Wedding Party DIY Gift Idea

Cheers! I’m Rebecca from ArtResin and this is my brother Jordan and Jordan did his first ArtResin project the other day…wahoo! So I’m getting married and doing a little special thing for my groomsmen …just kind of came to me. I had a dream one night. You had a dream…an ArtResin craft dream?! So…I made these boxes and they’re going to contain things for my groomsmen like cufflinks, tie, pocket square, socks Let’s talk about how you made this craft Well sister… *burps* Ew Ya so I went to the dollar store and got these wood boxes that were very plain and boring I had these stickers made – they say team groom and the names of all the groomsmen so that when they open up their box they’ll see that it’s customizes to each one of them Then we resined over the stickers on the inside of the box Ya so it didn’t look like cheap stickers stuck to a cheap plain box Ya now it looks like kind of a cheap looking box but when you open the inside it looks like a very expensive…cheap box So resining is very easy… this was my first time After all these years! Ya just mix it up. 3 minutes, 3 minutes, Rebecca will tell you…3 minutes Didn’t stink. And then you just pour it in! We just put the blow torch to it to make sure that there is no bubbles Okay so try it! Cool…Awesome! What do you think? Ya I like it…It looks like glass I’m very pleased This project was cool because you did it on the inside of a lid to a box so it already had a little frame you could just pour the resin in, and it held the resin in nicely Well there you go! We’ve got other projects as well that we’re going to be ArtResining One of which is a picture of my lovely bride to be and I for our wedding day You’re crafty apparently Ya “crafts by Codack” it’s a business I’m starting up It’s going to occasionally have some resining but mostly going to be a lot of flower arrangements (sarcasm) for guys…beard oil but everywhere. I put it in my hair just because I like the smell. Everywhere? ArtResin….come get some!

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