Wendy’s Birthday Bash

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Feel it feel it feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go come on you need it ♪ ♪ Say it like you mean it ♪ ♪ Feel feel feel it feel feel feel it ♪ Now, here’s Wendy! (cheering) (crowd singing) Hey. (cheering) Hi. (cheering) (snickering) Thank you for watching, welcome. Say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy! How you doin’? How you doin’? I’ll explain. Marco, you got my back? (crowd shouting) Okay, let’s get started, it’s time for– Hot Topics! Yep. (cheering and upbeat music) (laughing) (clearing throat) The thing about the eyelash installation is that they constantly fall off in your eyes. (laughing) Do you know what I mean? Okay, right, ’cause right now I got one scratching, right here, on my pupil, again. All right, regarding the birthday. (cheering) Let me tell you something, let me tell you something. I don’t know who I’ve become, but I like her. (cheering) She’s open and honest and thorough. And she is fun. (clapping) Okay. So on my actual birthday, that was a taped show, we taped it the day before, all right. So my actual birthday, July 18th, I was free all day so I planned my own day, because I can do that. New life. (clapping) so I was invited by Tiffany’s to have breakfast at Tiffany’s. (crowd cat calling) Well. (laughing) Why, why would we dress in anything else? I don’t know who that is, but I like her. Do you recognize the dress? [Audience Members] Yes! And you know I love the crinoline, the sweetheart neckline, the tiaras are ridiculous, every time you come here, if you have a birthday you wear a crown or a tiara. I invented that law, look in the audience, happy birthday to a few people, all right, right? (cheering) so I get to Tiffany’s, they’re at the sidewalk, they do the thing, by the way, I have no idea who shot that. Hi paparazzi. (laughing) So I’m eatin’, I’m havin’ a great time, I had breakfast with one, and then they gave me the cake, and I was like what? I still haven’t cut it, it’s so beautiful. (laughing) It’s in my fridge. Yeah, just sittin’ there, alone, aw. So then, I told you, I got a credit card. And I’ll be honest with you. My partners in the show gave me the card for the day, all right? (applauding) Thanks Mort, thanks Ira. So I didn’t take advantage, but I did buy, you know, a couple things that I really wanted. So I go into Louis, which is around the corner from the Tiffany’s. This is not my money, I’m cheap. (laughing) But look, look, it’s their money, so what do you buy? Anything you want? So look, so here I am, you can roll that, I’m at the Louis, and I got these Swarovski sneakers. (crowd adoring) And then I had the nerve to take off the sneakers I already had on, and wear them with the, yeah, yeah. (clapping) I don’t know who she is, but I like her, okay? So then, you know I come home and I’m tryin’ to, you know, the doorman is like okay, here, here, and here, thank you Kris, thank you Kim, for the beautiful flowers, thank you. And thank you David Perler, my show runner, exec producer here at the show, for the caviar. (clapping) Look, look, Norman, I don’t know who I’ve become– (laughing) But I like her. Me too, me too, me too. (clapping) So that night I made my own birthday party. How pathetic. All right, and I called it the Dirty Dozen. I invited 12 people who don’t know each other, they only know me, and I know they like to eat, and I wanted it to be at a place poignant to my heart. Serendipity. (clapping) Right? The frozen hot chocolate, the loaded hot dogs, the chicken wings the blue cheese with the chunks, we give away those cards here, yeah. There we are, and who do you think that is? Blac Chyna. So a few of my guests include Bevy Smith, Blac Chyna, my friend Madina Milana, nah honey, she came with her chancletas, look. Look, look, I don’t know who she is, but I like her. And I like how she rolls, right, me. All right, so that’s us, but we’re not at Serendipity at that point. If you notice, I have a different costume on. That’s my Nas T-shirt, ’cause Nas CD came out on Friday, and we were s’posed to be going to the Nas release party. This is Madina who called me up, and you know all conversations with her start with, bitch. (laughing) What you doin’? I’m like, hanging with you, it sounds fun. So I call Angela, and I’m like, I don’t know where you are on the planet, you know, because the celebrities, like they travel all the time. See with me, I like Monday’s ’cause you rescue me from my weekend, in new life that is, you know, in old life, you know, I’m around. But in new life I need you on Monday’s, please. (cheering) Please, please. Now, we get a phone call, ’cause my Dirty Dozen, but I had half dozen meet me at my new bachelorette pad. So I don’t have to walk into my own party by myself. So pathetic. All right, and part of the half dozen, Madina and Chyna, James, watch everybody, ’cause you know, like, I’m trying to live, but I’m also very distrustful, so you know what I’m sayin’. James, right? And who else do I invite over? Just to toss things up just a bit, okay, Marco G. (cheering) So look, so look, so look, I say okay, before we all go out, oh wait, this is a different night, sorry. The whole weekend runs together, just follow what I’m saying, okay? So I have a pre-party to the Nas, for like an hour and a half, for my new friends to know each other, so that when we step out on the concrete we’re all family. So I invite them over, I never have people over, I’m like oh my gosh, welcome. (laughing) Welcome, please, James, watch everybody. Including Marco. (laughing) Welcome. All right, so we’re about to leave and we get a phone call. Marco, you know the call. Nas party is shut down. (crowd gasping) People were crazy out there. So I’m like, okay, but I don’t have any place to be until Monday at 10. So where are we going now? And I’m with Madina Milana of Growing Up Hip Hop: New York, and Chyna of the universe. (laughing) I got James, there’s a driver downstairs, Marco is mingling with my other guests, and trying to figure out how he could stay. (laughing) Look, I can’t make this up, just follow what I’m saying. And so then that got shut down but the new party is on Dean Street. So I’m like okay, right Marco? We went to Dean Street. We did. And what happened? Go. We got there, all I can say is, Wendy Williams is a rockstar, straight up. (cheering) We made a detour– Was I a good host? Listen, Wendy’s playlist on her phone, when I say– Okay, I was the DJ the whole night, go. (laughing) Go. Her playlist is the truth, and we ended up going– Everybody from G Rap, Schoolly D, the entire Staten Island, Woo, single artists and stuff. All of ’em. Right? All of it. Eric B., rock, Kim, 50, we showed you love. Look, look. (cheering) Hold on Marco, hold on, hold on, hold on, right. The reason why we were late even going to Nas party is ’cause Chyna was like, I’m on my way. And she sends a video, roll, receipt, please. Do we have that? We don’t have that one. We don’t, I didn’t send that to you? No, we used to, yeah, but then I don’t know, something happened, we don’t have it anymore. Okay. (audience mildly protesting) No, look, she’s in a Sprinter, right? Standing in the middle, holding on. Saying. ♪ I’m on my way I’m on my way ♪ ♪ I got the Sprinter ♪ ♪ I’m on my way ♪ So I announce to half of my Dirty Dozen, okay, Chyna’s about to come, she has to go to the bathroom, and then we’re going. So we get in the Sprinter, we don’t do the first party, but we end up at Dean Street, that was shut down too. So all the sudden, outta nowhere, and I’m dictating, like I’m mad but I’m happy, but I like my music, like off show there’s a whole nother Wendy, same girl but just different, you know? I’ve got the musical taste stuck in the 90’s, all right. Right James? We continue. Who else is playing? EPMD, okay. Scarface, Snoop, and the music is going, Chyna does not sit down, she’s dipping it low and bringing it up slow. (laughing) Right? She wouldn’t stop. Yo, Madina is so stuck on her phone, she’s filming all night. To the point where, right Marco? I was like, Dina, don’t film this, come on now. Right Marco? I was obsessed, and Marco you’re holding court with two lovelies in the back. (cheering) Well ’cause Chyna’s not from New York, so she had two of her girlfriends, and I forget their names but they were lovely, and Marco, you know more. So I’m like, all right, it is two AM. We are ready to light up the city, and all we’ve done was ride around in the Sprinter listening to my playlist. (laughing) So, Angela goes, let’s go to Starlight. Girl, Marco, hit it. Listen. (laughing) Marco. We go to Starlights– Which is not a strip club, it’s more like a go-go bar. ‘Cause they didn’t take off all their clothes, and girls don’t even dance in front of me. I’ve told you, I don’t mind a strip club, I think it’s fun, I support the girls as they try to get their life. (laughing) But word to Herb, they never dance proper to me, it’s always, no look, no look, I love being mother, look, I love my station, 55, I love it, right? (cheering) And by the way, this is what I’m wearing to Starlight, so you see we’re all ready to go. By the way I had denim panty shorts. (crowd cat calling) And my new sneakers, ’cause why not, right? James you witness, Marco, you witness. The girls stop twerking in front of me, like they come up, Ms. Wendy? No, Suzanne, Suzanne, Suzanne. I thought they’d go like, real hard. Nope no. They feel guilty like I’m judging. I’m like, it is 2:30 in the morning, I’m not judging anyone. (laughing) Turn around and make it rain. But– (clapping) And shout out to all the girls, Marco I asked you to invite the girls, and where are they? They couldn’t find babysitters. (gasping) Okay, no, ’cause this is how it works in the strip club, or the go-go bar, whatever. They’re like, Ms. Wendy, a light twerk, light, light, Ms. Wendy, I have two kids, I’m working my way through engineering school, and I’m, no, no, right Marco, right? And I’m like okay, but I’m not judging, and I have no money by the way. I didn’t know we were coming here. I left with a lipstick and a credit card. So maybe you should go over there and you know, collect. Next thing I know, a stack of ones appears in front of me, outta no where, right? So I’m like, all right girls, come one, come all. And so they’re trying to dance on me, but they’re not really doing it because you know, I have like that no-pra, not Oprah, the no-pra effect. Doug, you know. And I love it, I love being the elder statesman of the joint so they’re doin’ light work, I’m like, girl, okay look, I take the money, I don’t even make it rain, just take this stack and go on over, go on. (cheering) I think that’s it. Now if I think of more I’ll let you, oh, oh! Okay, okay. Then, I get a phone call, starts with, bitch. (laughing) I’m like, Madina, I’m done. I’m done, I’m at my place by myself, the night is over. Who’s paging me at 5:36 in the morning, crack of dawn and, I’m yawning. Wiping coal from my eyes. It was actually 5:36 in the evening, right? Yo, they pull up the anchor on the Thug, (laughing) on the Thug boat cruise at 11. What you doin’? I said, nothing ’til 10 o’clock on Monday. Well then come on. I’ll pull through. That’s how Madina talks, like, that’s how she talks. I’m pullin’ through, and I’ll drive. I’m like okay, all right. (laughing) So I go to my bathtub, which is now, picture please, I got to my bathtub which is now a closet, ’cause I just come in, get the headache, I don’t take baths, I don’t wanna sit in my own swill, I take showers, I don’t. We don’t have the picture of my bathtub? We got it, we got it. Where is it? There we go. Receipt. (laughing) Okay look, that’s from the night before. You see I had one one, my poof dress from Tiffany, Nas, I was ready to celebrate, I put on that little Chanel necklace on you, and I had my crystal sneakers, I was about to roll. So she’s like, okay, there’s a Thug boat ride. They leave at 11. I said okay, come pick me up, who have I become? Who do I call? We haven’t even talked about other celebrities. I’m sorry, I apologize, I’m not even wearing a watch. (laughing) I don’t know what time it is, odd. (crowd murmuring) No, no, no, it’s the flower ring that’s the luck, the watch is just, without the ring we get canceled. (laughing) Yeah. Speaking of which, okay. I’m minding my own business, watching TV, the phone rings and I look up at the TV, but I’m talking to Madina and deciding, okay, what am I going to put on, she said it’s a all white party. I’m like, well I’m not, I already, no. I’m wearing what I wanna wear, ’cause you’re calling me at the last minute. And this is not dress to impress, this is go out and have fun for content for Hot Topics. (cheering) So we get to the boat, it’s in Queens, shout out to everybody I saw there, I hope you liked my playlist, ’cause again, I took over as DJ. Everyone’s partying, everyone’s having fun, and they’re listening to what? More Ray Quan, more Nas, more Big, like I took over, right? And I’m doing the DJ thing, and I had a lot of fun, shout out to Vike, it was his birthday. (cheering) James didn’t answer his phone to cover us, so shout out to Bear. Hi Bear, who filled in for James. (clapping) So the boat didn’t leave until midnight, even though they said 11. Me and Madina were right on time, only the two of us, she drives a white Maserati truck, right? No, she’s driving and whippin’ it. She’s a good driver, but sits close to the wheel like grandma. (laughing) But you know, she’s in her 40’s, has kids, like we’re both like (squeaking). (laughing) Yo, tryin’ dip it and do it at this point. The boat doesn’t come back to the dock until four o’clock in the morning. At any given time something could happen on that boat, you didn’t have my back but Bear was there. And all I know is I know how to swim, right? We’re sailing around Manahttan on a yacht, the food was sumptuous, the music was on fleek. (laughing and clapping) So we’re running around Manhattan on an over packed boat, we left half the people who wanted to be on the boat on the sidewalk in Queens. I don’t know who Vike is, but he’s popular, okay? And this was the boat ride for the killers and the hundred dollar billers, if you know what I’m sayin’? Right. And I think you do. (laughing) okay? (clapping) And people were floored that I was there and havin’ such a good time. But I’m like, who do you think I am? This is only one hour of my life. When I leave, okay, okay. (clapping) So Madina was having a good time, if you know what I’m saying, and I’m that friend who, you give me the keys and I’m drivin’. I’m that girl, in new life, I am that girl. So I’m like all right, have fun, Bear got me, I got the music, give me the keys, I’m drivin’. Tight suspension by the way. What a beautiful ride, I’m drivin’ the Maserati, and she’s over here sleepin’. I don’t know how to work anything, I don’t have a, oh. Chyna, I have to overnight you your iPhone, you left it at my home. I have it in my office. Girl, about last night. (laughing) Okay, so, so, I’m getting lost, I don’t know how to do the waves, I don’t know how to do anything but read a sign and go. We passed through JFK. (laughing) Three times, with no reservation to go anywhere. I am like, where am I? What is it the Cross Bronx? I have no idea. She’s sleeping, the sun’s coming up, all right. And now I’m like grandma up at the wheel, I’m pulled up real close, my legs all balled up on the gas pedal. I’ve got no co-pilot, ’cause I don’t know how to work that thing. She’s asleep, don’t wanna wake her, she’s snoring. (laughing) And I’m driving, getting lost, don’t know who to talk to, who to call, we finally get back to my place, I’m so done. I don’t even wash my hands, I just fall on the couch and go to sleep. When I wake up, ’cause I thought Dina, took her truck and left. When I wake up, this is what I wake up to. Picture please, receipt. (laughing) Madina Milana and her chancletas. (laughing) Okay, you see part of her disco outfit, featuring a bra top up here. She told me about a thread but lift that you can get, you don’t have to get the surgery. What is it? Look, Madina is a wealth of knowledge. But right here she took her wig off, right? Even though she’s got beautiful corn braids, beautiful, like beautiful girl, anyway, her wig was laid over there on the floor. (laughing) I’m laid out, wake up, I’m like, who have I become? I don’t know. (cheering) But I like her. And we’ve got more great shows for you. Up next, the inside scoop, the latest drama with Aesop Rocky. So grab a snack and come on back. (energetic music) ♪ Feel feel feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it feel it feel it ♪

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