Hello and Welcome! to: LOOT | Party Games where play is priority. My name is Jeremy and I’m th… plltt… This will be fun. My name is Jeremy, I’m 30 years old and
am the creator of LOOT | Party Games. The reason I wanted to create LOOT was simply
to help friends, families, and co-workers deepen their relationships with each other
through one simple avenue: PLAY. Through my 10 years of experience in team
building I have found that play is the most profound way of helping people connect with
each other. Naturally those that you play with you tend
to care about. So my dream for LOOT is to distribute opportunity
for others to re-learn how to play well together. I want to do this in two ways. First, digitally. My hope is that this channel serves as free
access point for those who need tools to connect with their inner circles. The second being, locally. I want to create a LOOT | Party Games Cafe
in which people could come together and connect face-to-face while enjoying a drink or beverage. This would be a hybrid take on a normal coffee
shop but also would serve as a place that has access to thousands of games that you
and your community to try in a warm and hospitable environment. We live in a world where individualism, entitlement,
and technology are creating alternatives for genuine connection with each other. My hope is to create a growing community that
pushes play as priority in-so-that we can care well for those who are different than
us. I’m Jeremy have a good day and a good game
and for now it’s your turn.

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