WeHoTV NewsByte: International Women’s Day Celebration

Poet Maya Angelou once said “I’m grateful
to be a woman, I must have done something wonderful in another life” And I am grateful to be here at the West Hollywood
Park Auditorium celebrating International Women’s Day. I’m Kaileigh Valdez and this
is WeHoTV News. This program celebrated women not only in
West Hollywood, but all around the world. The event featured musical performances, dancing,
a flamenco show, presentations, food, and much more. What International Women’s Day means to me
is that sort of like it’s to celebrate the woman and all the great work that they’ve
done and that they’re equal with men and that they should be treated right and all that
stuff. Women got some flowers so candies, something
at least some greetings from man and it was very nice, very festive. It’s such an honor to dance in International
Women’s Day here because to express how anyone can do anything and Happy International Women’s
Day! For more information about events like this
in the City of West Hollywood, check out weho.org. For WeHoTV News, I’m Kaileigh Valdez.

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