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– Have you ever tried to make the perfect mixed cocktail
and it just bombed? Well, today… (laughs) Today, we have Clair McLafferty, who is an amazing
mixologist and bartender. And author. Who is gonna share with you
all about The Old Fashioned, and these line up of bitters that we have. (soft acoustic music) My name is Meredith Ryncarz. I’m a wedding and portrait photographer. And on this YouTube channel
we help photographers provide a better experience
for their clients, and brides to have a more
stress free wedding day. So, Clair, whiskey cocktails
are always my favorite. So, tell me a little bit about this drink. – So, The Old Fashioned is one of the most versatile cocktails. It was invented somewhere in the 1800s. – 18 (speaksgibberish) years ago! – Yeah, and it’s really
kind of interesting because it started out as the Old
Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail. Well, it did not start out as the Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail, it actually morphed into that. What it started out with, at… What it started out as,
is The Whiskey Cocktail. So, in 1806 the first written definition of a cocktail was made, and it was a drink comprised of spirits,
water, sugar, and bitters. Very simple, four ingredients. But, if you notice it excludes pretty much all cocktails with citrus. It excludes pretty much, probably, 40% of the cocktails
that are out there now. But, when cocktails
started getting fancier, and in fact, an improvement
on these cocktails was called an Improved Whiskey Cocktail. And it might have a
little bit of absinthe, and some sort of fancy liqueur, something like that to make
it a little bit more special. But, apparently people got
a little bit sick of that and started making what they called, The Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail. – Ah. – Which was a return to the spirits, sugar, bitters, water formula. So, we’ve fancied it up a
little bit with an orange peel. But, the biggest changes in
The Old Fashioned happened starting around the turn
of the 20th century. People started adding
a little bit of fruit. And then, by prohibition, there
were cherries and oranges. And then, by the 30s
it was The Fruit Salad. (Meredith laughing) Kind of old fashioned varietal. Which, there is nothing wrong with that. And for a lot of people, that’s their Old Fashioned of choice. It’s not mine though. But, that makes The Old Fashioned an even more versatile cocktail. Because you can get the muddled
fruit, you can add that in. But, my favorite is just
two ounces of whiskey, about a quarter ounce of syrup, or a teaspoon of syrup,
and some sort of bitters. – Okay. – And this is where the
versatility comes in. – Yes. – You can use a brown sugar syrup, you can use a barrel aged syrup, you can use a white sugar syrup, you can use any spirit to start. It doesn’t have to be whiskey. And then, we get to bitters. And bitters are highly
concentrated herbal tinctures. – Okay. – So, they’re herbs that
have been soaked in, typically alcohol or glycerin to… Originally, preserve
their medicinal qualities. But now, to be a highly
concentrated flavoring. – [Meredith] Okay. – [Clair] And, you actually
mentioned fixing your cocktails. Bitters are one of the
best ways to do that. If a cocktail tastes too sweet, you can add a dash or two of bitters and it suppresses your ability
to taste the sweetness. – Oh. – However, it does not
make your drink bitter. Yeah.
– Interesting, okay. – So what we’ve got here are some kind of really interesting selections for bitters. Angostura and Peychaud’s are
probably the two best known. They are both aromatic
bitters, which means that they have a lot of cinnamon and clove, and they’re kind of traditional and warm. We’ve got two citrus bitters. Regan’s Orange Bitters
are bartenders’ favorites. Angostura Orange Bitters
are very interesting because they’re the
first new bitters product from Angostura in several decades. – [Meredith] Oh, wow. – [Clair] Then, we’ve got
two newer offerings here. And one is made with Virginia
Distillery Company whiskey. It’s actually a mulberry
bitter that I bought last time I was visiting my parents. And then, the other one is 18.21’s Tart Cherry and Saffron Bitters. – [Meredith] Which is what
we have in our drink today. – [Clair] Which is what
we have in our drink! – Wow. – If you’d like to take a little sip. – Yeah, let me try this out. Okay. – Moment of truth. – Oh my gosh, okay, that is phenomenal. We’re a whiskey drinking
family in our house, and that is probably one of
the best I think I’ve had. So, props to you. And, we will list all of
these in the show notes. And, get some links for
you guys to try them out. Now, is this something that
you can make a batch of, or is this really something
you wanna do just one of? – Yeah, so The Old
Fashioned is actually one of the easiest cocktails to batch. – [Meredith] Okay. – [Clair] One of the weird things about batching art and science, is
that the flavor of bitters can get more intense over time. The flavor of bitters
can intensify over time. I’m a writer, I promise. (Meredith laughing) But, it’s very easy to do. You just basically scale up the recipe, dilute it a little bit,
or add a little bit of ice when you put it in the fridge. – Okay. – And then, as long as you
store it in the freezer, you can keep it for about
a month, believe it or not. – Oh, okay. – So, if you dilute it, it’s about a sixth of a cup of water for a drink. You can basically serve it immediately. And then freeze it.
– Wow, okay. So perfect, again, for a family
function, maybe a wedding. Although, I would highly
recommend you have Clair there, or someone else to do that for you. If you have enjoyed this content, then definitely hit the playlist above, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have new videos coming
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