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(audience cheering) Um, I’ve been associated with a flamingo, because you know the long legs and that long neck and stuff, so it’s really why.. Okay hi, welcome back, so it’s my birthday, but you get the gifts. Um, I’ve picked out.. (audience cheers) I’ve picked out some really nice stuff, that I think that you would like, and everything speaks to me, so, you know. And here to break down the beauty and lifestyle um, beauty expert and our lifestyle friend, Bihar Taktashian. Hi, happy birthday, Wendy. Thank you, you know we’re always going some place. Talk about this, I like this one. Yes, this is a luggage collection from Joy Mangano. I know her I know you love her stuff, and you have good reason, because these are really cool. They’re hard side design. Yup. Um, they come in 5 different awesome metallic shades, and the, This one right here, is pretty but, this navy blue is really nice. Right, and the wheels are the best. They have 360 degrees motion, so you can push and pulls these so easily. Yup And you also get a great packing cube with it. I was wondering why that was back there. Yeah, these are awesome. What is that? So, this is how you stay organized. Alright, right. You pack and cube. This comes with awesome stuff, now the retail for this is up to $130. Which isn’t bad but, But, Wendy viewers, you are getting 55% off, just $59 dollars for each of these. (audience cheers) Wow what a deal. Awesome deal. Okay So, we’re gonna move on to sunglasses. Kate Spade makes sunglasses Yes, I know you love sunglasses. I love sunglasses And I feel like every woman and man, should have more than one pair of sunglasses so, these are awesome, they come in 9 different styles. Whether you like aviator, like I do, or cat eye, those look good on you. (audience cheers) Over size, now the great thing about this is, they retail between $140-$200 because they’re Kate Spade. But, wendy viewers, you’re getting up to 71% off, just $59 for these. Sunglasses are good. Love them. Now this robe, is so sexy, right. I have this in purple, and I wanted Bihar to show this to you. Yes, I love this so, I like that it’s satin and laces, this is from Pretty Bash, this is the Serena Robe. So, because it’s satin and laces, you do that glamor look. But it’s not the scratchy lace, because there’s some laces, this is not the scratchy lace. Like, literally I find myself falling asleep in mine, it’s, it’s good, and it’s cheap. It’s very good so, the retail on this one Wendy, is actually about, Inexpensive sorry It’s $50 but, you’re getting up to 42% off so, this is just $29 for this luxurious beautiful robe. Yes, yes, yes. Get one in each color if you can. All right, the reason why I love this, is because you know how sometimes, when you’re sitting on the couch, or in your chair or something, you need that extra bit of support, and sometimes a regular pillow in the square shape, is just not pillowliscious enough. (laughs) You, first of, it does scrunch in but, you know, you sit on this but, it also does more, go ahead. Right so, I know you love this brand Homedics. This is a Sqush pillow so, not only is it a fun thing to like, you know, give some flare to your room. It’s battery packet. But it has a vibrating aspect to it so, you put it on your shoulder, on your back. (audience cheering) It’s great, the retail on this is up to $33 but, 42% off, it’s $19. All right, I thought that these were real diamonds. Yes I saw them on my desk when I got here today. A gold pair and this pair, and I said look, or the other day, and I said, I want to give these away to the audience, I can’t believe, because I said, who gave me the diamonds, I asked, my chief of staff, and she says, Wendy, they’re not diamonds, would you like to give these away, you know, bring them to the audience, I said, yes. They look like diamonds. (audience cheers) They’re beautiful. I know, so, Wendy, I’m obsessed with these, I’m actually wearing these because they’re so beautiful. They’re so light weight, you’ve got loose wholes, these are good for you. (laughs) They, yes they don’t feel heavy. (laughs) Come on, come on, come on. So, Wendy, these are actually from Rachel G. And like you said, they look like they’re real diamonds. They’re inexpensive, they’re inside out diamonds, I wanted to share these with you at $34. Yeah so, that’s up to 81% off, they’re regularly $176, you can get them 14K gold or, they come in this white plating, so get them in both because it’s such a good deal. And if you’ve ever been in my office, then you know I have a flamingo on my desk, and I, I kid myself, what people have, to being a flamingo, because a flamingo has big breasts and really long legs. (laughs) So I thought that you would like this. Go ahead Bihar. Okay, so, obviously awesome, because it looks like a flamingo, fun for the summer but, the point of this is, it’s a wireless speaker. Right. So, let’s say, your having a party this summer or, it’s your birthday, you need some music, this connects wirelessly with blue tooth, up to 30 feet, um, 10 hours of charge time. How much. The retail on this is up to $40 but, Wendy watchers, you’re getting it for 50% off, just $20. (audience cheers) Enjoy your summer, thank you so much Bihar, thank you to our friends at morning save, for these great deals, go to WENDYSHOW.com. Let’s have something in common, before they sell out, and studio audience, you got it all. (upbeat music)

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 WENDY 💐🎉🎁🎂🎊🍾🍰🍻🥂👑👑👑👑👑👑

  2. Only Wendy would give her audience FREE crap. Not like Ellen gives or even Rosie use to give to her audience. Give me a break === vibrating pillows, cheep earrings that turn black after only twice wearing them. Everything was CHEAP! Thanks Wendy, you're all heart.

  3. Happy belated birthday 🎂
    May your best days be awesome and I hope you are doing fabulous. Love you from California

  4. Attn to YouTube wendy team. I will be downvoting until u start uploading the whole hot topics section without interruptions. I get why you're doing it for the metrics. But that's greedy AF. Ure a network morning show. U guys have been renewed till 2022, making big revenue gains, Wendy William's herself provides… all because the viewers keep returning. So stop abusing our loyalty. Upload the whole hot topics and stop this BULL.

  5. Really hâte that birthday look 😂😂 because i live in Spain and she looks like « La reina del Raval » Google it people 😂😂😂😂😩😩😩😩

  6. gee again on her bday she was on someting and drunk shame shame dhame and I'm tired of the wendy's replay !!!!!!!!!!!!

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