Wedding Q&A with Rachel Lindsay

– Hey guys, I’m Rachel
Lindsay, here with The Knot, answering questions about
my upcoming wedding. So wedding planning has
been, I have to say, it’s been pretty easy for Bryan and I, thanks to my wedding planner, Mikie Russo. I knew I wanted a wedding planner because I’ve just never been the girl, who had everything planned. I wanted to find the man,
that was the big thing, and then I was like, oh, everything else will fall into place. So, it’s been nice, but I have a feeling that the week before, I’m gonna freak out. I’m just gonna start thinking
of all these different things and I’m gonna drive myself crazy. But so far, so good. So, Bachelor Nation, will be
represented at the wedding. But funny enough, Bryan is bringing more
Bachelor people than I am. So, on my side, I’ve got, Astrid, Alexis, Whitney, Christina and Corinne. Bryan’s inviting, Eric, Matt, Alex, Kenny, Josiah and Will. So, pretty well represented. And then one of my other girlfriends, met a guy in Paradise that she’s bringing to the wedding, who I can’t announce, he’ll be there, you’ll see. (laughing) So, when it came to creating my registry, my inspiration was, it
was pure randomness. Bryan and I have been living
together for almost 2 years at this point, so we have a lot of stuff, but, now I wanted to get stuff
that represented us together. And almost, as in a sense, as if, we’re building our future
together, now as a married couple. So what are some things that
I need to work on myself. What are some things that
we both need together, that we don’t have. Cooking is a struggle for me. I don’t enjoy it, I’m a picky eater. So, a lot of things that
I picked on my registry, have to do with being in the kitchen, and making that a more
enjoyable experience for me, or at least trying to. So, I’m most excited about,
well I’m excited about all the gifts on my registry,
because I registered for them. But I’m most excited about the Vitamix, because that’s something that
Bryan and I can both enjoy. I like to wake up in the
morning and meditate, so I think that would be a nice addition to add to my meditation. I sit out on the balcony, and my dog is usually sitting next to me. And so I just, I’ve
created this nice space, with pillows and this nice rug, and now I’ll have my smoothie next to me, and it’s just how I envision it all. But I’m also excited about the Dyson, because, when America first saw me, I was vacuuming with a Dyson, and people were making fun of me, it’s like Dyson’s weren’t
popular back then, nobody knew what it was, and they were like, “look
at this dinky little vacuum “that Rachel’s using,” not
realizing how great Dyson’s are. But the thing is, is that was my sisters, so I never have had one of my own. So, I’m actually very excited
to have one of my own. And if I get it, if someone
gets it off my registry, I’m probably gonna film myself, vacuuming, the same way that I was
when everybody first met me. Like, remember this. So, if I’m gonna have all
these cooking essentials, I need to know what to do with them. So, I saw the cooking class
on The Knot’s registry, that they offer, and I thought, okay, I have to sign up for
this, this is what I need. Anybody who knows me, is
going to purchase this, because they’re going
to want me to succeed. I remember my mom told me
one time, “Rachel you’ve “gotta learn how to cook, you know, “you gotta feed your man.” And Bryan is a big eater, right, he’s this tall, lean guy,
but he eats all the time, so I need to do better, in that regard. No pressure from him, I’m just putting this pressure on myself. And then the honeymoon fund, we’ve narrowed it down, I believe, we’re gonna do Italy and Greece, and so, we want to do all these
excursions and fun things, and so, we have the honeymoon fund, so anybody who wants
to contribute to that, because we both need
this vacation, big time. For The Knot Gifts Back,
I decided to go with, the Alzheimer’s Association. That’s a disease, it runs
pretty rampant in my family, and it runs on my dads side, but for the women in the family, and there isn’t a cure for it yet, and it’s a really, really hard disease to watch somebody go through. Not just for the person who’s
actually going through it, but for the caretaker. You know, just to see,
somebody you’re so close with, not even know who you are
when you walk in the room. Every since I’ve been
working with The Knot, and saying that I’m working with the Alzheimer’s Association, I’ve received so much
feedback, of people telling me, that they’re going through the same thing, or they have been through it, and it effects a lot of people. And I don’t know if we just
talk about it that much, and so I wanna bring awareness to that. If I could take anything back, when it comes to planning my wedding, since it’s almost over with, I think it would be,
picking the list, again. The list, everyone says
it’s the hardest thing, but it truly, truly is, because it’s the plus ones. And so, I feel, I’ve offended some people, but I have my reasons. There’s a method behind the madness of putting this list together. Now I have to still do the seating chart, so I’ll probably offend
people all over again. When it comes to the wedding ceremony, I’m looking forward to the first look that we have of each other. We’re gonna have this
string trio playing music, as I walk down the isle. And, Bryan standing there, and
seeing me for the first time, I’m very, very excited about that, because I don’t know how Bryan
and I are going to react. I always say you’re
gonna get two Rachel’s. Is it going to be the Rachel
that’s putting on a show, that’s pointing and waving
walking down the isle. Or am I just going to be emotional, block everyone out, and just see Bryan. I don’t know, I don’t know
how I’m gonna be that day. It just depends on how
many drinks I’ve had. But, that’s what I’m looking forward to when it comes to the ceremony. I’m just looking forward to dancing. I’ve requested a drink and a microphone in my hand all night. That’s it, I just wanna party. Okay, if you ask Bryan, he’s going to say, that I’m going to cry more at the wedding. I don’t know, I think me too, actually. I think, we’re saying vows
to each other, our own vows, and we’re also going to
say traditional vows. I think, the moment I
start speaking about us, and, you know, what our
relationship means to me, and, kind of, how we
met in the craziest way, and we never thought we’d
find each other, that way, I think, I’ll start thinking of it, and I’ll get in the moment,
and that’s when I’ll cry. We’ll see, I do not
wanna mess up my makeup. I will share this about the wedding. We are doing a welcome reception, before. And I really wanted to have the Columbian culture represent it. A lot of people don’t know
my dad speaks Spanish, and you don’t know that,
cause you’ve never seen him, cause he never was on the show. But my dad is gonna come
out, and speak in Spanish, and welcome everybody,
just to break the ice, and bring everyone together. So, I think that’s gonna
be a really nice touch, and the guests won’t be expecting it, at least on Bryan’s side. I’m always on the go,
I’m always on the road. And as cute as it is to have the gun, and to go through to each store, and tag the things that I want, I can do that all on The Knot’s website (snaps) just like that. You know, multiple stores to go to, I can click it, while I’m on
the go, while on the plane, in the back of a car, because
this is how I live my life. So, it’s really been seamless. And then also with the cash
fund and The Knot Gifts Back, and so it was a no brainer,
when I saw that hey, my guests can give to
me, but at the same time, give to the charity, because The Knot gives a percentage back to your charity of choice
with every gift purchase. Thank you guys so much for watching, I hope this has been helpful. If you’re on the go, and you’re running around like a chicken with your
head cut off, like me, please utilize, The Knot registry, it’s the easiest thing to do
for planning your wedding. If I can do it, you can do it too. – Hi, thanks for watching, be
sure to like and subscribe, and don’t forget to check out our channel for new videos, every week. The subscribe button, it’s up there.

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  7. Am so happy my for you two. Rachel and Bryan, you guys are going to be a great couple. I love Bryan because he has eyes to see what's in Rachel. They love each other deeply. Your wedding day will be special. You have studied and known each other very well. Rachel be humble all the time because you have a great husband. He is handsome and respectful. Hard working and caring. Rachel hold him tight. God bless you all and bind you together with the cord that cannot be broken. Love you loads. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘

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