Wednesday, March 4

Live from New York City. It’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ Come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’? ♪ How you doin’? Now, here’s Wendy! (upbeat music and audience cheering) (audience cheering) And away we go. (Wendy chuckling and audience cheering) Thank you for watching our show. (audience cheering) Say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. (audience cheering) How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doing okay. Let’s get started. It’s time for. Hot topics! Yeah, come on. (upbeat music and audience cheering) There’s something terrible going on. We love you, mama. I love you more. Thank you. Thank you for being here. You’re gorgeous! Well, I feel like I was put together. (audience laughing) I feel beautiful. Yeah! Thank you, thank you. (audience applauding) (Wendy laughing) (audience laughing) There’s something horrible going on in the kingdom of celebrity and we must talk. Britney Spears has two sons. One is 14 and one is 13. Well, the 13 year old went on Instagram Live last night. (audience gasping) Co-hosts, don’t clap if you don’t mean it. Clap if you know about this. (a few people clapping) Okay, only two. All right, then let me put you onto the game, and you only know ’cause we saw it together. That’s my niece over there in my mother’s chair. (audience cheering and applauding) This is the real news, Alex. You might work for ABC Miami with your stories of fires and robberies and other stuff, but this is the news. Pay attention. Pay attention. Where’s Travis? He’s backstage. Oh, he didn’t wanna come out after all? Look, I have one niece and one nephew and I treasure them both. They’re both in their 20s. I’m a mess, but they’re messier. (audience laughing) And all I can be is Aunt Wen. Yeah. Uh huh.
(audience applauding) Anyhow, here’s the real news. So, he went on Instagram Live last night and talked about his parents, (audience gasping) his grandfather he called the D word ending with a K that’s a man’s private part. (audience gasping) Let me tell you something about this little, disrespectful 13 year old, and that’s that age that we’ve all be 13, but what do you do with a kid at this point? He called his father. I can’t even say it, so I’ll just say Jesus. Como estas, to my Spanish friends. Yeah, he called his father Jesus. Jesus. Yeah. Jesus. Talked about his mom like he loves his mom, but he talked about his mom in a wobbly way. Like, “I’m not so sure about mom, “but I’ll always love her,” which made me feel just weird, do you know what I mean? (audience chattering) Suzanne? Yeah. I see Jesus. What’s that? Over there? Uh huh. I see him, too. Wow, your hair is really beautiful. Yeah, no. It’s gorgeous. It’s gorgeous. It’s gorgeous. How you doin’?
(audience applauding) Beautiful. (audience applauding) Before I play you this, by the way, I’m sorry I’m distracted. I always am. Why is my governor Murphy over in Jersey? I feel so horrible because he’s got the thing on his kidney and he’s getting operated on today, but where’s he getting the operation? New York. Not in Jers. He’s getting it right here in New York. Governor Murphy, you’re the governor, and from what I understand, Norman, you were explaining all of his doctors are in New York. I don’t care. Right. I don’t care. If you’re the governor, you’re the king of Jersey. I’m the queen, in my mind.
(audience laughing) Although, I don’t live there anymore, ’cause neither does love, and my doctors, now if I had an operation, it’d be done right over here. I have no reason to go there except for a good ‘ol lunchtime procedure. (audience laughing) I mean, you know, she’s the best, but look, so he’s getting his operation here in New York, not jersey. Now, I don’t know how you feel about this. I feel a ways. You couldn’t go to St. Barnabas? You couldn’t go to some of those good healthcare? Clap if you’re from Jersey. (audience applauding) All right, like five of us. (audience laughing) Clap if you’re offended. (audience applauding)
You’re not? All right, no, all of us. Not just Jersey. Clap if you’re offended. (audience applauding) Well, I wish him well, you know? I just wish that he would’ve found one of the great doctors in Jersey, the great hospital facilities, the whole bit. You could’ve gotten done in Jersey to really give your heart up to the Garden State. (audience applauding) Hi, Jers. No. Love. I’ve a cancer and I’m from Jers. No matter what happens. That’s me.
(audience applauding) Back to Britney. No, you always try to test me to see if I’m gonna forget something. (audience laughing)
I forget a lot, but I don’t forget much. Did you know Uncle Fester is who Corey was talking about? (gasping) What? Coogan. Jackie Coogan. Jackie Coogan was on the Little Rascals, but I was like, “No, I know that name for something else. “I know that name for something else. “I think that was Uncle Fester “from the Addams Family.” Jackie Coogan was part of the kid, too. I don’t want any parts of that. (laughing) Corey was a fabulous guest. Yeah, he was great. (audience applauding) He was so giving. (audience applauding) And thank you New York Post for putting that in this morning and thank you to people who acknowledge that he was a great guest, and thank you to people who were watching that said, “Wow. “More power to him.” Anyway, Corey. But back to Britney, okay. (audience laughing) So, Britney’s son talked about whether or not his mother will ever do music again. By the way, Hot Topics got sick of this after about 17 minutes, but there was more footage to go. Probably. But you all walked out of the room. Right.
(laughing) All right, take a look at this 13 year old. I remember one time I asked her, “Mom, what happened to your music?” And she was like, “I don’t know, honey. “I think I might just quit it.” I’m like, “What? “What are you saying? “You know how much bank you make off of that stuff?” Will you get in trouble for doing this? No. My dad doesn’t care. I have the best dad ever. My dad’s literally Jesus. What’s going on with my mom? I’ll tell you guys the whole story for my mom and stuff if I get 5,000 followers. (audience chattering) Time out! Time out? You mean get out. (audience agreeing) Get out. (audience applauding) I really don’t know what to say regarding that. I don’t like to bash kids, but he’s acting like an adult. He wants your $5,000. He’s also got a YouTube channel that he wants you to tune in on. He needs more followers and he needs money to tell his mom’s story. What are you talking about, kid? You didn’t hear the part where he called his grandfather a D. That was, to me, the most hurtful part because Jamie’s done nothing but just try to take care of his daughter and the family and the whole bit, and maybe the 13 year old was upset because, I think a month or two ago, we talked about it on Hot Topics, the grandfather, Jamie, came to blows with the 14 year old, the 14 year old, but you know, when they pop off sometimes if grandpa has a good left hook. (audience laughing) (audience applauding) This is just a horrible story. It’s very disrespectful. It insinuates that mom is not well, something that we already know, but we’re down with Britney, but Britney doesn’t need this extra string on her worry ward bag. Right, right. All right, let’s move along. (audience applauding) (audience laughing) Stevie J. (audience groaning) (audience laughing) is calling out Love and Hip Hop Miami Glam Squad. Now, I don’t know who you all are that put the girls together, but Stevie says the ladies wear bad weaves and bad makeup. (audience laughing) Now, look here. Look here. First of all, Stevie, and you know I love you, but this is not a man’s business. (audience applauding)
Now, you sit down. Sit down. (audience applauding) Stevie’s all like, he tweeted this. He’s like, “Ladies need to retire laced front “from Love and Hip Hop Miami except PM.” Now, PM is Madonna. PreMadonna. PreMadonna. Mmm hmm. Fire hair and makeup immediately. Have our beautiful sisters looking nuts out here. You know what, Stevie? I’ll call you later. (audience laughing) Then, Trick Daddy jumps in. (audience groaning) No, no, no. Hold on now, ’cause Trick was walking, but then got all the way into the camera. (audience laughing) You know, Trick is an OG from back in the day. He’s scared of nothing. Hi, Trick. (audience laughing) Trick Daddy says he didn’t like Stevie J’s comments and here’s what he had to say. Take a look. The (beep) you did on social media and you come in about girls from Miami on Love and Hip Hop Miami, now it’s getting personal. That means you’re a girl dog. The next girl dog say something, I’m a smack the (beep) out you like you a bitch. You hear me, boy? (audience cheering and applauding) Well, apparently Stevie saw this and he later clarified with his tweet. Take a look. Yeah, I said what I said earlier in the hopes to get the attention of the executives who’s handling our hair and makeup for our beautiful Latina and black women, and men for that matter. Listen, my job here is done. I’m sure y’all will be looking awesome. (audience laughing) Stevie’s that guy you wanna hate. You know what I’m saying? But I gotta tell you, being a regular… All right, maybe twice a month we talk, but in my phone he’s charming. Not for me, but he’s charming. You know what I’m saying? But Stevie, mmm mmm. Mmm mmm. This is none of your business. And Meek Mill, by the way, did this a few years ago, talking about he wants women to stop. Well, now here’s his new thing. Stop twerking. (audience chattering) Well, I agree. (audience laughing) I don’t understand what’s going on out here. Why does everything have to start with a dance move? (audience laughing) You understand? (laughing) He tweeted, “Twerking is like,” listen to this, “A guy with a big stack of money “hanging out of his pockets “so everyone can see. “I’m tired of seeing all that bleep.” Well, maybe because he’s not with Nikki anymore ’cause he probably liked it back then. I don’t know, but I do agree, other than here. Suzanne, you know what I’m saying. (audience laughing) If we didn’t have twerking, there would be no Wendy Williams Show here. No, no, no, no. (audience cheering)
No. We need the twerking. We love it.
(audience applauding) We like the twerk, we like the full splits. Yes.
We like death drops. Yes.
As a matter of fact, would anybody like to examine. Can somebody twerk now? Can somebody pull up to an aisle? Then, get in the aisle. Marco. Marco. Marco! Go! Get up! Marco! Marco! (audience applauding) Go up there, grab him out, have him walk down. Come on, let’s go. Come on. (audience cheering) Okay. Oh, it’s her. It was a man at first. Okay, both of ’em. Let’s have twerk off. (audience cheering)
Let me tell you something around here. All right. I’ll do the music. Three, two, one and. ♪ Do do do do do ♪ ♪ Do do do ♪ ♪ Knock down ♪ ♪ Do do do ♪ ♪ Knock down ♪ ♪ Do do do ♪ ♪ Eh eh eh eh ♪ (Wendy humming) Uh huh. Thank you all. (audience applauding) All right, thank you, you guys. (audience cheering and applauding) See, Alex? That’s the news. This is the news, not the tornadoes and what you do. That’s important, but that right there is levity. (audience applauding) Okay, so Marco’s wearing a Knicks Jersey. It’s bringing me to my friend Charles Oakley, who I talked to this morning regarding Spike Lee. I’m totally on Spike Lee’s side. You know all this story. Is that why you’re wearing the jersey? Yeah. What are you doing? So Spike, in case you haven’t heard, he went to a Knicks game, the Knicks are a horrible team this year, but if you’re a Knicks fan, then you ride with them. Spike has been a ticket season holder for 28 years. 28 years. So, he went to MSG, Madison Square Garden on Monday and he was blocked from using the employee entrance that he’s been using for all 28 years. (audience gasping) There’s a VIP entrance. He didn’t use that, but the VIP entrance is if like me and you went to a game. We might be a V and an I and a P, but we’re not that special. Special is when you invest in the tickets and ride with the team whether they win or they lose. Spike Lee is different from the rest of all the Knicks fans. Rambo, would you agree? He’s a different kinda dude. You don’t care. (audience laughing) I see both sides in this. I don’t. (audience laughing) Marco! Yes. Do you understand what I’m saying? Marco, if you and I went to see the Knicks, we’re just going. We can go through the VIP entrance. That’s it. That’s where everybody goes, but Spike Lee, yeah, he’s like the seventh man. Isn’t that what they call it in basketball? Sixth, seventh, yeah. Oh, whatever. (audience laughing) The sixth man. (audience applauding) Right? 100%. So, all right, take a look, and then I’m gonna tell you what I talked to Oak about. Go ahead. But no one told me. No on told me. No on told me. I’m staying here. Now, if you wanna arrest me like Charles Oakley. Oh, you gonna arrest me like, should I put my hands behind my back like Oakley? Buddy, come on. Wow.
Wow. So, I agree with Spike. I’m sorry that he had to yell and argue like that. I kinda don’t like to see him do that, and I don’t really know Spike Lee like that. I’ve heard that Spike is a jerk a lot of times. I don’t know him like that, other than I interviewed him when I was in radio days and he was standoffish, shall we say? But the point is he’s made a lot of stuff that we all like, and Spike loves the Knicks, and the idea that they had him wanna go outside, go around the block and come through another entrance after 28 years rockin’ with this team that’s not winning, (audience laughing) Are you serious? (people chattering) So, I called Oak this morning. When I woke up and I’m still seeing it on the news this morning, I’m like, “All right, he mentioned Oakley in it.” You know our friend Charles Oakley. So, Oak is a Knicks legend and I called Oak, Oak was in the car already on his way to ESPN, so he’s sounding off about this all day long, you know? They tried to peg Oak for being a drunk, threw him out, banned him from MSG forever. Look, this is the security’s dragging Oak out and Oak is like, “What the hell is going on?” Anyway, I think that’s it. Is there anything else that I forgot to say about that? No, your mic is not working. Oh. No, that’s pretty much it. Poor Spike Lee. Yeah. You know what I forgot to mention to you ’cause I get out here and I tell you a story and sometimes I leave off bullet points and then I get home and I’m like, “Damn. “I forgot to say that part.” Remember when I was telling you the other day I went shopping with two girlfriends? We went to the department store and I did say that I bought a negligee and we had a nice time and we had lunch and it was real nice, then I said I was told that we were followed by security. The part about that, this is probably the most important part because now it’s gotten pickup and I’m just like, “Okay, “let me explain this on Hot Topics.” I can’t even type this through the Instagram ’cause I told you I gave it up for lent. You all figure out social media on your own around here. I’m not, no. Let me tell you something. We were in the store. I hadn’t been in that particular department store in 20 years. The reason why is because first of all, that was BS, before surgery, or something. Actually, no. I had a little something done, but the point is I’m always gonna be a big girl. They took me immediately to the big girl department and I felt intense security around me in this store, and I said, “Not only don’t I like this neighborhood, “I don’t like this store. “I’m not going back there.” I hadn’t been back there in 20 years. My two girlfriends from out of town wanted to go there, and I’m like, “Okay. “All right. “All right. “I’ll meet you there,” you know? It was just in, out, done. We get to the store, totally different atmosphere. I felt no hot breath on my neck, we each had our own sales people, I had, ’cause you know how I like to lean on a man to teeter, I had my teeter-er, (audience laughing) ’cause I asked. I was like, “Come over here. “Come on. “Come on, let’s go on the escalator, “’cause if it stops fast, you’ll break my fall.” You know? Like that. And it wasn’t until, and we had lunch, shopped, treated really well. I even asked for a few freebies ’cause I’m the girl with the nerve to do that. I’m spending this, all right, then I want that for nothing. But you know what they do? They bundle it in and put it in the bag. When we got out to the sidewalk, all three of us had three different car services, mine to take me back to my apartment, theirs to take them to wherever they were going, but they had three cars. Mine arrived first. The girls walked me out to the sidewalk, I got my bags, I get in the car, booty on the seat in the car, right, we’re hugging and cheek kissing and saying goodbye, and one of them says, “You realize we were followed the whole time.” Yeah, that’s the part I left out in my story, ’cause a lot of you all were like, “Well, Wendy. “If you say you were followed, “why did you buy anything?” And I’m like, “‘Cause I didn’t know anything about that,” and furthermore, there’s some people that have their eyes on that kinda stuff, but when you’re born brown, it’s just a natural thing that you don’t want to understand, but I’m smart enough to understand when I was treated graciously. When I tell you gracious, I’ll go back there, today maybe. (audience laughing) (audience applauding) So, that’s the story. I didn’t feel any of that, I didn’t see any following. Sometimes, when you’re used to the followization of life, that’s all you can think about, if you know what I’m saying, but no. Suzanne, does that makes sense? Yes, it does make sense. You had a lovely time there. Lovely!
And looked lovely. After 20 years! ‘Cause I went in there with a squinty eye, like okay. What’s going on around here? Uh huh. Left like a bouillant, only to get double kisses on the cheek talking about, “We were followed.” I said, “I didn’t feel any of that. “I don’t know what you all are talking about.” You all are reading that all, this the whole Me Too, Kid Too thing, racism too, and all that stuff. It hasn’t changed much, but it’s changed a few things. Know what I mean? Does that make sense? It makes sense. All right, well I’m being cut off. (laughing) Hot Topics is officially over. Aw! No, no, no, no, no. ‘Cause something is about to happen, and I am in for it. Have you ever had the glazed donuts with the chicken in the middle? (audience laughing) Have you ever had tea with cheese in it? (audience grimacing) But I’ll try. Have you ever had the most delicious-looking sundae situation ever with the ice cream? Well, these are the things that my friend Foodgod has. All right.
And he’s coming up next. (audience applauding) So, grab no snack. Eat with me through the TV and come on back. (upbeat music and audience cheering) (upbeat music and audience cheering) So, our first guest is a regular on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He and Kim are besties. He’s now one of the best and biggest food influencers in the world. This man can tell you where to eat if you’re going to Venezuela or if you’re going to Venice Beach, or if you’re gonna be over in Jersey. Please, welcome my friend Foodgod. (upbeat music and audience cheering) Hello, love. Oh, my god, you have on the chain. No, it’s a new one. It’s for you. Oh, no, no. Look, look, look, look. (audience cheering) So, he had on this chain. No, shoe cam is one thing. Just give chain cam for now. Oh, oh. Yes, Foodgod, you know, that yellow stones. (audience applauding) That is the most gorgeous, most enviable piece that I’ve seen since Liz Taylor anything.
Wow. No, that’s big. That’s special. That’s a compliment.
Okay. Now, shoe cam. Yes, Foodgod. Yes.
(audience applauding) There we go. And of course, he’s got on his special watch. Oh, the Richard Mille. The new-new. The new hot. The new-new and the very rare. The very rare. I had to fight for that one. So, here’s the thing. I wanted to fight with him in getting to know him because there’s something about being associated with the family, the First Family, Correct. That you think you’re gonna be a total what the Spears boy called his grandfather. That was crazy. Right? Yeah, that was crazy. But I have to tell you all, this is one of the nicest people that I know. His heart. (audience applauding) His heart is full and he changed his name officially to Foodgod as opposed to J.C., which is, you know. The old name.
The old name. The old name.
Nope, won’t disrespect you, Food God.
Now, it’s officially Foodgod. It’s one word, which is crazy. What does your mother call you? Well, now she’s starting to call me Foodgod because she sees everybody else doing it and people around the world have been calling me Foodgod wherever we go, screaming in the streets, in the cars. When we’re out, they call you Foodgod though. This guy is a big deal. (laughing) What do we order? What do we do?
(audience applauding) Yeah, it’s fun. It’s fun. It’s a whole new world as Foodgod, ’cause influencers are a big thing now. It’s the new celebrity. I did a video on TikTok the other day and I just started TikTok. You might not even know what it is, and I got 20 million views. Not everybody knows, ’cause I didn’t get into it until a week ago and I got 20 million views on a video. Wow.
(audience applauding) Well, you know what? 20 million views. But you also know how to take food pictures. We’ve been out to eat, before you touch anything, he’s adjusting plates and taking stuff out of the way and getting the lighting correct, but it’s a science, and he didn’t have to do this, ’cause a lot of the dumbbells who are friends with celebrities and reality people, they don’t even know how to extend their own thing. They’re using you as a friend, use them for influence, and I’m not saying you’re using them, I’m saying you’re a smart one. You, Bethany did that with the New York Housewives, Mimi did it with Atlan, you gotta get in there. Right. But a $10,000 birthday cake is unacceptable. It didn’t start out as $10,000. I’m sorry.
Guys. So, I ordered a birthday cake for my birthday, I was having a party, I go to pick up this birthday cake, Kim found out the name of the baker, Divine Delicacies, called them, and made the cake supersized by making a $10,000 cake instead of a $4,000 cake. Wow!
That’s the cake. Well, it looks good now. That’s how it started. And then, you wanted to drive around with it in your car. Well, being somebody that does a lot of videos, I asked people in the street, not even the girls, she’s like, “We’re gonna send it later to the restaurant.” I asked these guys in the street to help me move the cake. So, we brought the cake, we were gonna–
Guys in the street. Well, they were in the shopping mall. Look at this. Oh, boy. And we were in the– (audience shouting) Yeah, that really did happen. Foodgod. It was one of a kind. The cake was divided in two parts and bottom heavy, and when they moved it, the whole thing just went down. It happened, it happened. Were you mad at them? Who. No, I was shocked. You know what? Because people videotape everything these days, I was like, “I’m not gonna be the crazy person screaming, “that they’re gonna get videotaped “and put it all over YouTube.” Yeah.
I just took the breath, I dealt with it, but the next day I had an amazing birthday, they did a huge cake. DJ Khaled sang Happy Birthday to me, Pharrell was there at Swan in Miami and they did a huge Sunday. There’s a whole person here that you gotta get into him. Wait, what’s your website? So, can random people ask you, like can somebody in the back row social media you.
Well, no. My Instagram is Foodgod. I get a thousand DMs a day. Okay, so you’re not reading all of ’em. I can’t read all of them, but we’re gonna work into getting things like where people could actually log on and me telling them a variety of places to go. Like if I wanna go to Cincinnati. Yeah, it’ll be like a list. I’ve been working on that. There’s a whole list and every city of the cool places. Have you ever been to Pappy’s Barbecue in St. Louis? I’ve never been to St. Louis, actually. So, no. Is it something special? Shout out to Pappy’s. I’m just sorry. Yeah, but I did send you to the best pizza place. You definitely did. She texted me back.
I text him. I’m like, “All right.
(audience applauding) “I’m going out for pizza, “I want something different.”
There it is. Not only is the chef handsome and owns the place, and he has workers around him, but I like people who not just own, but you still do it. That cheese right there. No, it’s not hard. He pulled it apart like gum, like eh. They had the anchovies.
Cali’s yeah. Yeah, that was good. I know, and you’ve been talking about this guy for a minute now. Anyway. (audience chattering) This place is in Brooklyn.
He’s married. Huh? Yeah.
You’re still talking about him. (audience laughing) No, you brought him up. No.
Not this time. I saw you on a show a couple weeks ago. You were talking about him. How dare you? I’m sorry.
Stop spying on me. I had to bring it up. (audience laughing) Okay, so let’s talk abut the food we’re gonna try today. Let’s go. There’s one thing that’s gross. (audience cheering) Bring it in! (audience applauding) Wow, wow. Oh, I instantly start drooling. There’s one thing that’s gross? What? No. Tea with cheese? Guys. And there’s no straws out here. I’m gonna get a mustache. I’ve been talking about this trend for a couple years.
And now, straws are illegal in New York. Oh, wait. Okay.
It’s called cheese tea. No, you can’t drink it with a straw. Let me tell you the secret. It’s whipped cream and cheese and salt and everything that goes on top of tea, but the reason it’s so good and you’re supposed to drink it is ’cause you get the cold first and then you get that mustache of the sweet tea. Well, it’s not that sweet today, but normally when they make it, it’s sweet. (audience laughing) Go ahead. It’s not that… (audience applauding) It’s special. Yeah. I told you. Where do you buy this?
Cheese tea is the new bubble tea. It’s gonna be the new trend. So, there’s places that are starting to make it. (audience applauding) All right, I’m moving on before you talk bad about it. This looks like a $15 tea. It’s probably about $8. This is the strawberry version. They do matcha, they do everything, but this thing is I am dying to try. KFC is on that chicken fried chicken trend. (audience applauding)
Yeah, let’s go. Anyway, we got two glazed. What? Oh. Hot. You know you know. Wow, it’s supposed to be sweet. Anyway, it’s sweet donuts with fried chicken. So anyway, I cannot wait to try this. (audience chattering) Mmm. Oh, my god. (audience cheering and applauding) Mmm hmm. This is a meal for the whole day. You really don’t need to eat after you eat this.
Wait. One more bite. Come on.
(audience laughing) Oh, my god. (audience laughing) Foodgod, you’ve never had this? No. I’ve been flying. I haven’t been here. It just started this week.
You don’t understand. I had it now and it’s amazing. Years ago, and I forgot the name of the person that had the sweet and then the in between. Sweet What?
Gary Coleman? Where’s Norman? Norman knew. I don’t know. Gary Coleman?
There was somebody. Somebody invented this before, but it was a burger in between. Yeah, I know. They did that. Yes, they did it at one of those sports arenas. That was their whole thing. I forgot which one, but it was a burger with two donuts. Anyway, forget about that. Here, guys. This–
Hold on. This is big. This is big. So, I teamed up with T.G.I.Fridays, took me like five months, and we created a Foodgod dessert that’s gonna be in every Fridays on March 17th. (audience cheering and applauding) It’s called Unicorn Fetti. Look at this thing. Yeah, and it’s a butter cake and it’s multi-flavored like that ice cream with all the different flavors. It’s really beautiful. What is this over here? Where are you? Oh, that’s crushed lollipops and color-changing sugar. Come on.
Let me just put that on right here like that. The sugar will start changing color. There’s a white chocolate sauce in here, and I’m telling you, this is gonna be the most Instagrammable thing of the summer because people need some fun these days. Everything’s so stressful.
(audience applauding) How ’bout that butter cake? (audience applauding) Mmm. Oh, my god. That is good. All right, we’ll be right back. Thank you, god. (upbeat music and audience cheering) (upbeat music and audience cheering) Well, okay. Okay, look. All right, so we’re back. (laughing) I’m trying to still savor the flavor. (audience laughing) Anyway, here to show us the hottest celebrity looks for less money is our fashion expert friend, Brittney Levine. Thank you. Thank you.
(audience cheering) I’m so happy to be with you. Who is this? This is Jonathan Simkhai, but I rented it. So, it goes back. Okay. But, yeah.
Cute. I had to show up for you. Thank you.
And good shoes. Little jumpsuit for you. Uh huh. All right, so we’re gonna continue on. Yes.
First of all, let’s start with Constance Wu. Yes. Constance Wu, okay. (audience applauding)
Constance right here, this look came right off the runway from Michael Kors, okay? I like it. So, it’s something that’s hard to pull off, but this whole look right here, it’s basically $5,000, okay?
Uh oh. So, she has her top, the whole thing is, like I said, from the runway, and the her shoes, and this crocodile bag. So hard to pull off, but we have the look for you for less. Okay. So Sandra, come on out wearing that look. Oh, as usual our models are from our audience.
(audience cheering) Okay. So basically, matching. What we love about this, it is hard to pull off. She’s wearing this cool trend.
I love her attitude with it. Me, too. Her sunnies are from Claire’s and her accessories. This Anne Taylor top only 49.50, and then we have this skirt, this is from Macy’s, 118, French Connection, and I love her bag from BooHoo. This is $15, and her shoes. It looks like real croc. It does, but it’s faux, okay, and shoes from Just Fab. The shoes are fantastic.
Fabulous. 39.95.
(audience applauding) Wow.
So, she’s got her constant foot florals for spring. Here we go. Okay.
Thanks, Sandra. Okay, and if you didn’t hear me, all of our models are Wendy Watchers who we plucked from the audience and we say, “Put this on.” (laughing) The next celebrity we’re looking at is Blake Lively, who’s always fashionable.
Yes. I love Blake Lively. Such a fashion risk taker.
(audience cheering) Okay, this coat alone is about $2800 from Max Mara. So, that’s a teddy bear coat. Underneath that she has her spring florals. This is a Russian designer, very expensive, and her Louboutins, $2000. Her favorite Louboutins, but we have this look for you for less. Those look like five seasons ago. I know. The class season. With the platforms.
With the props, but we got it for less. No, the platform, I’m saying. Oh, yeah.
The shoes. Right? We have a hotter one for you. Let’s bring Rachel out. Come on out, Rachel. (audience cheering) Okay. So, Rachel is basically matching. Now, her shoes! Her shoes are stellar. This is a faux Sherpa jacket from Kohls, 59,80, and we have a LuLu’s dress complementing on the bottom for $80. This Bottega Veneta weave-like clutch that’s so popular right now, this is also from BooHoo under 20, and you mentioned her shoes. That’s Bottega Veneta? No, it’s imitation.
It’s faux. Okay, I was gonna say, yes, yes. But it’s the one everyone’s wearing, that clutch right now.
That’d be like $3,000. Exactly, but no. Under 20 and her shoes, we love Rachel’s shoes from GSW.
With no platform. No platform. There’s more stiletto, but the little embellishment, pop out your foot, Rachel, on the side. Yes. That is from GSW, 49,99.
(audience applauding) Love it.
So, fabulous for less. Thanks, Rach.
Thanks, Rachel. Okay, our next model is Ashley, and Ashley is gonna be pulling off the Kerry Washington. Oh, yes.
Tell us about it. Oh, we love Kerry. Okay, this is full, head to toe Sally LaPointe. (audience applauding)
Her pants alone are $3500, and then her Belle C top.
Well, you can only wear them one time. They’re so standout. They’re beautiful, but very expensive, but we have the look for less for you right now. How much is the top did you say? The top is 850. So, $3500 for the pants, top 850, but let’s bring out Ashley right now. She’s wearing that look for less. (audience cheering) Oh, yeah. See? Yeah, okay. See?
Ashley, you look absolutely amazing. Her sweater’s only $12 from Shein, okay? Oh! And then her pants, these gloss snakeskin pants, everyone needs one of these in their closet for spring. These are $60 from ASOS. Okay, the heel on the shoes. I knew you would love this.
Ash, can you please just. Yes, let them.
I knew you would love it. These are Katy Perry from Macy’s. $99.
Nice job, Katy Perry. Yes.
And then Chanel-looking bag. I know, the tweed.
Can you pull up on that bag?
I love it. Hold it still. Let the camera.
Shein tweed clutch. Oh, that is gorgeous.
Under $20. (audience applauding)
Look how beautiful, right? I know. I’m obsessed with it, too. (audience laughing) Thank you, Ashley. Okay. All right. And last but not least, we have our celebrity look Priyanka Chopra. I know, you love it. I know.
(audience cheering) Priyanka’s here at JFK. This is her airport style look. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m in sweats at the airport. She looks amazing here, but her top and her pants are not that expensive. It’s really her Tod’s, hee Stella bag that all the celebrities are wearing for $2000. Let’s bring out Brittany.
She’s very fashionable. For the look for less. Come on out, Britt. (audience cheering)
Oh, yeah. Okay. So Brittany, we took this a little two tones. She has her Zara blazer on top for 89.90. She looks like she was born to be famous. Thank you! Hi, Brittany.
I was telling her. H&M top, 17.99. Her culottes are a little take on those pants. Those are 39.90. Brittany also was wearing her Rayban sunglasses that are next to her bag. Those are beautiful from Sunglass Hut. This bag is from Just Fab, that crocodile satchel.
That’s really pretty. And her shoes, as well, from Just Fab and literally this is not even a fifth of the price. A lot of girls wouldn’t even think to put a bag that color with an outfit like this. I love it. You’ve gotta take risks. It’s only fashion. Come on, Models. Sandra, Rachel, Ashley, join Brittany. Fabulous. Great, amazing. This is my friend Britney. For more on these looks, got to Whatever’s happening next is happening, but I’m taking this home. We’ll be right back.
(laughing) (upbeat music and audience cheering) (dramatic music) You’re gonna stop, Jesus. I see you. (audience laughing)
All right, we’re back. Everybody, have a seat except for you. Hello, darling. Yes, no. I love the whole thing. Oh, thank you. Monochromatic. Yes! Hi, how are you? I’m Bria from Dallas, Texas. How you doin’? (audience applauding) Come closer. Okay, Darling.
So everybody can stare at you, right down to your clear, beautiful heels. Yes. Break ’em in, wear ’em good. (audience laughing) What do you do, Bria? I’m a nurse. Okay. I’m a nurse.
(audience applauding) (laughing) You’re the one taking care of us? I got you, baby. I’m for real. I nurture. All right, well, look. We’re gonna do What the Fleak? I’m gonna show you a picture from a movie and all you have to do is tell me the movie. K. Now, nurses work hard, so you don’t have a whole lot of time. Right, we work fast, too. Okay, well, take a look. Okay, little monkey. Okay.
(audience laughing) I need a little hint. I think I might know it. Do you know that man? I do know that man. What’s his name? (audience chattering) Eddie Murphy. Okay, okay. And he’s dressed like somebody that you work for. A doctor. Okay.
Dr. Doolittle. There you go. Yay!
(bell chiming) (audience applauding)
Dinner for two at the Brooklyn Trap House. I think it’s supposed to be Chop House. Why does it say Trap? (audience laughing)
Look here. I get dinner with myself. It says Trap there. Yeah, I see that. (laughing)
No, it’s Brooklyn Chop House. We’ll be right back.
It’s cool. We got it, we got it. (upbeat music and audience cheering) There’s more to the story. Everything you wanna know about this show is available at, Wendy Show. We’ll be right back dot com. (upbeat music and audience cheering) She’s an army brat ’cause she said she grew up everywhere. She’s from. I forgot what you said. (audience laughing) She’s from Atlanta. Long Island.
Long Island, sorry, and they’re from Germany. Tickets are free, I’ll see you when you get here. (upbeat music and audience cheering) The thing is, my friend Foodgod, he’s also got a new podcast, For the Foodie in You. Tomorrow, drug store beauty finds. Yes, that’s good. I’ve got you with the Hot Topics. I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on Wendy. Bye. (audience cheering) (upbeat music and audience cheering) ♪ How you doin’? ♪ (upbeat music and audience cheering) How you doin’?
(bell chiming) (coughing) Nice. (dramatic music)

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