WeHoTV NewsByte: Bi-Pride Celebration

September is Bisexual Visibility Month and
we’re here at the West Hollywood Park Auditorium for the second annual WeHo Bi-Pride Celebration!
I’m Kaileigh Valdez and this is WeHoTV News! The City of West Hollywood teamed up with
AmBi and the Human Rights Campaign to host the free event that featured a community festival,
activities, and live performances. While other cities have acknowledged Bi Visibility
Day, the WeHo Bi-Pride Celebration is believed to be the first city-sponsored bisexual pride
event in the nation. We celebrate you, we thank you for being exactly
who you are, and we love you very much. Thanks for being the best part of our community. You know there definitely needs to be a lot
more bi representation, you know, it’s a pretty historically marginalized group even within
the LGBT+ community, so yeah, if we could build these events and grow on what we’ve
already established that would be amazing. For more information on events in WeHo, visit
weho.org For WeHoTV News, I’m Kaileigh Valdez!

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