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  1. O Muslims, I myself am getting 1000 subscribers and I do not have a long time on the Muslim sisters I am your brother from Egypt

  2. The fans are not Champions. They might get a participation trophy though if thats a liberal state.🤣😂

  3. A lot of sour people in comment section. 😝😛. UVA and C'ville has been through a lot of hard years with their girls being murdered by Jessie Matthews , Riots ending in a girl being ran down and murdered. Why don't you guys let us have this bit of happiness and pride that we lost there for a while.

  4. Celebrating because they got to the game through cheating? I don't think so. I will never see UVA in the same light.

  5. That one guy had his hands on that one girls shoulder singing which will come back to haunt him years from now when he is a congressman or trying for the supreme court.

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