Welcome Statement_40th Birthday celebration of His Majesty The King of Bhutan

Kuzu Zangpo is Hello or Good morning in Bhutanese greetings. So I say Kuzu Zangopo to everyone
here. The Deputy Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory the
Honorable Yvette Berry. His Excellency Babar Amin, the High Commissioner of
Pakistan. His Excellency Marcelo Avilies Valdispinno, Ambassador
of Panama, Mr. Dissannayaki, Acting High Commissioner, Sri Lanka high Commission
and the representative from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The Assistant
Secretary Mr. Paul Wojciechowski of South Asia Branch, the Department of Foreign
Affairs and Trade and other delegates from the department Foreign Affairs, the
officials from the other Federal and the ACT public service, members of the
Canberra business community, media, universities, and Institutes. Members
of the multicultural communities, and the Friends of Bhutan and Bhutanese; and ladies
and gentlemen. It is my privilege to welcome to the celebration of the
success of Australia’s multicultural fabric that is woven into its society Indeed Australia is today globally
recognized as the most successful multicultural society. This success is built
on not just the tolerance of differences but indeed the celebration of the unique
qualities that is brought into the mix by each of the diverse communities that
make up the great Australian society. Australian public policies and
individual practices enable communities to thrive in their brilliant
differences. The Bhutanese community of Canberra is a small one at the moment
but it is growing fast. We are made up of dynamic and socially
committed individuals who promote a philosophy of spreading positivity and
social goods. As responsible and valuable members of the multicultural society of
Australia, we seek to contribute towards the development of the values that makes
Australia the great country that it is! Inspiring us towards this approach in
life is the traditional Bhutanese values which promotes such harmonious
outlook and dynamism in life. Today, we celebrate the 40th birthday of a great
person, who upholds and promotes such values. His Majesty The 5th King of
Bhutan took over the reign of an absolute monarchy but since he became the king in
2008 he has championed values of democracy and built and strengthened
institutions and culture of democracy in Bhutan. It is to such visionary
leadership that we owe the success of Bhutan’s
governance and community organization which is today held as not just the most
stable and successful democracy in the region but also one of the egalitarian
societies globally. King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck’s political leadership
is quiet well known to those who are interested
in the area of democracy and governance, but it
is his personal conduct which is admired by the Bhutanese people. His Majesty
lives a very frugal life personally and avoids luxuries and excesses which
define much of our modern lives especially that of royalties! Instead,
the 40 years of his life has been a life of service and dedication to promoting
the well-being of the communities who are supported to be solutions of the
issues they face in life. To mark the 40 years of His Majesty’s services to the
Bhutanese people, the Bhutanese community in Canberra will continue to spread the
legacy of hope and confidence into the communities we live! In following up on
our fundraising for the New South Wales Rural Fire Services and the ACT Rural
Fire Services at the height of the bushfire disasters, we will now engage in
the services that are meaningful and enriching to the local communities and
authorities here in the ACT. Therefore on behalf of the Bhutanese people here
and abroad, I would like to invite all those who have graciously accepted to be
part of today’s celebration, to spread the message of hope and confidence in
our community’s ability to rise above our differences and contribute to our
collective well-being when we act and rise together.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, once again to this event. Thank you and Tashi Delek!
Thank you.

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