Wedding Anniversary Geocaching DISASTER!! 😧

We’re gonna go back to the place where
we got married. Tadum, and there it is! Look at this! What the heck? Come, lady! How did we end up here? They forgot us! Hello!
– Hellooo! Welcome back!
– Welcome back .. I’m Paul ..
– To our channel … Oh .. What are we gonna do today, woman? Today is actually the 27th of January.
And it is our one-year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it.
– Yep! It’s gone so quick. We’re just about
to head out for dinner, hence why we’re all dressed up. We’re gonna go back to the place where
we got married, have dinner, but first on our way out we’re gonna spend like an
hour and a half-ish looking for geocaches and there is one right by
where we got married on the beach too. – And we did not do that one when we got
married because we were too busy getting married. We are currently, a little while ago we did a Geocache puzzle series, Geo-art thingy, based on Crayola. I’ll link the video down below, if you missed it, but there were two caches that we couldn’t find because they were just not there.
They finally replaced them and we are going to find them now. So, that’s our first
stop for today. Let’s go find it! Should be in here.
– You probably already spotted it. I’m blinded by the Sun!
Maybe it’s the next tree actually. Oh, we didn’t bring the phone. Maybe we
should get the phone, that might help. So we can navigate.
– Yeah The log said that it’s now been moved about 30 meters from original coordinates. So they replaced it, but instead of replacing it in the original position or updating the hints and all that, they just replaced it and didn’t update anything. Tadum, and there it is! Alright, come, lady! By the way, if it’s a magnetic on this thing, that’s illegal. I would put it somewhere here. You can hear the electricity going ‘zzzzzzzz’. Hint was ‘under’. Come on, I want to put the find on it live. And Lady found it! Where did you find it? Ah, okay! Haha!
The previous cacher put some stuff in front of it. Yay!
– Wohoo! Nice, let’s sign it, lady! Oh, lady! Noooo. Do you like my Geocaching attire? Yeah! Haha! Your cache pants and your cache shoes! By the way, when you stand in front of this gate you look very posh. The man is going for this next one, because the lady’s shoes are a little inappropriate for caching. He said it’s in the exact location we looked last time! Tadaaa!
– Tadum! Yay! Alright, guys, that means we finally finished off that Geo-art! You guys are gonna love this cache! Yes, that’s funny. The moment you arrive at the cache location, be like, people gonna love this! Yep! We’re driving down the road, trying to find a cemetery. And we were like, what, there’s no cemetery here!? You can’t see a cemetery from the side of the road, but come and take a look at this little hidden gem. Okay, so this is a main 100km/h road and look at this, there’s a secret little path. Not really wheelchair friendly, but .. Or actually really wheelchair friendly! Look at this! What the heck!? How do you like my fluff ball? It’s the lady’s fluff ball.
– Hey! Give me my fluff ball. But, let’s find the cache here! Yes! Oh yeah!
– “Oh yeah!” I was like, Ok, that was nice, go back to the car. If I would put a cache here, I would put it here. Ouch! Prickly! Maybe through here. Oh, this is a Geo path. Yep! Lots of mozzies here though. Oh, the lady is above me. FOUND IT! Oh, that’s pretty hard! Hi, lady! Here’s the cache. What’s the terrain rating? Gee. So we made it to Karioitahi Beach. And we got married, right up on that cliff top. See that building? That’s where we got married! One year ago. We’re headed down the beach to get the cache. Fun fact; This is a black sand beach. There’s iron in it. – It’s so sparkly. Come, lady! I’m not dressed for this.
– Come, come! Come, lady. Can you help your lady? Yes, I will help the lady. Come. Come. Put your feet here. Hold the man and jump. So, 60 meters that way. Fun fact; What? These dunes behind us.
We took photos walking through these dunes. I will insert the pictures here. CAMERA SHUTTER SOUND CAMERA SHUTTER SOUND CAMERA SHUTTER SOUND So we’re gonna have to do some awkward
digging, because there are people behind us. Muggles everywhere, but we have 45
minutes to get this cache. So we might be able to wait it out, but it’s behind that flax. So we’ve devised a plan. Instead of
waiting, because we’re in our nice clothes, he’s gonna put a towel down and
sit next to the flash. Flash? Flax! On that ledge there and then try and grab it. He’s looking for it. He’s looking for it. He is looking for it. It’s probably right
behind it, like right behind it. It’s very well hidden, if it’s there though. He found it! Here’s the bag. Just gonna pop it in the bag.
– Yeah! Yes, go grab it. Yes. Oh awesome. Let’s go sit on the log then. I was looking for a square … The camera died, so we’re now on the iPhone.
Hopefully it doesn’t look too bad. But, ehm, yeah, let’s open it up.
– Yes! It’s a little bit wet on the inside.
– Oooh. Oooh. It’s just a log. We have a story to tell you..
– Yeah. So … How do we end up here, may you be asking. Well, .. they forgot us! So. Story is; We walked in, sat down for our 8 o’clock dinner reservation. Ordered our drinks. They came within two minutes. Perfect. They were great. Waiting for them to take our order. 10 minutes later … 20 minutes later …
30 minutes later … Almost 40 minutes later, she comes around and says; “Oh, you guys okay?” And we went ..
– “Nooo” .. “No, actually, we’ve been waiting to order for 40 minutes.” “Oh, you haven’t ordered? Oh, okay.”
Runs away .. She went to the bar and had a chat with someone else. And then it went like “Oh, bla bla blabla bla bla”. And had an argument with each other. She came back, took our order,
went back to the kitchen. And then, 10 minutes later, the manager comes out and says; “Oh, I’m sorry. We can’t fulfill your order. The kitchen is closed.” After we’d been sitting there for almost an hour! Good one, guys. Thanks.
Thanks for that! So, we got our drinks for free, they got us a nice dessert, as you could see. – Yep. Trying to fix the situation, but really it wasn’t good enough. We sat there for 40 minutes. They
served other tables, mains and dessert, while we were sitting there and they forgot about us. So, here we are, at 10 o’clock at night, with Maccas. We did not even mention it’s a 40 minute drive. One way. So, uhm, that was a disaster.
– Yep! Thank you for watching. We hope you
enjoyed this Geocaching portion of this video. We did!
– We did! If you’d like to see more of these adventures and watch our disasters, and laugh at us or with us – whichever you prefer –
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will see you in our next video! – Byeee!
See ya!

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  1. That stinks! But it will be a good memory. Funny! But sad to! That is a beautiful beach!!!
    We went to a black sand beach on the northern coast of California. It was very cool.
    My parents forgot my 17th birthday. Completely didn’t say anything until we were chilling around the Telly at night. Lol!
    And don’t even get me started with my husband ability to gift my birthday. It’s a sore subject.

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