Wedding became funeral! He wanna marry me, but his grandpa wants to kill me.|ep51-2

I figured it out I promise you Master is dead Xiaoxia is also dead My loved ones in this world are gone There are n’t many me in this world Only the zhufu of the master I have to revive the family So i can’t die You will defeat the emperor, right of course As long as you are willing to marry me My grandpa would not kill you There will be no differences between him and me Although I lost in Xuzhou World War I But i don’t have no chance Just find the right time I can also defeat the emperor I don’t care who is emperor I just want to revive zhufu no problem It’s a pity I can’t marry you with much fanfare After I wanted to ascend the throne, I will give you a grand wedding in the palace. Can only get married in such a place Even the marriage certificate was found in a nearby village. lady Wronged you This is nothing I have begged with my uncle since childhood I’ve had a hard time Go get ready Where can I find Hipo in this broken place? Why is the Lord still not here? Your wife’s cooking is so good We should go Two drink together Share a drink A glass of wine? What marriage! grandfather Looks like someone still told me about you Do you think everyone is as stupid as you You only know how long your children are You don’t understand national cause Maps and relics are not in your hands Even if you take her You can’t get the treasure Why don’t we fulfill it? She will soon be your granddaughter Don’t embarrass her anymore From now on I work with you to defeat the emperor I have maps and relics What I’m missing is her Yes I must take her Do you want to stop me Even if I want to marry her Take her away too Children can’t support things Have you ever loved someone Even if she doesn’t love you Would you give up everything for her too Obsessed excuse me You two traitors Big brother grandfather grandfather Yuan Chong go Don’t stop me Do you want your sister to die? My family was killed I can’t live I must kill the emperor myself so you just sacrifice your sister! go to hell

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