We Went To The Largest All-Girl Pool Party In Palm Springs

– You guys honestly should just like, not wear swimsuits. I feel like that’s gonna be the– – I know, right? (laughing)
Wait is that crazy? – I think it’s gonna be insane. (upbeat music) – There’s this huge pool party happening in Palm Springs, and we’re gonna drive down there this weekend, and put ourselves through a little challenge. – We have to buy bathing suits for each other. ^We each have $175, which is a pretty good amount. – [Ella] It’s a lot. – It is a boutique swim store that we have to go to. – [Ella] I normally wear one pieces and– – [Caitlin] I normally wear a bikini. – So we’re gonna try to switch, and hopefully push our comfort zones a little bit. ^We have 24 hours to complete all this. ^Let’s hope we can get it done. ^- And we have to shoot everything on our phones. – No crew, baby! ^(upbeat music) – [Caitlin] Alright! – [Ella] Woohoo! – [Caitlin] Woooo! – [Ella] Trash. – [Caitlin] My water, La Croix. (upbeat music) ^- Here we go! ^- We got waxed earlier today. I broke up with my girlfriend. I was like (beep) everything. – I agree with that. – [Caitlin] This is horrific. – Well, good thing we’re not too acquainted. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Woo!
(laughing) – I’m so ready to find a bathing suit for you. – Hands down I’m way more nervous than Ella is. – Her fate is in my hands. – Yes, exactly! – I don’t feel like I’ve seen you in like a super sexy bikini before. – Oh, for sure, I don’t think I have ever owned anything that was that crazy.
– Well, get ready. (laughing) – Hello!
– [Ella] It’s just fun. – We are pushing limits this weekend! – [Caitlin] Jazz, are you gonna buy one, or no? – Oh hell no, I brought my own swimsuit. – Bathing suit wise I, whoa. – [Caitlin] I’m gonna get really close. – Why is it so close, Caitlin? – [Caitlin] I don’t know! I’m trying to find a better angle. Ah, Jesus! – That arm workout though. – I did swimming, so I’ve been pretty comfortable in bathing suits. But the thing that’s fun is that you guys have boobs way more than me. That’s fun in a bathing suit. – Uh. – No? – I don’t, I think no. – Well.
– No. I want something that’s supportive. – Yes. – And that’s actually hard to find. – Very
– Ooohhhh I wear little triangle tops. – Oh no! I mean, you can do that. You do have the power to do that this weekend, if you really want. – Under boob city. – Please, no. – [Ella] What is a good swim suit price? – I haven’t spent over probably $40 on a swim suit. – [Caitlin] Really? I mean, you don’t wanna know how much I bought my last one for.
– Yeah, I do, how much? – My last, the last one I just bought was $260. (gasping) (dramatic music) It was really expensive, guys. – I feel like lesbians just stay inside all year, and then when Dinah Shore comes they’re like, let’s go. (laughing) – This is Dinah Shore, which is the biggest lesbian pool party. – At least in the U.S. But if not the world. Regardless of it being like lesbians or whatever, but being in a place where it’s all women. – Yeah, that’s going to be interesting. – Like, just all women. – That’s actually, I’m actually excited for that. – I’m hoping it feels good and empowering. – I think it will be very liberating. – I already had one of my exes text me and be like, “I’m gonna be there.”
– You serious? – No way, that’s like some drama. – I know. (laughing) – We’re cool though, we’re cool though. – Oh.
– But it was still like ugh. (playful jazz music) – Looking for lesbians.
– [Ella] Where are you? – Looking for the lesbians. – Where? ^- Glad you made it. – [Yidi] I’m so happy I’m here. – I’m so tired. – Oh, yeah.
– Oh, we opened it real fast. – I’m ready to go out. – Are you really? – Mhmm. – You’re so impressive. ^(lounge music) ^(laughing) – I’m like. – [Caitlin] Getting cozy. (laughing) – I feel like a bug! (upbeat music) – I don’t know why I just got nervous. Oh God – I think that the most fun part about this is making people try a bunch of stuff on. – Yeah, that’s true. (upbeat music) – So, do you have a game plan? – Well my game plan is generally because you don’t usually wear bikinis to start with that. – Okay. – What is your game plan? – I’m just gonna browse. – Okay, let’s browse. (energetic music) – I feel like we need something cheeky. How do you feel about your butt? Show it? – Yeah, show it. – Beautiful. – [Caitlin] Here’s Ella pretending it’s none of her business. See the stuff I got for her? What did you think? – I think she’ll look good in them. – Yeah? – I’m interested. – I hope so. – [Caitlin] I think I’m ready. – Okay. – [Caitlin] So, don’t hate me. – Okay. – [Caitlin] First up, I have a sage green – Oooh, yeah. – [Caitlin] Oooh! – Yeah – [Jazzmyne] I like the little butt! Also, I like how like your red hair compliments the green. – [Caitlin] Nice. ^- I like it. ^- [Jazzmyne] That’s why we picked it! – Black. ^- [Jazzmyne] Black, black bikinis. ^- [Caitlin] Yup. – Okay, that might have been my doing. Just because I was like Ella needs to be in a thong for a second. (laughing) We want what we can’t have for others. (laughing)
– [Caitlin] Okay – Oooh! – [Jazzmyne] Yas! – [Caitlin] Oh my god! – [Yidi] You know what might look cute actually with that? Hold on. – [All Women] Oh, yeah!
– [Caitlin] Now we’re talking. – [Caitlin] Ooooh, yes. – Yeah – [Jazzmyne] Oh, I love it! – [Yidi] Oh my god! – [Jazzmyne] You’re here! – I love it, yes!
– [Jazzmyne] Work, work, work. – [Caitlin] I think this is my favorite. – Yeah? – [Yidi] Yeah. – This is your favorite?
– Yeah. – [Jazzmyne] It’s cute. – [Yidi] It’s so feminine and so sexy. – [Caitlin] I don’t know if I like it better than the than the black one. – [Jazzmyne] They give two different vibes. – Well, this is more what I normally wear. – Yeah. – So you’ve decided?
– Yeah. I like this one. – [Caitlin] We’ve decided, we’ve decided on this one. – Yes. – [Yidi] I love it, it’s so fun and different. – Yeah. – Yeah, I love it. Thank you guys.
– Yay! – [Yidi] It’s her turn now. – [Ella] Let’s just go for it. – Oooh, okay. I don’t think I’ve ever worn anything in this color. (women gasp) – [All together] Oh! – [Yidi] Caitlin! – [Jazzmyne] What the (beep)? – [Ella] Yes. – [Yidi] I think that that suit in a different color. – [Ella] Yeah. ^- [Jazzmyne] I’m still not mad at it though. – [Ella] I yeah, – [Jazzmyne] It’s a vibe. – [Ella] It’s a vibe. Her boobs are awesome. – [Jazzmyne] I’m like what the (beep)? (laughing) – [Store Clerk] Are you okay support-wise? Are you okay? – I am actually. I think if I was dancing that might be a different story. But you’re like when am I dancing in a swimsuit? – [Yidi] Come out. – [Ella] Ooh, yeah. – [Yidi] That’s really cute. – I don’t think I’ve ever had a suit that did this. – [Ella] Yeah. ^(laughing) ^- Yeah, this is true. – [Ella] Oooh! – [Jazzmyne] That’s cute too. – [Ella] It’s very girl next door. – To be honest this isn’t as scandalous as I thought you guys were gonna go. – [Ella] Well. – I’m like okay. – [Ella] Keep going. (laughing) – This one might be pushing my boundaries a bit much. – [Ella] Yes. Oh! – [Jazzmyne] Boobs? I feel like this is good, but I feel like you could be pushed more. – [Ella] Good. Yeah. – [All Together] Oh my god, yeah, yeah, – I love it. – [Ella] I love it. This is more the vibe that I was looking for. – [Jazzmyne] Yeah, I love the color, it’s flattering.
– [Ella] Yeah. (inaudible chatting) – [Jazzmyne] It’s not even like a lot of boob. – [Ella] No. – [Jazzmyne] I’ve seen more. – I’ve seen more. – [Ella] How do you feel in it? Are you self conscious? – I’m actually getting into this. – [Ella] Yeah? – Yeah. I think I’m into this. – [Yidi] I love it. Oh my God, who knew? (laughing) This bod was hiding. – Honestly, that’s what I’m saying. – [Ella] Let’s keep going. – Tada. – [All Together] Ohhh. – [Ella] Yeah I think it’s a little too conservative. It’s not bad, but it’s not, it’s not for us today. Oooh, yeah. – So this is the same style, right? – [Ella] But patterned. – [Ella] Yes.
– [Jazzmyne] Yeah. – [Ella] A 100% it is so cute. – It’s, that’s epic. It’s beautiful. – [Ella] It feels very adult. Winner
(bell rings) – [Ella] Let’s buy them and get out there. (upbeat music) (record scratch) – Woo – Oh god, oh god
– Wait – Hello friend. (laughing) ^It’s awkward to like not like try to be natural. ^Okay. (fake laughter) – I feel like you have slightly more control than I do. – Oh God, Caitlin! – We’re good, we’re good. – Do we do photos now?
– [Yidi] Yeah, photos. (electronic music) (inaudible chatter) – This is my like, favorite thing to do. I love editing photos. ^- You need to show one with your legs. – What does good legs mean, though? – [Caitlin] I don’t know.
– [Jazzmyne] Exactly. – Like I remember, my grandmother has a few times been like, you could stand to lose some weight. ^And I’m like, thanks.
– [Ella] Oh my god. – My grandma said that to me once and I hadn’t seen her in like eight years. – [Caitlin] Oh my god. – And I was like, well where have you been? (laughing) Like, surprise. ^(laughing) – To me it’s just like, there’s so much stuff going on in the world right now, that if you want to come and talk to me about my body, let’s like navigate through it, then you clearly have something wrong with you. Go talk about politics, go talk about like, the terrible things going on. Like don’t talk about me and my body. – [Ella] Yeah. – Like there’s nothing to say there. For me, it was a big control thing. [Ella] Yeah. – [Jazzmyne] I felt out of control in a lot of senses in my life. The only thing I could grasp onto was like controlling my food intake and the lack of it. – [Ella] Well you did sports too, right? – Yeah. – If you get in an unhealthy mindset, you’re like, if I just don’t eat and I just my workout for the day. – Exactly. – And you keep doing it, and its really (bleep) up. – Everyone compliments you. – Yes – Oh, I know.
– That’s the worst part. – And they’re like, you look really thin. – Yeah and it’s like, why is that a compliment? – Yeah – I didn’t eat for two weeks. – I wish I didn’t think so much about what I ate. I wanna just eat Chinese chicken salad everyday. – Honestly, of all the things you could eat everyday that’s probably not that bad. – I think a lot of it is just like, the industry has to change. And I think that the industry has gotten a lot better. Like, the fashion industry. – It’s been cool to see. I just want to see more of it. – I know. We know it can be done.
– [Ella] Yeah. So like, (bleep) do it. – [Ella And Caitlin] Yeah – Like oh we got a size 22 now. Like first of all, that’s not even the biggest size you could go up to. – [Ella] Yeah. – And second of all, thank you, but – [Ella] Yeah. – You should’ve considered these people before. ^- [Ella] Before, yeah. ^- [Yidi] Oh, cool ^(laughing) – Oh we’re here. – Yay, we’re here. We’re arriving. (upbeat music) – Yay – What a day. – I’m so tired. Did you have fun? – I did. Then I was initially a little nervous, like almost like as soon as I got there and got in the pool it was like, okay. It was very crowded which is usually not my thing but it was such a positive vibe. – You see like all different types of bodies and everyone is just like not being self conscious. It makes me not be self conscious. Because you’re like there’s really nothing to hide. I think a very successful trip. – High five. – Good job. – Good job us.

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  1. this is really weird but only because they work for a corporation. like I can't imagine walking around the office, after this and jim being like hey that bikini shoot! nice!

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    1-The Black two piece that Ella wore
    2-The Baby Blue one piece that Caitlin wore

  6. On Amazon, I could get 3 bathing suits, a bathing suit cover, a pair of sandals, a beach towel, a mesh tote, a double pack of sunscreen, and a pair of sunglasses with a total of going $2 over buget after tax (free shipping included)

  7. I see people freaking out over the 175$ cap and saying oh i get mine for $30 or whatever and im here like mine are like 10$😂😂😂

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    Edit: She just tried on those bottoms without leaving her underwear on

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  14. I see people getting really mad about the $175. I disagree it really depends on your body type. I can’t just go into a normal shop like cotton on (idk if they have that in other countries) and buy a pair for $20 because none of the normal ones will fit me due to my big boobs and small frame (10E in AUS/30DDD in US) So I have to go to boutiques and buy really expensive ones because they cater to more shapes.

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