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Name: Nora Name: Rupal Name: Nitin The Husband
Name: Yashdeep Branding and Soft Music Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband Nora: Hi!
Rupal: So, Have you selected a Gift for Yash? Nora: Gift? Why is he getting married?
Rupal: Have you forgotten? It your wedding anniversary Nora: SOS! You come to my house right away and help me please Rupal: ok ok I’m coming Rupal: Typing Rupal: Hello Nitin! Nora needs help, we need to reach her house ASAP. So pick me up. Rupal: Ok. Door Bell Rings
Nora and Rupal: Hi! Nora: Thank you for coming Upbeat Music Playing Nora: I can’t figure out what should I buy
for my husband. So, you guys have to help me out. Rupal: Ok. But atleast give me a cup of coffee Nitin: And I want tea Nora: You guys are thinking about Tea and Coffee while I’m in trouble. Please help me out think of a gift. Thinking… Soft Music in the Background Pacing around the room… Thinking Rupal: Idea! What you can do is you can cook something at home and have a romantic dinner. That’s the best. Rupal: And don’t worry about Laksh. I will take care of him. I will babysit him. Nora: That sounds like a good idea Nora Thinking… Laksh jumping on the sofa and Rupal is catching him Laksh running down the stairs and Rupal is chasing him Laksh pulling Rupal’s hair and Laughing Laksh hitting Rupal with a Pillow Cushion Nora: No its not possible Nitin: Yash is a gamer. Gift him a funky recliner Nora: Hmmm. Thats a good idea Nora Thinking about the Recliner Yash: Why have bought Emperor Akbar’s thron? Was he a game as well? Nora: Nah! Thats also not possible Nitin: I have another idea.
I just bought shirts from I think you should check out the website Nora: Really? Lets see the website Nitin is opening the website on the iPad Nora opens the website and checks out the shirts Nora: Done! I have ordered 3 shirts Rupal and Nora – High Five each other
Nitin and Nora also High Five Door Bell Rings
Nora: Yes boss Delivery Guy: You courier from
Nora: Thank you Nora Voice: Finally we came to a decision and chose 3 shirts from and Yash was very happy about it Nora Voice: First shirt that I chose for Yash was a grey blue sating hirt. Crafted elegantly with soft fabric. The matte finish of the shirt adds more grace to the look. You can pair this is chinos or denim to perfect an evening outing Soft music playing Nora Voice: The second shirt that I chose
was a brown checked shirt crafted in supreme cotton and wool. The brushed finish on this shirt is perfect for winter ware. Pair it rugged denim’s and boots to add grace to the entire look. Nora Voice: The Third shirt was a cute pink
dobby shirt. Made out of dobby fabric which is the most premium fabric in mens ware today. Stitched in comfort fit, it is perfect for formal business meeting. Nora: Hey! But where is my gift. All: Hi guys! I hope you liked this video.
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