like an eight year old tried
to do her own buns. Let’s see what we have on the docket. Oh, we have some Wifi issues. Okay, so it looks like this girl is getting bunch of
these little scrunchies- – [Elli] Oh, this should be easy. – [Mami] -up on her hair. – [Mami and Elli] Oh! – [Mami] So she has like
a Dr. Seuss kinda pony? – [Elli] What! – [Mami] Wow, okay, well, here we go! All right, there we go. First pony is done and I think we’re just gonna use
some of these blues, so. Oh my gosh, these are the worst! If I ever tell you I’m
getting these hairbands again just shoot me on sight, on
sight I need to be shot. Ugh, my fingers feel
like they’re breaking. Okay, so first one on. Wait, don’t look! This is your surprise, beautiful, Troom Troom cute girl hairstyle. – [Naiah] It didn’t even look cute on her, it looked like, ratchet looking. It looked really ugly. Girl you look so good. – [Mami] This tutorial
is killing my fingers. Woo Lord, we gonna pray for
these fingers, today stays. I don’t know how many she put on. – [Naiah] No, she put
like half the pony tail. – [Mami] Yeah, no, I’m not doing all that. Oh my gosh, I don’t think
I’ll live through this. – [Elli] I feel like Mami only done one. – [Mami] Ah! Ah! – [Naiah] Mom, I have
bad news, she did ten. – [Mami] You look like a
character from Dr. Seuss. – [Naiah] I’m Cindy Lou, I’m Cindy Lou. Like make it to the top of her head. – [Mami] This, ten outta
ten, just like Troom Troom, no one tell me anything different. She looks- – [Naiah] You have to put it to the top and like fix it and
like put it to the top. – [Mami] Here, I’m not even
gonna bother with the bathroom, we’re just gonna… – [Naiah] No, we need to
put the whole pack in it. – [Mami] No, cause some of
her hair was out, right? – [Naiah] No, the whole,
no, her whole head. – [Elli] No! – [Mami] Naiah’s
insisting that more go on. – [Elli] No Naiah, you’re not the boss. – [Mami] All right, that’s
all we’re gonna get on. – [Naiah] No, more! – [Elli] No! – [Mami] That’s it, that’s it. Now, Elli, sit down. (laughter) – [Naiah] It looks like
Elli did the hairstyle. (laughter) (Naiah and Mami speaking over one another) – [Mami] Hold up, let me
get people a close up. So there is Elli’s version. – You know what this needs? (laughter) Wait, I wanna go see in the mirror. – [Naiah] It looks like
a birthday party hat! – [Mami] It does look like a birthday hat. Like if I just kept going,
it would look like a cone. – [Naiah] What is this! It
looks like a mermaid’s tail. – [Mami] Oh it does! – [Elli] All we need is Ariel on here. – [Mami] It is a mermaid’s tail. There’s her’s, see, she does
have hair out at the bottom. (Naiah and Mami talking over one Another) There she is! There she is from the side. (laughter) Elli, would you go out with
your hair looking like this? With this cute girl hairstyle that millions of people have watched? – [Elli] One of them’s
gonna tell (mumbled) that I look like this! – [Naiah] Here comes the bride. – [Mami] Her rainbow, there we go, so. – [Naiah] But you can see
it, you can still see it. – [Mami] They did a french braid and then they just pinned it on there. And then I think in the
adult, they braided it in. But since you’re not an adult, we’re just gonna pin it onto your hair. – [Elli] Guys, look what
happened when I took it out. (laughter) – [Mami] You look like Don King! Okay, so Naiah, take your
place in the seat of shame. – In the circle of life. – In case you guys don’t know, we live at Disney world in Orlando, we live like literally at Disney World. So we’re actually finishing building our house here at Disney World. So make sure you follow
me at Mami CrayCray, my channel over there so you can see all the stuff we do around Disney. – And Instagram. – Yeah, and Instagram Mami CrayCray. – We have some cute Disney (muffled). – Yeah, we have a lot of
Disney stuff over there. But now it’s on to the business of beautiful weave pony tail. – Oh, Imma get that weave. – [Mami] I don’t even know how to do- – But you said you could put yarn in my dreadlock cause I want colored hair. – [Mami] Well, your dream has come true. Like what is this… – Like you have to, like,
pull all the yarn off? – It took me forever to cut this yarn out, so we’re doing one fishtail
braid or pony tail on her, I don’t have time for all this, I don’t have precut
weave, I just have yarn. But I do think the color is really pretty. – [Naiah] Or we could cut it in half? – No, then it’d be too short. Okay, I think we’re gonna do a side thing so let’s start with this because this hair is not french
braid appropriate hair. – [Naiah] Oh my, ow! – [Mami] It’s snaggin’? – [Naiah] It feels like
you just snagged the hair. – [Mami] Okay, so yeah, I know this looks really, really crazy. – [Naiah] There’s like things, do you see this, Mom do you see this? – [Mami] No, no, I want it, I want that part out so you have a little flavor in the front. – I’ve got the flavor in the front, what? – [Mami] No, no, no, don’t
touch it, it’ll fall apart. My idea was to float this- (laughter) This looks, ten outta ten, so good. I’m telling you now,
everyone in the streets gonna be like girl, who did, who? – [Naiah] You snatched it. – [Mami] You did that, sister girl. Ten outta ten, don’t even touch
it, like this is so pretty. – [Naiah] I wouldn’t care if
it wasn’t piercing my earline. – [Mami] Oh, it is? – [Naiah] Is it done? – [Mami] No, hold on. Your dreams are almost a reality. – [Naiah] Momma, thank you for my long, you look at this (muffled) – [Mami] Ah! – You jealous, you jealous. I gotta go look in the mirror, then take the photo there. – [Mami] Wait, turn around
the back, let me see it. Wait, we gotta see the other side, they haven’t seen the
other side, they must see, all angles of this creation must be seen. All right, take it to the bathroom. (laughter) You can’t even seen the back, look. – You jealous, party in the house! – [Mami] Wait, it’s not focusing on you. Your hair’s so beautiful,
the camera’s jealous, it don’t want to focus as good. It’s so jealous. Okay, so there it is
from the front, gorgeous. Now you wanna face that way, there you go. Oh! Ma’am, ma’am, who did your hair? Ma’am, who did your hair? (camera shutter) – You know who did my hair? Troom Troom. – Okay guys, that’s it for this video. Make sure you subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell. We’re definitely gonna
be turning this channel into just vlogging and
trying out different things and DIYs and just seeing the struggle. Also if you guys wanna
see more of our lives here at Disney World, make sure
you follow me on my channel at Mami CrayCray. And yeah, that’s it. – [Naiah] And like my weave. – [Mami] And like that weave. All you haters, back off that weave.

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